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Blog Tour Review, Excerpt, Teasers & Giveaway ~ Pressing Adalyn(Pretending #1) by Jenn Hype

Pressing Adalyn
Pretending #1
by Jenn Hype
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Humor

3 years after graduating college, Adalyn still isn’t sure what to do with her life. After a traumatic event in college throws her life off course, she bounces between jobs and men aimlessly until deciding to move from her small town in Ohio to live with her college roommate, Stacy, in New York.
Being closed off and sarcastic has helped Adalyn cope with her past, but when Ian, Stacy’s sexy and successful friend, comes into the picture, her carefully constructed defense mechanisms start to fail.
Determined not to let Ian get under her skin, Adalyn fights hard to appear unaffected by Ian’s charm and devastating good looks. Undeterred and unconvinced by Adalyn’s attempts to feign indifference to him, Ian continues to push Adalyn out of her comfort zone, unwilling to give in to her efforts to push him away.
Slowly, Ian starts to break through to the core of who Adalyn really is, but both of their pasts threaten to destroy any semblance of a relationship that could ever exist between the two of them.

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Roughly shoving his hands off my body, I said thank you and turned to walk away. He grabbed my hand though, preventing my escape. I hated him in that moment. Maybe that wasn’t fair, considering it was really my own body that was pissing me off. Were my nipples seriously getting hard from him grabbing my hand? Maybe Stacy was right, I really did need to get laid. My inability to control my body’s reaction to him made me more furious than ever. Why did he have to be so damn hot?
Determined not to let him get to me, I went to yank my hand from his grasp and almost fell backwards. Why do I keep almost falling!? He let go easier than I expected and a flash of relief, and then disappointment, ran through me.
Disappointment? What the hell, Addy. Get your crap together. He is the enemy. Your nipples are not hard; you are not aching with need. You are just mad. You are not thinking about hot, angry sex with this man. Not at all. Well, maybe just a little….
Before I could recover from almost falling again and the argument I was currently having with myself over whether or not one hot, steamy night with Ian would be acceptable, he wrapped his hand around my waist again and gripped my neck, pulling my face to his. I felt his breath warm on my ear. Damn it all to hell, I just shivered. Considering I was already a little sweaty from the heat coming off all of the writhing bodies on the dance floor, he most definitely knew that I did not shiver from being cold. Nope. Now he knew I was attracted to him. Shit on a pretzel stick.
You put on a good show, but I know you feel it, sunshine. Your body craves mine as much as mine craves yours. You might mask your desire as hostility, but I see right through your bullshit. I will break through those barriers of yours, I can promise you that. I won’t give up until you are writhing underneath my body, spread out on my bed, screaming my name in pleasure.”
Cocky prick. Sexy as hell cocky prick. Fighting to maintain control of myself and resisting the urge to slip out my tongue and lick his neck, I shoved him as hard as I could and he actually stumbled for a second, clearly caught off guard by my reaction. What did he think? That he could just whisper some bullshit nonsense in my ear and I would just fall to his feet? Yeah, my panties were soaking wet and my knees were weak, but like hell was I going to give him the satisfaction of knowing that.

4 – Frustrating, Exhausting & Funny as Hell – Stars
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

I should have been offended. I had every right to be pissed off at how she'd spoken to me when I'd been nothing but nice. But there was something about her, something I couldn't put my finger on, that told me I wasn't getting to see the real Adalyn.
She had put up a good front, but there was something hidden in her eyes that gave her away.

Adalyn Montgomery has no direction, three years after college graduation and she still has no idea what to do with her life, has yet to find anything she is truly passionate about. The traumatic event that completely threw her life into a tailspin has her bouncing between jobs and men with no idea where she's headed – besides no where. So she packs up and leaves her small hometown behind for New York and her best friend Stacy. Sarcasm and an impenetrable shield, with a splash of bitchiness, is how she deals with her past and keeps everyone but Stacy as far away from her as possible, but a run-in with Stacy's ├╝ber hott, sexy and successful childhood friend, threatens to bring all her walls crashing down and she just can't have that...

