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New Release & Series Tour ~ A Chance With Spring (The Four Seasons Series) by Alora Kate

The Four Seasons Series by Alora Kate

From Summer and Fall
The Four Seasons Series #1

In this book you will read about not one love story but two. About a family of not only blood but heart.

Summer and Hannah are best friends; more like sisters if either, one was to be asked.
Fall is Summer's beloved but annoying older brother. Something has changed within the fun loving brother she used to know. Now only glimpses are seen and Summer would give anything to help the brother she loves find his way out of his own personal darkness and into the light.
Tristan is Fall's best friend and also the guy who makes Summers heart pound in a way that no one else has ever made her feel.
Hannah loves Fall; always has. Even his faults and flaw.
Tristan and Fall are footballs stars on and off the field. Fall loves sex with as many girls willing to throw themselves into his bed.
What happens when Hannah becomes one of Fall's many?
And when Tristan notices the one girl who has always been there on the sidelines, how will Summer cope?


5-Young Love & All It's Drama-Filled Glory -Stars
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

Two different couples, two separate romances, one amazing novella.

You're an asshole, Fall. I can't believe you would do that to her.”
“She knew the score, all the chicks do; two consenting adults, fucking. She was a great lay, phenomenal kisser, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.”
She had been drinking last night, Fall. You took advantage of her.”
“The fuck I did.”

Summer & Tristan

Tristan has been best friends with Summer's brother Fall for years. She has always had a crush on him, one she has managed to keep hidden from everyone but her best friend, but he has always been out of her reach. As college football stars, the boys have well known reputations as players both on and off the field. But there is something about Tristan that Summer doesn't know, something no one knows, and when her secret crush finally sees the woman standing in front of him all bets are off and she has to decide if he is worth risking her heart.

He can have anyone he wants, I know this and he knows this. He gets around as much as Fall, if not more considering he's the quarterback. I've seen the girls he hangs with so I know he doesn't want a girl like me, Spring.”
“I think you're wrong,” said Tristan.

Fall & Hannah

Hannah has been best friends with Fall's sister Summer for most of her life, and has been in love with Fall for just as long. But something happened to Fall when he was in high school, something that no one knows about and changed the man he was. There isn't a person in his family that doesn't wish they could have back the Fall he used to be, but he's lost. The Fall he is now uses women for sex, he has no interest in them for anything else... until Hannah becomes one of his many and changes the dynamic between the four of them forever. She has never stopped loving him, through everything that he has done and the changes he has gone through, but she just can't be around him anymore- it hurts too much. Will Fall ever see the young woman standing in front of him, or is he too far gone to ever give them a chance?

What had I done wrong?
I fucked up everything and I wasn't sure if I could fix it, fix us, if she would even allow there to be an us. But fuck, I was going to try.

First off, let me just say I LOVE that the sibling are named after the four seasons-it's so unique and quirky and I can't get enough of that.
As for the romances in this book, they both held me captive. Two different couples, four different personalities, two vastly different budding love stories. Summer & Tristan were more on the sweet, cute side - While Hannah & Fall definitely fell into the sexy, drama filled, tear inducing category. It brought an amazing balance to the story-you were never bogged down with angst, nor was it too sugary sweet. The POV's bounced back and forth between Summer & Fall which gave you a peek into both relationships and I feel in love with all of them-even the other two siblings- Winter & Spring, plus the hott tattooed guys that come along with Spring. Summer and Hannah were the quiet, shy types who are just starting to come out of their shells, Tristan clearly isn't the player everyone makes him out to be though he doesn't dispute it either, and Fall was just broken. I felt for him, my heart bled for him-but that doesn't mean that he didn't piss me off a time or two. We do end in a cliffhanger, for BOTH couples, but their stories continue in the next book and I'm very much looking forward to where we go from here.

Being loved by someone who has seen your highs, your lows, and everything in between and they still love you; they still want you and only you, they never gave up on you – that was some scary ass shit. But fuck it felt good to be loved.

Between Tristan and Hannah
The Four Seasons Series #2

Hannah’s unconditional love helps Fall talk about his painful past in an attempt to move forward. Old wounds are healing, but new uncertainty is looming for Hannah. Tristan told Summer a secret that he’s never told anyone and he knows she is struggling with believing him.

The story continues for Fall, Hannah, Summer and Tristan as they start new journeys of trust and relationships. They’ll be tested. Their bonds will either grow stronger or crumble under the pressure.

New Adult Romance. Recommended for 18+ due to language and sexy scenes.

5- Learning How To Love -Stars
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

I think I fucked up. I don't know what the fuck I'm doing.”
We gonna talk like chicks now?”
I teased but I saw his one hand fisted at his side. I knew he wouldn't hit me, so he must have actually needed his best friend right then.
Okay. I can be serious. That just surprises me, that's all.”
“And it doesn't me?! Fuck, the woman drives me crazy. Not like, crazy crazy, but I can't lose her and I think I am.”

Fall never thought he would ever be able to open up to anybody about his painful past, but Hannah's never-ending support and unconditional love has given him the courage to do just that. With her by his side will he finally be able to find his way back to the man he once was or is he destined to remain buried in the past?
Hannah finally has the man she has always wanted, but does she? Sure he has opened up to her about his past, but will he ever really let her into his heart? Does he even know how to return the love she so freely gives him?
Tristan told Summer a secret about himself that no one, not even his best friend, knew about-now he just has to convince her that he was telling the truth.
Two budding romances in the fragile beginning stages of their relationships have to learn how to trust each other and open their hearts completely to one another. But they will be tested. In many different ways. Will they grow stronger together or will they crumble under the strain?

