Monday, December 7, 2015

Blog Tour Review, Teasers & Giveaway ~ The Monster I’ve Become (What Hides Beneath #1) by N.L. Hoffmann

The Monster I’ve Become
What Hides Beneath #1
by N.L. Hoffmann

Can someone truly love you when you’re looking your worst? Tate Lee asks herself this every time she sees Evander, the one trying to be her hero. But her worst isn’t bad hair and awful breath… She’s scary like the Boogey Man hiding in the closet. Out of all of the Supernaturals, why did she have to be this one?

Tate is a normal human working as a U.S. Marshal. Actually, scratch that. Tate was a human, but is now a creepy monster – with morals – currently working as a U.S. Marshal. No matter how many times she tries to tell herself she can be different, something happens to show there’s still darkness hiding inside. There’s only one person to blame and she’s at the top of Tate’s list… and she had better start running. After all, Tate doesn’t hide in closets to scare children at night. She hunts the monsters that steal away innocence.

4 – Strange New World – Stars
~this review MAY CONTAIN minor spoilers~

Right now, I didn't want to think about the past or even the future. I was getting in over my head, but at the moment I really didn't care.

I'm torn on my feelings for this book. On the one hand, I loved it – being a huge fan of the paranormal/supernatural. The world was unique, bloody, dirty, violent & grotesque. Exciting and terrifying and full of completely captivating and one of a kind characters. It got a little confusing at times, just because of the sheer number of supernaturals, but you get time to catch up even as your thrown into more and more action. I loved how strong Tate was, but she was also extremely weak at times (where a certain character was involved) and her hypocrisy just pissed me the hell off. She showed some sever jealousy where Evander was concerned in certain situations, and got pissed off at him for things that were out of his control, and yet there was Gavin....
She never let thoughts of Evander stop her reactions towards Gavin, and she let things happen that she never would have accepted from Evander, and that never sat right with me. Now, I understand she was dealing with some major shit being thrown her way, she was constantly thrown off balance, confused and angry, but I still felt like she was leading these two around by their dicks and wasn't really being fair to them. Not that Gavin always played fair....
Best friend Eric cracked me the hell up and even Gummy made me laugh with his disgusting self, it was a nice way to level things out with the constant danger and tension lurking in every page. In the end, it was still one helluva ride from start to finish, full of surprises and while it didn't end on a cliffhanger exactly – it was still pretty damn clear that there is much more to come and I am very much looking forward to continuing the journey.

Something came over me, a feeling that felt alien, yet familiar. A piece of me, that had been locked away for years had now broken free.

N.L Hoffmann is a paranormal romance author that just completed her first series called The Daughters of Darkness. Currently she has three books out, Blood Slaves, Shadow Cursed and Death Design.

In her pre-teens, she began writing and developed her love for literature. Finally, January 2014, she took the plunge by publishing Blood Slaves. The debut novel had been written three years prior to the release date.

Today, Hoffmann resides in Michigan with her husband and three children. When Hoffmann isn't busy putting words on the page she enjoys reading, drawing, playing pranks on her husband, and spending time with her family. 

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