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Blog Tour Review ~ Driven by Destiny (Destiny series #2) by Eve Carter




I’ve been burned! Again! I should know better than to let down my guard when it comes to matters of the heart, especially with regards to Lauren Mitchell.
A night in jail left Aedyn Cumberland feeling dejected, bitter and used by Lauren Mitchell. The only way forward is to return to Chicago and the impossible task of tearing Lauren out of his heart, for the second time in his life.
Meanwhile, in Granger, Lauren stands up for herself and makes a dangerous decision to take control of her destiny, clearing the way for a relationship with Aedyn. She only hopes it’s not too late.
Just when everything seems to be moving forward for Lauren, disaster strikes. No one realizes exactly how far, Chip Harrison, her former boyfriend is willing to go to save his own reputation.
Don’t miss the thrilling continuation to Flirting With Destiny by New York Times Best selling author, Eve Carter

4- Destiny Worth Fighting For -Stars
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

I had to find out if what my gut was telling me was true, if the look in his eyes and the tenderness in his kiss wasn't just a well-crafted move by a player who loves playing the game. Rejection had to be better than to live with regrets, and have to tell the story of Aedyn as 'the one who got away'.

THEY'RE BACK and hotter than ever!! This is NOT a standalone so make sure you read 'Flirting with Destiny' first. You won't necessarily be lost if you don't, but it gives you the background to these characters that you need to appreciate the journey they are on and the growth they are going through. This book picks up right on the tail of book one with Aedyn in jail after his confrontation with Chip....

Aedyn feels like he has been burned again by the only girl who has held his heart since high school. Done with being hurt by this girl, he heads home and proceeds to fall back into his playboy, manwhore ways in an effort to purge Lauren from his heart and thoughts for good. Or he's gonna try to anyway.

Lauren knows what she wants now and will do what she has to to get it. Building the courage to finally break up with Chip comes at a cost, but one she is willing to pay to get Aedyn. The question is, will she be able to win back her man or is it too late?

Chip will not go down quietly, or easily, and only time will tell just how far he is willing to go to keep Lauren and Aedyn apart.

From start to finish this book grips your attention and shoves you through a range of emotions. Fear for Lauren, frustration with Aedyn, and hell fire fury with Chip. There is always something going on, the dirty dirty sex gets cranked up a few notches, there is mystery surrounding exactly what Chip is up to, and hope that Aedyn and Lauren can finally find some happiness. And just when you think you can breath just a little bit easier, we are delivered one hell of a cliffhanger. I will be climbing the damn walls waiting to see where we go from here. It can't possibly get any worse, RIGHT?! Eve Carter has stolen my sanity with this couple and I couldn't be happier about it. If you like lots of angst, drama & dirty talk, with a few twists in your romances-than this series will give you just that.

I've never wanted anyone the way I want you. And I don't mean I just want to fuck you. Do you hear me? This goes so far beyond that. I need you, Lauren. I get it now. Without you I'm a mess. I can't exist... I don't want to exist without you.”
I need you too. More than you know.”


I am a true romantic at heart and with a modern contemporary erotic twist to my romance novels, you had better fasten your seat belt, as the ride is always fun, exciting and fiery. Living in Southern California, but a mid-westerner at heart, I find plenty of inspiration for my books in my own exciting life. I have always loved the arts and as a young girl, I took dance classes and spent the summers reading books from the local library. Fascinated with the written word and its power to guide the imagination, I started writing short stories and later took Creative Writing classes in college. I graduated from The University of Iowa with a B.A. in Journalism and an M.A. in Higher Education. I also have a Teaching Credential from Chapman University in Southern California.

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