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Blog Tour Review ~ Inseparable Strangers by Jill Patten


Lennox Collins is a spoiled and pretentious twenty-something; believing anyone living below the poverty line should be extinguished from the earth.

In reality, she’s no different from those she thinks are beneath her since she pathetically reaps from her father’s wealth. After reluctantly saving a strange homeless man from his demise, she slowly discovers a new being within herself. While she nurses him back to health, her daily ritual and sleeping patterns begin to evolve into a life she could never fathom.

There’s only one problem though; the deeper she goes, the less she can differentiate between reality and her own mind.

*This is a contemporary romance with supernatural elements*

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A hand scanted along my thigh leaving a hot sizzle in its path. A gasp passed through my lips as fear trickled up through my chest. My eyes flashed open, but I was unable to see who was drudging up a desire from my core.

His calloused finger pressed over my lips. "Shh… it’s okay. It’s me," he whispered, his breath tickling my neck.

He didn’t have to say who it was; I knew his voice well by now. After all, he’d invaded my life and I seemed to have lost all control over my mental state.
Aaron was hovered over me with both arms stationed on each side of my head. The moonlight streamed through the curtains generating enough light to illuminate the shadow across his face. His eyes stared at me hungrily with lust. I reached up to skim my fingertips over his injured ribs and found his skin bare. His eyes widened along with mine as I realized his entire body was bare.

A tingling sensation seized my core and I lifted my hips in seek of relief. That was all it took for Aaron. He lowered his head and his mouth was on mine, stealing my breath, my sounds, my sexual thirst.

Taking his knees, he pushed my legs apart and his toned quads pressed down between my thighs. The feeling of skin on skin was exhilarating. I could feel his hardened length graze along the top of my inner thigh, teasing the sensitive lips below. My breathing became shallow with need.

4- Unique & Fascinating -Stars
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

Was it that hard for people to get a job? What a waste of space.. I mean, seriously, society should rid themselves of all that scum jut like they did in that movie, The Purge. Most people were appalled by the film, but I found the idea brilliant.

Lennox Collins is a spoiled rich bitch who believes just about everyone is beneath her, especially those struggling in life-she feels they are nothing but an eyesore and a drain on society and should be eliminated. She feels all these things while doing nothing with her own life but living off of her fathers money and shopping like her well of cash will never run dry. When she comes across a homeless man beaten within an inch of his life, no one is more surprised than her by her sudden need to help him. Taking him home and nursing him back to health brings out a side of her she never knew existed, and changes her life in ways she never saw coming. But her homeless stranger is harboring some deep, dark secrets. Secrets that could destroy everything she has ever known about herself and her life. And then the dreams begin. Dreams that have her questioning her own sanity and struggling to differentiate between fantasy and reality.

You couldn't allow people to believe you were timid. They'd break down the door to your chest and still your heart before you knew it was no longer beating. That was why I kept mine hard

This book took me completely by surprise, it moved in a direction I NEVER SAW COMING, even with the note of supernatural elements on the end of the synopsis. And that is NOT a bad thing-I love when an author can actually throw me off my game and this book certainly did that. However, I do have to admit that the beginning was a tad slow and Lennox herself turned me off so much that I almost stopped reading a few times. Being stuck in her head was not an easy place to be. She really was a deplorable human being and it took all I had to keep reading... but I stuck with it and I'm glad I did. Her change is gradual and I eventually moved past my disgust of her-THAT is when the book really got interesting. The twists this author throws at us crept up on my so suddenly, and they just kept on coming. I went from forcing myself to keep on reading to being unable to stop flipping through the pages at a break-neck rate. It. Was. Exhilarating! Which is why I'm gonna keep this review nice and short. You have to go into this blind to truly experience this book the way you are meant to. So if you like your romances steeped in mystery, and aren't afraid to dive into the supernatural, than please-Give this a read. Stick it out past Lennox's bullshit, it is worth the initial torture.

you saved me. When your pretty face came into focus, I knew it was meant to be. Fate brought you to me. It couldn't have been for any other reason. Our paths crossed for a reason, Lennox.


About the Author

Jill Patten was born a Yankee, but raised a southerner. She lives in the small town of Mayberry, North Carolina which was made famous by a popular TV show back in the sixties. (Maybe there will one day be a statue of her at the end of Main Street. Ha! A girl can dream, right?)

Jill has always loved to read, even during reading labs in middle school for reading comprehension. Judy Blume was her first author she hero-worshipped, maturing to revere the works of Stephen King. With all the fantastic authors today, she simply cannot choose a favorite. Her taste is very eclectic and she loves almost all genres. When she's not captivated by her fictional characters, she spends time with her sweet husband and two beautiful children.

Music is her muse. Jill also loves elephants, sarcasm, and anything made with sugar, especially sweet tea. She enjoys all things rude and crude and laughs at stuff she probably shouldn't. She has been accused of being bossy a time or two, but doesn't really see it herself.

All in all, Jill is just a small town girl in this great big world trying to enable your book addiction.

Oh, and if you read her book, please leave her a review - good or bad, she'll love you forever.

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