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Blog Tour Reviews ~ Captivated By Your Love (Blue Hearts #2) by Kennedy Kelly

Captivated By Your Love
Blue Hearts #2
by Kennedy Kelly

She’s fire and he’s Ice, both demanding and both used to getting their way. Put them together and there is one hell of a storm. Two souls drawn together by an unexplainable force, their chemistry is off the charts it sizzles. Some say what they do best is fight, but they know what they do best isn’t in the fight, but the makeup sex that comes after.

Jealousy and impulsive decisions find Abbee now answering to Mrs. Blue. Can the newlyweds find a way to tame themselves and each other long enough to truly allow love to flourish? Or will a jealous ex and pride be too much to handle? Will they be able to stop fighting with each other long enough to fight for each other? Follow along as Abbee Burkhart and Justice Blue find out why everyone says love is worth fighting for.

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3.5/4 – Crazy, Sad, Frustrating, Sometimes Sweet – Stars
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

So you like Justice.”
Isn't it obvious? We have only been skirting around these feelings for a while now. I'm just so drawn to him. I don't know if I should fuck him or fight with him.”

They say opposites attract and that couldn't be more true where Abbee Burkhart and Justice Blue are concerned. From the minute they met they formed a connection neither understood and couldn't fight. At the time though, Bee had a boyfriend, but Justice found a way around that and after much persuasion has convinced her to give him a chance. When they are together they are volatile at best, insane at worst. Both used to getting their own ways, Justice has the severe need to be in complete control of every aspect of his life at all times, while Bee is fiercely independent, and it leaves them unsure if they should fight or fuck half the time, okay most of the time. But that's okay, cause they know the make-up sex will be more than worth it. When jealousy causes some impetuous decision making, Abbee is left answering to Mrs. Blue – they may love each other, but can they calm down enough to make marriage work? Throw in a crazy ex and these two have a long road ahead of them, but can they look past their issues with a clear head long enough to see that a love like theirs may just be worth fighting for, or will they let their tempers ruin them?

She indeed was a firecracker. She didn't put up with anyone's shit, especially mine and she was always trying to put me in my damn place. It was rather refreshing because at times I think I really needed it. My family was always on my shit for being too bossy and I couldn't help it, it was my nature.

This is going to be a hard review to write because I loved – LOVED – the first book like crazy, but this one... not so much. I didn't necessarily dislike it, per say, but I had no real love for it. Let me a start by saying that I loved getting to check back in with the Blue clan, including Sydney and baby Lucy, and I really can't get enough of these people and the banter between brothers was as hilarious as ever. We even get to know Sebastian a helluva lot better, which was AWESOME, he started taking little trips out of his shell and I loved seeing that. The sex scenes were off the charts hott and that sure as hell didn't hurt anything. Now for my half empties. Do you remember when Syd and Damien first met? The constant back and forth, hot and cold, frequent bickering? Jack that up several thousand notches and you have Justice and Bee. There wasn't a single scene between them that didn't result in an argument of some sort. In all honesty, it was overkill for me and I started skimming through them. Justice was the bossiest, most over the top Alpha I have EVER read, but from what I saw of him previously, I expected that and fell in love with his growling. Though he did his fair share of dumbass moves, especially at the end there, I could handle him for the most part cause he did have his sweet moments, he was fiercely protective of those he loved and would do anything for them. Bee was a completely different person in this book. I LOVED her in book one, she was a freakin riot and so damn loyal to Syd, but I could barely stand her in this book. I hate to say that cause I did feel terrible for what she went through, but damn. Pigheaded and stubborn to the extreme, it didn't take much to trigger her bitch switch and she was just plain hurtful at times, and she honestly had some TSTL moments. She actually fought to stay with Jensen when everyone else told her to get the hell away, she was the only one who didn't see him for the douche that he was. She fully intended on moving in with him just because she said she would and she 'never goes back on her word' even though he was 1)mean to her often, 2)left marks on her at least once and not in the fun, rough sex kinda way, and 3)she suspected him of cheating more than once. But when it came to Justice, the guy she fought with constantly but he was always good to her and treated her with respect, she was always walking away from him at the drop of a hat and sometimes with little provocation. She couldn't make a decision and STICK TO IT if her life depended on it and her constant back and forth was EXHAUSTING. The worst part? This ends in a cliffhanger!! We get NO resolution and have to wait for another book to see where they go from here. I don't know if I can handle another ENTIRE book with these two. Although I will read it, I'm gonna be honest, it won't be because of them, it will be for the rest of the family and because I really have fallen in love with this author. At this point though, I just don't want to be in these twos heads any more and only want to see them from the sidelines. But hey, maybe they will prove me wrong and stop making me want to strangle them. Gawd I hope so. Either way, I am looking forward to more from the Blue Brothers so I have that at least. And kudos to the author for managing to make me insane, it takes real talent for fictional characters to get me this worked up.

Don't give up on her.”
I just smiled at her because I knew I wouldn't give up on her; there was no way in hell I would. I was crazy about this woman.

