Friday, February 26, 2016

Review & Teasers by Jenn ~ Anything Goes on a Friday Night by Sara Daniell

Anything Goes on a Friday Night 
by Sara Daniell

Seventeen-year-old Elena lived a vibrant life with a great boyfriend and great friends. Little did she know that turning in her pom-poms was the least of the changes she would experience in the upcoming year. Life-changing, heart-shattering circumstances would soon cause her happy life to crumble right in front of her.

The once fun-loving Elena retreated into herself, finding it easier to push people out than chance more heartache. Just when she figured out how to keep herself busy enough to ignore the imperfections of her life, Finn Kerr showed up with one mission: to prove that life could be more than disappointment and betrayal. Life could be fun and exciting. Life could be unexpected. Life could be forgiving.

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4 – Drama, Heartbreak & MORE DRAMA – Stars
~this review MAY CONTAIN minor spoilers~

This was my year. I was grabbing it by the horns, wrestling it to the ground, and claiming victory. I was done hiding the real me behind trying to achieve the status quo.

Normally, I don't dive into the YA genre too often (with the exception of Harry Potter). Lately I seem to gravitate more and more towards the dark and dirty – the dirtier the better. I've never kept it a secret that I love a healthy amount of sex and dirty talk to go with my angst and gutwrenching emotion. However, when the author reached out to us through our facebook page, and I read the blurb, I was intrigued. I've never shied away from drama, and as much as I love a good steamy book, there has to be some meat to it – nothing that comes too easy holds my attention for long. Given that this was a YA, the sexy times were obviously absent, or fade-to-black as it were, but it ticked everything else off of my list. Holy-Freakin-Drama, this book was Exhausting! Elena has been through so much in such a short span of time, it's a wonder the girl didn't crumble. And this was ON TOP of what you already have to deal with just being a teenager. We all remember what it was like – the feeling like every bad thing that happened could potentially be the end of the world. Every heart-break compacted with the hormones that run rampant through our systems and emotions we are just learning how to deal with. All this smashed into the little package that was Elena, caused her to have some intense reactions to the crap going on in her life. One situation in particular left me thinking - “Yup. She has officially gone mental.” But she was really just struggling to deal. I got it, I did, but now I'm just tired. I have to hand it to the girl though, she held her head high and refused to be beat down. And I feel no shame in admitting that I REALLY wanted to beat the hell out of BOTH of her parents. Often. They were supposed to be the two people she could have turned to, and they were the ones causing a lot of her emotional breakdowns. Now Finn... is it creepy, him being a high school student and all, that I still found him incredibly sexy? He came into her life at one of her lowest points and just decided he was gonna be there for her, even if she tried her damnedest not to let him. He was relentless and I loved that about him. Though it has to be said that he definitely did have his major jerk moments. And he did come across as a total ass at times. Still... you just couldn't help but love him. One thing that took me by surprise was how much I enjoyed the cheesy moments. I normally hate cheese, but with Finn, the part that made it enjoyable for me, was the fact that he knew he was doing it and made no apologies for it, even as he was internally smacking himself in the head for it. It added unexpected humor to a pretty emotionally heavy story, which is what helped me from having my own break down. The secondary characters in this book ranged from awesome and amazing, funny and supportive, to rage inducing. The parents, the ex, hell even Finn at times, caused me to wanna commit fictional character murder. But Elena still had some friends that stood by her through everything and were there when she really needed them. The ending was over the top sweet, and kinda crazy, but considering the journey leading up to it, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. If you are a fan of YA romance, and you don't mind a healthy amount of angst and drama, then I strongly encourage you to go out and grab this book TODAY! I now know who I will be turning to the next time I'm feeling like I want to have my heart ripped out, and YA is on the menu.

Anything goes on a Friday night. Anything could happen. It's the day that starts the weekend. It's the day that everyone looks forward to after a long week. And now, life, as confusing as it would continue to be, made sense. 

Sara Daniell’s story started in the quiet little town of Cedarburg, Wisconsin until her dad’s job transferred him to Arkansas. She thought life would officially be over with that move, but to her surprise, Arkansas is where she found love, married her best friend and had her two amazing daughters.

For years, Sara was a closet writer. Something most knew nothing about because she felt like she’d be looked down upon since most weren’t accepting of writing about fantasy worlds and magic. It wasn’t until her best friend and husband told her she needed to pursue what made her happy and to hide that for no one. So, with a deep breath and a beat up laptop, she did it.

Sara has made many close friends in the writing business and says it feels like a family more than anything else. She says she feels more confident in herself for pursuing what she loves and not letting the limited perceptions of others’ define who she is. She’s a go getter, a dream chaser, and if that makes her crazy, that’s fine with her.

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