Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Release Day Reviews, Teasers & Giveaway ~ For The First Time Anthology

For The First Time Anthology
Release Date: January 12, 2016

You never forget your first time...

A brand new anthology of original, never-before-read stories from today's hottest authors, including:

Alessandra Torre, Kim Karr, Jen Frederick, Alexa Riley, Lynda Chance, Sarah Castille, Nina Lane, CJ Roberts, Anna Zaires, Nikki Sloane, Cynthia Sax, Avery Aster, Pam Godwin, Skye Warren, Julia Sykes, Cynthia Rayne, Jenika Snow, Debra Presley, Shoshanna Evers, Tamsen Parker, and Nina Levine!

From young heartbreak to a virginity auction, from the chance meeting to the happily ever after, twenty-one exclusive stories explore first love in all its forms. This set includes almost 200,000 words of steamy encounters and sweet romance.

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Heartbreak by Skye Warren

this little number is for anyone who has read 'Better When It Hurts' and fell in love with Blue and Hannah like I did. I loved that they had a history, but I always wondered.... What was Blue like before, what made him so angry and hell bent on revenge, what turned Hannah into the woman she is now. Hearing them talk about it, or remember it, is vastly different than experiencing it with them. Two lost teenagers who found comfort in each other in the hell that is foster care. Seeing Hannah make the decision to betray Blue and finally fully understanding why, was amazing. And if you haven't already read their story, this will make you want to. Skye Warren has a way with Dark Romances that has hooked me from the very first time I dove into one of her worlds, and though this short story barely scratches the surface of what she is capable of, it gives you enough of a taste of her characters that you will want more. Hell, this made me want to re-read 'Better When It Hurts' all over again.

My whole body seems to come alive from just the touch of his lips. I ache in places I have barely felt before, needing things I can't quite name. I've been kissed before. I've been felt up. I've even had sex. I've never been kissed like this, like I matter. Like I mean something. This is the first time I've felt cherished.

A Lake George Christmas by Debra Presley

We meet and fall in love with Danny & Abby in 'Finding Us', Debra Presley's debut novel – which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND reading BTW. This little story right here was like a super-fantastic, bonus epilogue, and I freakin loved it! Danny and Abby's original story was definitely what I would call a slow burn romance. It took a long ass time for these two to come together, considering the circumstances surrounding them, and Danny's past, I understood that. But unfortunately, it left us little time to spend with them as a couple, which is why I loved this so much. We get to see them just be them, we get to witness Danny not holding back when it comes to how he really feels, we get to experience just how far Abby has come in taking control of her life and feel the genuine happiness she gets from all the family time she has missed out on her entire life, we get to watch the love that has only grown in a short amount of time thrive, and we get some smokin hott steam thrown in too. Short, sweet, sexy & funny, all wrapped up in a shiny Christmas bow – what more could I ask for?

This, right now, was heaven for Abby. The outside world always thought she had everything. In reality Abby spent most of her life in hell – used for her talent by everyone around her. But now she had a career she truly loved and sang songs that were her own. Her best friend managed her career, and she had a man that loved her for her. Danny didn't want a thing from Abby, except, of course, her love in return.

Delay of Game by Jen Frederick

I've read several books by Jen Frederick now and I never get tired of her writing, of her amazing characters, or her smokin hott sex scenes. This little ditty is a standalone. It doesn't follow any of her current books, nor is it a prequel for future stories – that I know of. It's about two best friends who have secretly been in love with each other for years FINALLY getting their asses on the same page. Lisle has always been one of the guys and always assumed Wyatt has never seen her as anything but. She's lonely and tired of being single and decides a makeover is in order to boost her confidence and finally move past the dream that is her best friend and find something real. But as soon as Wyatt realizes what she is doing, he is done biting his tongue and waiting for Lisle to see what has always been right in front of her. They are both scared of losing their life-long friendship, but they are both smart enough to realize that what they could have is totally worth the risk. When the come together, it is explosive. Hard and fast, sweet and caring yet deliciously dirty. I can tell you, watching football will never be the same again.

I've thought about this a million times, but it hasn't prepared me for how good it feels just to kneel between your legs.”
“I've dreamt about this a million times, but nothing is like the real thing. You here, touching me with so much love and tenderness, makes me wonder if I'm still dreaming.”
“It's no dream, sweetheart. And I do love you. I always have. Always will.”
“I love you, Wyatt. I was born loving you. I'll die loving you.”

It Takes Two by Nikki Sloane

Turns out that this was a prequel to Nikki's Blindfold Club series, and if you haven't discovered that series yet – DO IT NOW. She has a way of not only giving us some pretty amazing characters & some emotionally honest stories, but I swear the woman writes some of the hottest, some of the most erotically charged sex scenes around. This little number was no different. Nina is taking a step into the porn industry – which is something we don't usually find in our romance novels. But she gets the surprise of her life when she shows up at the studio and finds not one, but TWO smokin hott men she will be shooting with. What's a girl to do but pull on her hooker shoes and enjoy the ride, and boy does she ever. BOTH men were hott. BOTH men were sexy and had all the right moves. But one of them actually warmed my heart a bit, which was surprising considering the context of the story. I expected just a good time, but Scott was shockingly gentle. As a porn veteran, he gently guided Nina through her first scene, making her as comfortable as possible, while simultaneously rocking her world. They instantly formed a connection I wouldn't have expected and I'm a little sad that I won't get more of their story. I would love to see what happened after they left that studio.

The girls in the pornos made it look easy, but it wasn't. Concentrating on both men while also worrying about how I looked was exhausting. Plus it was insane what I was doing. Something so intimate, my first time with two men, who were strangers, all in front of another stranger and a camera. How wrong was it that I liked this? No. There was something wrong with Nina the office temp. Nina the porn star had no shame.

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