Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Blog Tour Review & Teasers ~ Jaxson (Avery Wolves #1) by J.K. Snow

Avery Wolves #1
by J.K. Snow

She had to pack up and move; leaving all the ghosts behind.
What she didn't expect; to meet the town's gorgeous damaged asshole.
Her best friend warned her, told her to stay away, but she couldn't.

One look into those damaged and empty eyes, she knew she saw her own
reflection. She was determine to peel away his layers.

Even though he scared the shit out of her, she knew their was a real
man hidden somewhere beneath that gorgeous stack of muscle and hair.

She will take a chance with Jaxson, breaking his walls down. After all,
a person with nothing has nothing left to lose.

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4 – Brooding, Sexy & Dangerous – Stars

~this review MAY CONTAIN minor spoilers~

Jaxson. You can't stay angry your entire life. You have to learn to get past it. To move on.”
I don't know how.”

This was the first book I read from this author, and as far as Paranormal Romances go, it was pretty damn good. Short enough that you could read it in one day, but long enough for you to get a good feel for the characters – who they are, what made them the people they are – and watch them grow in a short amount of time. I have to admit, it took me a long time to warm up to Jaxson. The man was a straight up dick and Shay put up with way too much crap from him. But I guess I understand where she was coming from. She saw in him the same kind of hurt and devastation that lived in her and all she wanted to do was help him heal and move on. Even though he fought her every step of the way. The one thing he couldn't deny was the insane attraction burning between them, though he tried to. But when it all became too much to overlook, their first time coming together was explosive. That didn't bring the angst to an end. Jaxson was a hard nut to crack and got so used to pushing everything and everyone away from him for so long that he just didn't know how to let someone else in. If all that isn't enough excitement for you, we get delivered with some wicked twists and surprises when both of them get not so good surprises from their past storming into their present. In the end, it was an awesome story about two broken people who come into each others lives just when they need it the most, surrounded by a huge cast of some pretty amazing secondary characters – and we haven't even met all the brothers yet!! We do get delivered an HEA and there is no cliffhanger BUT it did feel like the ending just sorta happened. Just my personal opinion, but if felt more like a chapter ending than a book ending, but with NINE FREAKING BROTHERS, I imagine this story is far from over. I can only hope we will see more from Jaxson and Shay in the future.

Jaxson could feel the peace that was radiating through Shay and it overwhelmed him. He sat there and smiled at her. At that moment Shay knew that everything would be ok.

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