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Blog Tour Review & Giveaway ~ Step F*@k by Scarlett Ward

Meet Jai in this sexy stepbrother romance!

That's all I did. A few too many glasses of wine with my best friend and the bitch convinced me to go on one of those dating websites.

A one-night stand.

A booty call.

And you know what? It.was.amazing.

I spent all night in a sexy stranger's arms, hot and sweaty, until it was time to sneak out and do the walk of shame back to my apartment.

I never thought I'd see sexy stranger again, and I was totally fine with that - until my mother's wedding.

She's getting remarried, see. And sexy stranger just happens to be my new stepbrother.

All the wine in the world isn't going to make this better.


Series Reading Order

Part Two
Releasing June 25th

Part Three
Releasing July 3rd

Part Four
Releasing July 10th

He doesn’t let me finish. He lets go of my wrist and grabs my hips, lifting me up onto the bathroom counter. My breath catches in my throat as my shoulders collide with the mirror. He’s kissing my neck, his hands all over me, and I wrap my legs around his torso and run my hands through his hair.
“I don’t want to be doing this,” I gasp, but we both know that’s not true. And he’s not technically my stepbrother yet.

He brings his hand up and starts to touch my hip but I slap his arm away.
Don’t touch me!”
He looks at me intensely. “You know you want me to.” His voice is low, a cross between a whisper and a growl. “You know you’d like nothing more than for me to take you right here, rip that tiny fucking dress off of you, and fuck you senseless. You know you want that. And so do I.”

4 – Wicked Debut by a Fab New Author – Stars
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

I could give a toss about labels, about taboos. So what if she's going to be my step-sister? It's not like we were raised together from young childhood – we're two adults, whose two parents happen to be fucking and have decided to officiate it by getting married. Big fucking deal.
But Emma cares, I can tell.

It was just supposed to be a one-night stand, Emma's first one-night stand. After too many glasses of wine and a lot of encouragement from her best friend, she decided it was time to get over her cheating ex and get back in the saddle. So she did. And it was freakin awesome. But after her walk of shame back to her her apartment she was more than ready to put it behind her. She had an amazing night and has plenty of material to add to her spank bank, but if she never saw Jai again she would be completely okay with that. Imagine her surprise when she runs into him at a family dinner, the family dinner where she meets her moms soon-to-be husbands family for the first time, and her future step-brother... Jai. She just had the best sex of her life, what are the chances her one-night stand was about to become her step-brother? There is not enough wine in the world to get her through this one.

I think you like the idea of part of you pretending that you're completely aghast at the fact that we have sex – and, might I add, really fucking great sex – and you think it's something you shouldn't be doing. But then there's this whole other part of you who is completely thrilled and turned on by the fact that you've found someone who knows how to give it to you just the way you want it.”

For a debut, that was pretty wicked. This serial is broken down into four books, all of which are pretty short separately but are releasing right on top of each other so the wait is minimal – which is good since they usually leave you hanging. The story-line was pretty standard, with the little booty-call surprise thrown in, but what hooks you is the characters... well one in particular. Jai was smokin hot. Sexy and funny, dirty and with a British accent – he was the total package. But I have to admit, Emma kinda annoyed the fuck outta me. That girl couldn't make a decision and stick to it if her freakin life depended on it. I honestly don't know why Jai didn't just give up at one point. I felt his frustration clear as day and just wanted to take care of him myself. But the sex was hot, there were a few laughs and it was an all around nice escape. Scarlett Ward has certainly nabbed my attention and I cannot wait to see what she brings us next.

this is not something to just walk away from. But that's exactly what you want to do because you're afraid – afraid of what other people will say, what they're going to think. But who gives a fuck? Who gives a bloody fuck what other people think?”

Scarlett Ward is a yoga-loving, coffee-drinking writer who finally took the plunge and wrote her first book. Her own stepbrother wasn't remotely good-looking, but the one she dreamed up for Step F*@k is absolutely DIVINE.

Scarlett hates long walks on the beach. That shit is hard. She prefers laying out by the pool with her laptop, writing her next story while working on her tan.

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