I'd help him because I had faith in him. I'd ride this wave with him, be with him as much as I could, show him that I was there for him. In time, things would change. I was scared shitless. I wasn't sure how I would deal with it if he broke my heart.

While the first book was all about our couples finding each other and realizing what they could have if they just took a chance-this book focuses on them making it work. But the one thing that remains the same is how very different the two relationships are. These characters are not carbon copies of one anther, they are all vastly different which is what makes their relationships unique and their own. They each have their own set of obstacles to overcome, along with the usual insecurities that tend to crop up in new relationships. This time the POV's come from Tristan and Hannah and I have to say, I kinda missed being in Fall's head-I may love all the characters in this series but that guy stole my heart completely-though we do get a bonus chapter from him. He really did care deeply for Hannah, he just struggled with how to show it. I also wish we could have gotten some more sexy time with those two-the chemistry between them is intense and, well, I just REALLY LOVE FALL. I also have to hand it to Hannah, her love for that guy knows no bounds. She will do anything for him, will always be there when he needs her, she doesn't push him and is a strong support system. But you can tell her seemingly one-sided all-consuming love starts to wear on her. All she really wants is for him to be happy again and to love her the way she loves him. Tristan and Summer are as sweet as ever. Their story had more of an innocent feel to it, mostly. They still burned hott, even behind all that innocence. The last few chapters had me smiling like a loon and I couldn't have asked for a better way to end their books-I won't say stories cause I do believe we haven't seen the last of them. This series, these characters, this author, have stolen my heart and completely captured my attention and I cannot wait to see where they take me next.

“I didn't ask you anything.”
“No you didn't, but the answer is still yes.”
“I know.”
“You love my ass.”
“That I do, but I love you more.”
“I love you too, babe.”
I would never, ever forget that look on his face.
I would never, ever forget the way I felt right then, knowing that all my dreams had just come true. 

A Chance With Spring
The Four Seasons Series #3

The moment Chance laid eyes on Spring; he knew she was the one for him. Spring on the other hand doesn’t, or maybe she’s just afraid of her true feelings for him. Chance wants more than anything for Spring to admit to herself she’s in love with him. However, an old girlfriend of Chances shows up and things get a little out of control. How will Spring handle his ex-girlfriend coming back into his life? And why exactly is she back?
The Four Seasons series continues with: A Chance with Spring.

 ★ 5- Hott Tattooed Yumminess -Stars
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

We've had several talks now about my slight insecurities. I don't really have any. OK, maybe I do, but who can blame me? I figure eventually he'll fuck it up anyway.
Great way to stay positive.

From the minute Chance sees Spring, he knows she is the girl for him-his forever girl. Convincing her and getting her to admit it however may be harder than he thought. Spring has never believed in the whole Prince Charming, Happily Ever After thing but even she has to admit Chance makes her feel things she never dreamed possible... and that scares the shit outta her. As much as he loves and adores her, as sweet and sexy as he is with her, she feels it's inevitable that he will break her heart if she isn't careful. But Chance is a patient man and he believes what they have is worth the wait. But when an ex-girlfriend suddenly resurfaces, things get a whole lot more complicated.

She had doubts, I didn't. I was the real deal. I was that kind of man, all in. When it came to Spring, there was no way I would miss my opportunity to be with her. I wasn't going to take things slow or wait for something to happen.

First off, let me just say that these books should not be read out of order, for several reasons. For one, Spring and Chance are already well established characters by the time this book rolls around, their relationship is not sparkly and new, PLUS the stories of the couples from the first two book continue to evolve in this one. Besides, all three books ROCKED so why the hell not read them?! Now Spring and Chance may already be hott and heavy into their relationship by the time we get in their heads here, but that doesn't mean everything is rosy and perfect. Spring has quite the temper on her and has a tendency to jump to conclusions which stems from some pretty deep seated insecurities, that alone causes some problems-add in an ex-girlfriend coming out of nowhere and popping back into Chance's life and HELLO DRAMA. These two have fighting down pat, but the make-up sex is hott-as-hell so it's all good. I loved both of them for very different reasons-Chance, for all his tattooed beast of a man appearance, was really just a giant teddy bear with a wicked dirty streak in the bedroom.... or wherever. He has no problem showing his woman how much she means to him, would do anything for her, and has the patience of a saint. Spring does have a mean temper, but she also says what's on her mind, whatever it is, and can carry on a full conversation all by herself. She loves deeply even if she is afraid to show it and watching her fight to push past her fear of opening her heart was stunning. The biggest difference between this book and the previous two was there was a lot more sex, crazy sexy sex, these two could not keep their hands off each other. We get to spend some more time with all of the characters I have already fallen in love with and we get to meet some new ones that will definitely steal a place in your heart. I have loved every minute of this series so far and am dying for more-I CANNOT WAIT to get Winter's story, that girl is a complete mystery to me. I really would like to know what made her the reclusive woman she is today. Alora Kate has without a doubt secured her spot on my One-Click-Addiction List with this AhMazing group of people and I am more than ready to see what she brings us next.

I couldn't live another day and not hear her say those lovely three words, I love you. From the moment I saw her, the moment her eyes landed on mine-I knew it was her. I wanted her forever.

"I hear voices in my head and I love that it’s totally okay." - Alora Kate
Alora Kate – Pen Name
There are many reasons why she chooses to use a Pen Name. She battled with the idea but in the end, it’s a dedication. Alora Kate is a dedication to someone special who left this world way too soon.
She doesn’t write to get rich, or famous. She does it because she loves it. If only ten people bought her book and loved it, then it was worth her time to write it. She loves to share her crazy world and characters with you. She is a single mom of a very active 3yrs old. He is her whole world, and life wasn’t complete until he came along. She is also a full-time college student studying photography and graphic design.

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