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Release Day Review & Giveaway ~ Finding Us by Debra Presley

Finding Us
A Nucci Securities Novel
by Debra Presley
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: July 31, 2015

Pop star Abby Murphy is living every girl’s dream. She has fame, fortune, and a handsome boyfriend, a guitar player named Sean. That changes the night she finds him in the arms of another woman. Hurt and betrayed, Abby ends their relationship. But Sean won't accept the breakup, and she soon learns that he’s had a hidden agenda all along. Overnight, Sean transforms from loving boyfriend to dangerous adversary, and Abby no longer knows who she can trust among her friends and family.

Abby turns to her bodyguard, Danny Nucci, a man who will do everything in his power to keep her safe. But when Abby realizes her feelings for Danny run much deeper than she thought, she refuses to give in to her attraction in order to preserve her new found independence as well as protect Danny from Sean's machinations.

When Abby finally finds the strength to reclaim her life and acknowledge her growing love for Danny, will she be able to let him in? And will Danny be able to overcome his own demons to be the man she needs him to be? Or will she be forced to let him go forever?

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5 – The Dark Side of Fame – Stars
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

Abby, baby, I'm sorry. She followed me back, and I had a couple of drinks. It was stupid, I know. Please, please, baby, I'm sorry.”
Don't. Don't you fucking come near me. Get out. We're done”
Baby, you can't do this. You don't mean it. You know I love you. I made a mistake. Let's talk about this. You're tired.”
“You love me? That's fucking rich. I saw exactly how much you love me just now. Get out.”

Abby Murphy lives a life of glitz and glamour. For all appearances, she has everything a girl could ever dream of – fame, fortune and a loving relationship with her guitar player/boyfriend Sean – until the night she finds him in the arms of a groupie and calls things off. But Sean will not walk away easily. As it turn out, he has had ulterior motives for quite some time, motives he is in no way willing to give up on. Overnight it seems, Sean makes the change from smitten boyfriend to psycho ex bound and determined to get what he wants regardless of who gets hurt in the process. When even Abby's manager seems to side with her crazed ex, and having no idea who she can trust anymore, she turns to the only man who has ever made her feel truly safe – her head of security. All too soon she starts to develop feeling for the only man who understands her and just allows her to be herself, but he makes it clear he is just doing his job. When Abby finally takes control of her life, will she have the courage to lay it all on the line for him?

Danny Nucci knows he has allowed himself to become too emotionally attached to his client, but it is too late to turn back – he doesn't trust anyone else to keep her safe. But getting involved with the starlet is out of the question. Every day Danny fights against the ghosts of his past, a past that will not allow him to open himself up to anyone again, and allowing himself to acknowledge his feeling for Abby could put her at risk – something he just isn't willing to do. But keeping his distance becomes impossible when an unknown threat comes slamming into Abby's life. Faced with the very real possibility of losing her, Danny has to decide if he is willing to fight his demons and find a place in her life besides bodyguard.

he couldn't risk getting involved with Abby. He didn't trust himself. If he ever let his feelings for someone overrule his better judgment again, and something bad happened because of that, he couldn't take it.

Now that is how debuts are done! I have been looking forward to reading this book ever since I first heard about it a few months ago and I was NOT disappointed. But fair warning – this is not all sparkles and rainbows. There is an abundance of drama, and some unexpected violence which may actually be a trigger for some – just a heads up. ALL of the characters (good and bad) are unique and each stand out in their own way. The bad guys are beyond vile and some will surprise you, not in a sweet, wholesome way either. Sean gave me the willies and Abby's 'Manager' pissed me off to no end. Sophie and Conner were a freakin RIOT – everyone needs people like that in their lives. But the stars of this book were definitely Danny and Abby. This was without a doubt a slow burn romance – by the time things started to go the way I was in desperate need of, a few cold showers were in order. Normally I would complain about that. I hate waiting more than half the book for the main couple to come together in some way. With that said, I let it slide with this book because honestly with everything else going on in Abby's life it made sense to wait it out. She may have been unexpectedly thrown into a hell no woman should have to endure, but she didn't let it break her. She was stronger than she ever thought possible and she took her life back one step at a time, never looking back. It was amazing. She never let her fame go to her head and always took the time for her fans, knowing they were the reason she had all she had. She was sweet and funny, caring and determined. I just loved her. Danny was everything I would want in a smokin hott bodyguard type, but he was also frustrating as hell. He certainly knew how to mask his feeling, made it a point to keep Abby at arm's length for quite awhile, but I got it. I understood where he was coming from. He may have hurt her by denying his feelings but he always made sure she felt safe and she trusted him above anyone else. He also allowed her to just be herself and never treated her like she was nothing but a celebrity – he saw her for who she was behind the glitz and never made her feel like he was just using her to get ahead. The chemistry between the two was easy to see, from everyone, even if they chose to ignore it. I could go on and on about everything I loved about this but I think I've rambled quite enough – hopefully I didn't spoil the story but enticed you to read it NOW. It really was an amazing journey and while the ending had me smiling like a loon, it left me with some questions, so I'm hoping this means we haven't seen the last of these two. Debra Presley has slammed her way onto my One-Click-Addiction List with this fab debut and I cannot wait to see what she brings us next.

I'm not sure how you feel, and maybe it's too soon for me to lay it all out there, but finding this, finding us has been the most amazing thing for me. I finally feel like I'm where I'm supposed to be.”

Now, I'm gonna leave you with a little bit of fun just because Ms. Debra brought it to mind and I couldn't help but laughing. The good old days....

Debra is a native New Yorker who made her escape to the suburbs. She often returns to her hometown to visit her favorite deli for a bagel with butter, because there’s no better bagel than a New York bagel. When not in search of bagels, Debra spends her time running Book Enthusiast Promotions, an online promotions company that helps indie authors spread the word about their books. She’s also the owner of The Book Enthusiast blog.
She started writing lyrics in her wall-to-wall NKOTB bedroom at the tender age of thirteen while dreaming of the day she’d become Mrs. Jordan Knight. That dream never came to fruition, but she has continued to write. Now she’s working on her first novel.

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