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Blog Tour Review ~ Saved by Destiny (Destiny Series #3) by Eve Carter

Saved by Destiny (Destiny Series #3)
by Eve Carter

My entire world fell apart when the cops slapped the cuffs on my wrist. My douchebag ex-boyfriend framed me and I stood to lose everything, including the love of my life.”
After a humiliating night in her hometown jail, Lauren Mitchel is left holding the bag. Her ex fiancé, Chip Harrison, had set her up to take the blame for an insurance scam he was running. He’d now disappeared, leaving Lauren to face years of jail time. 
Aedyn Cumberland bails out Lauren but the judge makes it clear that she can’t leave the state, putting time and distance between the two lovers. 
Are they fated to be apart? Aedyn’s not waiting around to find out. He knows that finding Chip is the key to solving all of their problems. 
Don’t miss the thrilling conclusion to their magnificent love story. 

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5 – They Go Out With a Bang – Stars
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

I'm here for you, Lauren. You're my girl. You're my moon and my sun. I'd never abandon you, in jail or otherwise. I love you.”

Just when Aedyn and Lauren thought they were in the clear to FINALLY give their relationship a try, all hell breaks loose when Lauren ends up in jail back in her home town. As it turns out, her ex-fiance Chip has been stealing money from his fathers company. For quite some time actually. What's worse – he set Lauren up to take the fall and then disappeared. Aedyn immediately bails her out but she is under strict orders to remain in Granger until her trial. With a company to run back in Chicago, Aedyn must return home leaving the couple to at least temporarily tread the waters of a long distance relationship. With tensions already at an all time high, will the separation be the thing to tear them apart? Aedyn is determined to prove Lauren's innocence and finally bring this nightmare to an end, and the only way to do that is to hunt Chip Harrison down like the rabid dog he is....

I placed both hands on the hard tile surface and stared at my reflection in the mirror, wondering if I could make it through all this, if I was strong enough, if our love was strong enough to survive the trials ahead of us.

There has never been any shortage of drama or angst where this series is concerned and this final installment was no exception. On top of dealing with possible jail time, Lauren's insecurities take center stage at being away from Aedyn – causing what she feels is too much trouble in his life and having the tabloids trying to throw other women in her face, almost proves to be too much for her. Aedyn was a self-proclaimed playboy before they got together and she has always struggled with believing she is enough for him, so the distance really takes it's toll on their relationship – rightfully so. Aedyn struggled as well and the urge to fall into old habits rears it head. Chip was as much of a douche as ever and I very much wanted Aedyn to beat his ass. But despite everything working against them, there was no denying the love between the two – you just had to hope it was enough. Of course, it didn't hurt that the sex was hott as ever. In the end, this series was a sexy, heartfelt, angst fueled and drama packed journey from start to finish – one I was extremely glad to take and one I would recommend to any and all sexy romance lovers. Eve Carter has easily earned her spot on my Hott-As-Hell-One-Click-Addiction-List one blush and frustrated huff at a time and I cannot wait to see what she brings us next.

our love for each other had been forged in the stars...
If I'd learned one thing, it would be this; despite the well-laid plans of man, love always has a destiny of it's own.

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I am a true romantic at heart and with a modern contemporary erotic twist to my romance novels, you had better fasten your seat belt, as the ride is always fun, exciting and fiery.
Living in Southern California, but a mid-westerner at heart, I find plenty of inspiration for my books in my own exciting life. I have always loved the arts and as a young girl, I took dance classes and spent the summers reading books from the local library. Fascinated with the written word and its power to guide the imagination, I started writing short stories and later took Creative Writing classes in college. I graduated from The University of Iowa with a B.A. in Journalism and an M.A. in Higher Education. I also have a Teaching Credential from Chapman University in Southern California.

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