Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Excerpt of Vendetta, Book One of The Arcana Codex.

“You Surian filth! How dare you speak to me this way! Do you know who I am?” His aura grew dark and Kaylin realized this man was utterly vile.
“I don’t care who you are,” she replied coldly as the earth started to rumble beneath their feet, “but you should most definitely care who I am.”
A gust of wind blew off the hood of her cloak and the man could hardly believe his eyes when he realized it was a woman. The vortex of air lifted her feet off the ground just as it began to crumble around him. When he tried to run away, an invisible force stuck him, holding him in place. Kaylin’s eyes flickered from grey to bright green as a fissure finally split the land and a sinkhole began to grow. He tried to throw one leg forward, but his feet were teetering on the edge as he found himself attempting to find his balance while straddling the chasm. His heart raced in fear and sweat dripped from his brow, but no matter how hard he tried to throw himself to safety he remained unable to move and found himself looking into the dark abyss.
“PLEASE!” he yelled out toward those who watched, but the people stood motionless; no one attempted to help him.
“You see that?” Kaylin cocked her head to the side with a cunning smirk on her face. “Not one of them is eager to save you. Why is that?”
“I beg you!” Tears fell down his face while his codpiece and trousers darkened, evidence of his panic. Humiliated, the man found himself pleading for his life, but it became clear not a single soul wanted to come to his aid. The pebbles under his feet started to break free, tumbling down the sides of the great hole. He was going to die, and her face would be the last he ever saw. Then, behind her he saw someone move forward—no, not someone but something. His eyes grew wide and he screamed.

Copyright © 2016 by Laura Hidalgo. All rights reserved.