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Blog Tour Review & Excerpt ~ Beautiful Bounty (Bounty Hunter Series - The Marino Bros. #1) by MJ Nightingale

Beautiful Bounty
Bounty Hunter Series - The Marino Bros. #1
by MJ Nightingale

Ronnie Sears has a college degree, a promising future, a boyfriend, and a plan. But, her perfect life comes crashing down around her in the blink of an eye. Arrested, framed for drug smuggling, and facing years behind bars, Ronnie sees no choice but to run. Only she can prove her innocence.
Nikko Marino is a sexy, devastatingly charming bounty hunter. His job, as told to him by his older brothers, is to keep an eye on the curvaceous blonde. Make sure she doesn't run. But what his brothers don't know is that he and Ronnie have a past. He and the Ice Princess are more than mere passing acquaintances. She makes his blood burn, and he knows how to warm up this woman.
Nikko wants to prove himself, but this beauty might just take him down. With his reputation on the line, will Nikko, the hot-blooded youngest Marino, fall for this temptress? Will he be able to protect this beautiful bounty from herself, from the man who framed her, but most importantly can he protect his heart?

Beautiful Bounty is the first book in The Bounty Hunters - The Marino Bros.
Suspenseful, erotic, and romantic, these books are packed with passion, sex and characters you will love. What more could you want?

If she had to sleep with him one more time, she thought, she would do it. In the intensity of the moment her heart raced. She felt Nikko sink to the bed behind her, and then before her mind could make sense of what was happening, he hauled her to him. She was over his knees and he had panties down, and without warning, he struck. He was spanking her. Hard! He had meant it.
“Ow,” she yelled.
“Don’t scream,” he threatened. “And, that was for drugging me,” he breathed. She began to struggle.
“Oh, no you don’t,” she cried out after the initial shock from the first strike had passed. His arm lay over her back like iron pinning her to him.
Whack, came his hand again. “That was for the barbecue sauce.”
“Ouch, Nikko, please,” she begged as her other ass cheek flamed from the intensity of the slap he gave her. She continued to struggle, but kept her voice down despite the pain and humiliation.
Whack! “That was for stealing my car,” he breathed as she cried out his name softly begging him to stop. The force of the blow took her air for a moment.
Again, his hand descended. “This was for making me worry.” She gasped and cried and took it.
Whack! “This is because I care god dammit,” and he hit her again with all the ferocity he thought she could handle. Her cheeks were on fire. She jumped each time he hit her, and by the sixth and final strike, she was crying and lay in a heap over his legs.
He slowly turned her over, and the tears he saw there were genuine. “Look at me, Ronnie,” he whispered softly, brushing the hair out of her face. She looked at him sadly, the tears streaking down her beautiful face. His eyes lost their anger, she noticed even though she couldn’t meet his gaze for long. His tone softened. “Ronnie. You deserved that.” She sniffled and nodded.

She couldn’t look at him still. She did. She knew it. His hand began to stroke her back, and still she could not meet his eyes. Guilt overwhelmed her. But when his lips brushed her shoulder, she turned and saw something strange and startling there in his eyes. She couldn’t look away if she tried.

“And that was because I fucking love you, Ronnie. God help me, but I do. I came because of that, and I was scared to death you were going to get hurt. Not for my brothers, not for the money. I came because the woman I love was putting herself in danger.” He saw her eyes go from pain to shock to surprise. He had one more thing to say. “Ronnie, baby, please believe me. I never slept with that woman.”

She saw stark, bleak desperation in his eyes. Could it be? Ronnie ran the gamut of emotions. His words. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She saw his eyes, and more than his words, she saw the honesty there. Suddenly, she didn’t feel the pain his hand evoked, and she reached her hand up to touch his face, as a single tear formed in his eye. She swallowed. He watched her.
“I . . . believe you,” she whispered. She did. But she couldn’t find the words to express what she was feeling. Her shock was just that great.
His lips descended and the kiss they shared said it all. Ronnie grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him down with her to the bed. This time what they did wasn’t fast, and even though it felt like their time was running out, he wanted to show her with more than words just how much he loved her. And she let him.

5 – Could Not Put It Down – Stars
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

They had a past, and that past couldn't be swept under the carpet because he had come to bail her out. He'd probably done it on purpose, offered to come, just to rub her nose in it.

Veronica 'Ronnie' Sears had her life perfectly on track – about to graduate college, great friends, a man, she knows what she wants and where she is going – til it all comes crashing down around her in a flash. Arrested for drug smuggling and facing YEARS in prison for a crime she didn't commit, she sees no other option but to run and try desperately to prove her innocence – no matter the cost. But she wasn't planning on him...