Right Kind of Love
Blue Hearts #1

Damaged, but not broken, Sydney Summers picks up her life and moves halfway across the country.
After a tragic event that has rocked her to the core, she is determined not to let it taint her future. Her entire world is turned on its axis when her new roommate isn’t the person she thought they would be. Making the best of the situation, like she always does, she trudges forward and learns that, although life may not seem perfect all the time, it can end up being pretty damn good.
Damien Blue, a tattoo artist by day and a musician by night, is a man-whore. With a revolving bedroom door, he knows no limits when it comes to women. Then he meets his game-changer. Everything he knew before is completely and utterly turned upside-down when he can’t keep the one woman he thinks is too good for him from his mind or his heart.
When fate rears its ugly head again, will they be able to come together as one, surviving their hot and cold relationship? Will Sydney be able to let go of her past and fight for their future?
Together, will they be able to find The Right Kind of Love?

(17+) This book contains mature subject matter that is not suitable for those under the age of 17.

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5 – Give Me Special – Stars
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

I wasn't going to let that vile bastard rule my life. Yes, I was now damaged, but I wasn't broken. A fresh start away from the memories and those familiar things was what was needed in my life. Plus, I didn't want to be anywhere near the bastard.

Sydney Summers may be damaged, but she is not broken. After suffering a severely emotionally damaging tragedy at the hands of someone she once trusted, she moves across the country putting as much distance as possible between her and the man who could have ruined her. Determined to start a new life, new job and hopefully new friends, under the heat and bright lights of Las Vegas, Sydney heads off to her new apartment to meet her new room mate for the first time. It doesn't take long for her to figure out that the company she went through to find her room mate screwed up – BIG TIME.

Damien Blue is a tattoo artist by day and plays in a rock band at night. A self-proclaimed Manwhore, he has a constant stream of women coming in and out of his bedroom, never sleeping with the same woman twice. But when his new room mate shows up, she turns his world upside down and changes EVERYTHING.

She was expecting a girl, He was expecting a guy, but neither got what they were expecting AT ALL.

From the start, their interactions are volatile. Always butting heads, constantly arguing, completely misunderstanding each other, they slowly form a friendship that proves to be as hot as it can be cold. When Sydney's past comes back to haunt her, will she be able to rely on the man she shares her space with when her trust in men has been irrevocably altered or will she fall apart. Will Damien be able to convince Sydney that he can be the man she needs or are her demons too much to overcome?

Goodnight, Sydney.” I placed my lips on the back of her head and gave her a kiss.
Thank you, Damien. Night.”
And just like that, I fell asleep with a girl who needed me, but what she didn't realize was that maybe I needed her, too.

First, I think it's important to let you all know that this book does include a rape scene, like right away. I normally don't like to reveal such blatant spoilers, but as the scene is fairly graphic, it may be a trigger for some. I would still recommend the book to those who don't read that kind of thing, just maybe skip the prologue and be aware of it's presence in the book.

I can tell you right now, there will be a fair amount of gushing in this review cause there was just so much to love about this – and yes, there was a ton of crap that pissed me off too but I still freakin loved it. Be prepared for ALOT of drama. When these two first meet, they are like oil and water – complete opposites in every way and it resulted in a lot of heated arguments, arguments that Damien loved to start, a lot of name calling, a lot of yelling – SHE thought he was a pig and called him on it often, HE thought she was a prude with a stick up her ass and made sure she knew it – HE acted like a dick to her, SHE was a bitch to him. It happened so often, and sometimes quite suddenly – and it almost got old. I found it hilarious but eventually I wanted to shake them both out of their snits. As for Damien's revolving bedroom door? That was almost too much for me. I love the reformed manwhore characters, I really do – finding that special someone that closes his eyes to every other woman is a thing of beauty – but he took it too far and was honestly more than a little disrespectful about it. His sexcapades were loud, frequent, several times he invited her to join for a threesome, and he even slept with TWO of her co-workers!! Even if your not romantically involved with the girl she was still at least his friend at this point and it is just wrong, she has to see these people every day. Granted, he didn't know one of them was her co-worker at the time, but the other one he hooked up with in front of Sydney while she was out with her works pals to see his band! And the fact that he continued his ways for so long, even after they BOTH started to feel an obvious connection to the other, was more than a little hurtful to the woman who has already been through more than enough. Luckily, he had a shit-ton of redeeming qualities that we eventually get to see, otherwise I could never have seen how Syd would give him the time of day, let alone believe any kind of romance between them. I will give him this – when he finally acknowledges his feeling for her to himself, he turns into a completely different guy – sweet, supportive, caring, protective – it really cranked his sex appeal up quite a bit too, his wickedly hott piercing didn't hurt either. Sydney herself was a truly amazing character. The strength this girl shows, even if she doesn't realize it, is inspiring. She's feisty, independent, funny, and sweetly innocent. She wasn't going to let her tragedy rule her life, but that doesn't mean that it didn't affect her – she showed a lot of vulnerabilities and insecurities and it just made her more human for me, especially considering the major twist that gets thrown in. I did not see that coming, and the way it all went down was more than a little surprising, but it played out perfectly. Her bestie Bee was a friggin riot, I LOVED the dogs (I want a rat of my own, too cute), and the entire Blue family was just amazing. With three other brothers and a sister, I am definitely hoping for a lot more from this series. Kennedy Kelly stole every last ounce of my attention with this one, I could NOT put it down, and it solidly landed her smack on my Smokin Hott One-Click-Addiction List one blush, laugh and frustrated huff at a time. I am more than ready for more.

I might have had a rough year, and I was certainly damaged, but I wasn't broken.
Damien had shown me a love like no other. It was perfect, it was sweet, and it was the right kind of love.

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