Ian Drake is no stranger to heartbreak or guarding himself, very few people know the real him and he feels safer that way. From the minute he meets Adalyn, he sees past her anger and over-top-rudeness to the damaged girl hiding inside. And wants nothing more than to get to know her, and to let her know the real him, no matter how hard she tries to push him away – and boy does she push hard. He won't give up though. He knows getting past the walls she has erected will be worth the bloodshed. But with Adalyn running and hiding from her past, and Ian's coming back to haunt him – do they even really stand a chance...

I wanted to resist. I should have resisted. I knew what would happen if I didn't stop both of us. Pain. Not right then, right then would be glorious. But later, when he grew bored with me and realized that I couldn't satisfy him like he wanted, that's when the pain would come.

I hate to admit it, but it took me awhile to fall into this book and that had everything to do with Adalyn. I've read female leads before that put up a great front to hide from what haunts them, but I've honestly never read a bigger bitch before. Seriously, she DEFINED the word for a long time. Quick to judge and downright mean. I had a very hard time connecting with her because I just didn't want to be in her head any longer than I had to be. Eventually, I understood where she was coming from – but the events of her past don't get revealed for a very long time and by that time she had just left a sour taste in my mouth. It was hard to get over. Ian was persistent and sweet and a closet nerd, sexy and damaged in his own way. I have to give him credit for seeing something in Adalyn that made him want to stick around and put up with her shit, I don't know many men that would have, and he turned out to be exactly what she needed – even if she refused to see it for a long ass time. What honestly saved me from hating Adalyn altogether was Stacy. Those two together were hi-freakin-larous. I looked forward to their banter more than anything and that's what kept me from saying 'fuck this bitch, I'm out'. With time, and a whole lotta patience, she does dial the bitch back a notch, but she is still so freakin stubborn with her outright refusal to let Ian in, she was hurting him by continuing to push him away even when he had never been anything but sweet and supportive of her. If broke my heart for him. She does eventually win me over, it just took her awhile. From start to finish this was loaded with drama and laughs, it was a great mix and kept me from going completely insane from the tension. As much as I loved Ian though, even I have to admit, the way he handled a certain situation towards the end there left me scratching my head at his dumbassedness. It that a word? It just seemed so out of character and unlike the Ian we had gotten to know up til that point. No matter how much this book exhausted me, and drove me insane, I still kinda loved it. Once we get past Adalyn's crap, these two really were perfect for each other and that was what kept me invested. I just wanted them to get on the same page long enough to realize how amazing they could be together. He was forcing her to feel again, and she wholly accepted him for who he was – which was exactly what they each needed. So if you can handle spending some time with a hard-core ball-buster, it's totally worth it in the end. Now, I am very much looking forward to Stacy's story – that should be funny as hell. And hopefully we will get to see some more of Ian and Adalyn just being happy for a change. My heart could use some of that.

I never felt more than when Adalyn was in my arms. Maybe it sounded like codependency that I knew I couldn't go on without her. That I needed her more than I needed to breathe, but I didn't care. It was true. There was no life for me anymore without Adalyn. Not a life worth living, anyway.

Playing Stacy
Pretending #2

Stacy’s no stranger to trouble, considering that’s where her smart ass remarks usually land trouble.

A drunken night out with her best friend Adalyn lands her in jail. Not that she’d done anything wrong, except for hit on the incredibly sexy cop who showed up to take a report from Adalyn who’d had her purse stolen.

Chad, a no-nonsense officer who takes himself and his job very seriously, has no patience for Stacy’s shenanigans and over the top flirting. So he hauls her to jail to teach her a lesson, but didn’t expect it to cause Stacy to become a regular fixture in his life.

Stacy ends up befriending Chad’s partner, Joe, who keeps her company after Chad dumps her in a holding cell for the night. Joe and Stacy hit it off right away, resulting in Stacy always being around, no matter how much Chad tries to avoid her.

The constant bickering and sarcastic insults only heighten the sexual tension between Chad and Stacy, and Chad’s ability to control his emotions and actions becomes increasingly difficult.

A low scale war is declared between them, but their actions continue to both hurt each other while simultaneously pulling them together. When the fighting leads to literal bloodshed, they begin to wonder if they both should surrender before the war destroys them both. 

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What's up world - I'm Jenn Hype.

Author, mother, wife, singer/songwriter, aspiring comedian - I wear many hats. Some of them fit, some of them look ridiculous, and all of them are fun. Life's too short to take anything too seriously, so I don't. 

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