Nikko Marino is the youngest of the four brothers that make up 'Marino's Bail and Bonds'. A Bounty Hunter by trade, this former cop knows his way around women. A compulsive flirt, devastatingly sexy and he knows it, panties generally fall at his feet – until he meets the Ice Princess. When their firm posts the bond for Ronnie's release, it becomes his job to keep an eye on the fiery blonde and make sure she doesn't try to split. But what his brothers don't know – unaware of his previous encounter with the woman – is he wants to keep more than an eye on her. Since they met a year ago at his cousin's wedding he has be unable to shake her from his thoughts, or fantasies, and though she may put out an icy vibe he knows jut how to melt her, and plans on doing just that...

Nikko needs to prove himself to his brothers.
Ronnie needs to prove her innocence.
Battling the lust that flames between them is the least of their problems when Ronnie takes matters into her own hands. Can Nikko protect her from the man who framed her and help to keep her out of jail? Can Ronnie see past the playboy exterior to the man within? Or will they both lose more than they bargained for?

He was already closing the gap. He'd find Ronnie, he vowed to himself. He would find her before the night was over. He just didn't know where he would put his hands on her first when he found her, her ass, or her throat.

What's hotter than four Badass Italian Brothers? Four Badass Bounty Hunting Italian Brothers – all with their own stories to tell, that's what!! I cannot even begin to explain all the many ways I loved this friggin book – but I will damn well try. First off – Nikko: hott damn that man was hott as hell. Flirty beyond all reason, sometimes to his own detriment. Badass and sexy, funny and strong, patient and understanding – he knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to get it. Loyal and fiercely protective of those he cares about, family means everything to him. And as much a he hates to admit it, one blonde bombshell quickly brings him to his knees. Now – Ronnie: I freakin loved that girl!! Independent and strong, though maybe just a tad bit quick to jump to conclusions – although I get her trust issues, if anyone has earned them it's her. She can take care of herself, thank you very much, she will not wait around for someone else to prove her innocence – she will go out and do what she must to clear her name and keep her ass outta prison.
So she goes. Nikko follows. All hell breaks loose. I loved it.
Aside from the drama that comes with a woman who has to learn how to trust again (and her brilliantly played out, if not misguided, vengeance), and the steam that comes along with a smokin' hott Italian man (and boy was there ever – some seriously hott ass scenes in here), we also have some edge of your seat suspense and danger thrown in when Ronnie finds herself in deeper trouble than she ever anticipated. And lets not forget the other three Marino brothers – like THAT'S possible!! Each vastly different personalities, each smokin' hott in their own ways, each equally as loyal to family and protective of their own – although, I have to admit, Andreas was just a little but scary and a whole lot intimidating. And if that's not enough, we get a whole host of other fabulous secondary characters that you just can't help but fall in love with. Jay was a freakin riot and reminded me so much of my own Step-Father it was uncanny. Now this is the first book I've read from Ms. Nightingale, but after falling so hard and fast with all of these people I did a little research. This is the first book in The Marino's Brothers series but a lot of the secondary characters are actually crossovers from a previous series – including Jay!! So I can tell you with absolute certainty that I WILL BE downloading those books as soon as I finish up this series. MJ Nightingale has definitely secured herself a nice, cushy spot on my One-Click-Addiction List with this one and I cannot wait to see what these brothers bring us next.

Ronnie was lost in him. It wasn't noon under the Florida sun. She wasn't charged with countless crimes. She wasn't facing a trial and a possible long jail sentence. Her life wasn't in shambles. She was simply a woman, a woman who felt desired by the man of her dreams, and she reveled in it.

MJ Nightingale has been a teacher for over two decades. Writing is her new career, and something she has wanted to do for a very long time. But reading has been a part of her life since she was a child. She has been an avid lover of romance novels, and they have always held a special place in her heart. When not working, or writing, or spending time with her children, she devours books all summer long, and any type of fiction; thrillers, crime, suspense, contemporary, and drama.
She has published seven novels, all contemporary erotic romance with elements of action and suspense. She currently lives in Florida with her wonderful husband, and sons. And, she loves to hear from her readers.
Follow her on Amazon to get all the latest on her upcoming new series; Mystic Nights. Five new romantic suspense books that follow Tawny Sassacus and her children who help her to run Mystic Casino Nights.

You can contact her on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram, or visit her website.

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