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Blog Tour Review & teasers ~ Drake (Avery Wolves #2) by J.K. Snow

Drake (Avery Wolves #2)

by J.K. Snow

When Summer Oliver returns to her hometown busted up and hoping her brother
can hid her, she has no idea he is staying with Drake Avery. The one man she
has always wanted.

Now hiding from The Ravens, a biker gang that is determine to find her, it will
be up to her and some of the Avery brothers to protect her.

Drake is shocked when he finds the one woman he has always had feelings for in his house and completely broken. He will do anything to protect her, even if that means killing the men that are hunting her. Summer has always been considered a kid sister to the Avery boys but Drake is about to change that title. She will be his.

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4 – Love Them Avery Boys – Stars
~this review MAY CONTAIN minor spoilers~

She stood there frozen, shaking and she thought her heart would burst through her chest at any moment.
What the fuck was she going to do?

Here's the beauty of this series so far – these books are just short enough that you can have them read in a day, but just long enough that you still get a good feel for the characters – why they are the way they are, how they fit into each others lives. The fun of this installment was the unrequited love aspect. Summer and Drake have always had it bad for each other but she thought he always just saw her as a kid sister, and he was holding back because she was his best friends kids sister. It's all very sad. But when Summer finds herself in a heap of life and death trouble and on the run – she goes running to her brother, and Drake step in to help. No way will he allow anything to happen to HIS Summer. Being around her again after not seeing her for ten years, he finally decides he's not willing to let her go again. Sure, being together could get complicated – but he's had enough of holding back. What follows is pure wolfy hottness. Add in a plot that doesn't slow down, tons of violence and danger, and a cast of some pretty freaking fabulous secondary characters – and we are left with a book that's damn hard to put down. Like the last book, we don't exactly end with a cliffhanger – Drake and Summer's story wraps up quite nicely – but it does just sorta end. To me, it just feels like the end of a chapter rather than the end of a story, but considering we still have a lot of Avery's to go through (hell, we haven't even met them all yet) I guess it kinda makes sense. I can tell you, I am looking forward to seeing where this series takes us next.

What's so funny?”
“I don't know. Just the fact that we have known each other almost our entire lives and we are now standing here naked in the shower together. Don't you find it kinda weird?”
I don't find it weird. I think it might feel weird when everyone finds out. But I'm glad we finally did this. It's been far too long and too many cold showers.” 

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