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Review Tour ~ Shoot For The Moon (Black River Pack Series #2) by Rochelle Paige

Shoot For The Moon
Book 2 ~ Black River Series
by Rochelle Paige


Eliza Reve knows that her ability to dream of future events sets her apart from others. Her gift became a curse when she wasn't able to save her mother or the alpha's son and she found herself exiled - a lone wolf. When she joins the Black River Pack, Eliza vows never to reveal her talent to anyone. Not even the man who has walked in her dreams for years.

Spencer Tate is her mate, but her visions have told her that he will renounce her. When he doesn't recognize her as his mate, she agrees to the no-strings-attached affair he offers because she thinks it's the most she can hope for. Although her heart breaks as she falls deeper in love with him, she wants to spend as many days with Spencer as possible before he kicks her out of his life.

When Spencer finally comes to his senses, he has his work cut out for him to convince Eliza that he wants her forever. When another she-wolf insists she's his mate instead, things get even more complicated. But Spencer isn't the alpha's second and enforcer because he isn't willing to fight for what's his, and he refuses to settle for anything less than Eliza as his marked and claimed mate.

This is book two in the Black River Pack series. Each novella will feature a different couple.

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You’re in my fucking bed, Eliza. You don’t need to wait until you have solid intel. You come to me the instant something’s wrong,” I argued.
And say what?” she asked. “‘I think Grace is in trouble because I had a dream about her’? Bullshit! The second I laid that on you, you would have been out of my bed quick as a flash. You’ve had one foot out of it since the second you decided you wanted in. You made that damn clear to me when we started this.”
If you’d ever actually shared what was going on in that head of yours before tonight, then I would have had you mated, marked, and claimed so fast your head would have fucking spun,” I bit out. “Instead of being an ass because I was so fucking pissed off you made me feel things I was only supposed to feel for my mate.”

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~this review may contain minor spoilers~

all of my senses seemed to go on overload as one thought pounded through my brain. Eliza was my fated mate. Eliza was the dream-walker our grandmother had spoken of with a faraway look in her eyes so many years ago.

Eliza has spent her entire life being shunned for her gift of dream walking and it has turned her into a bit of a loner. Even being a member of the Black River pack hasn't wiped out the memory of being an outcast of the pack she was born into or losing her entire family at a fairly young age. She has had dreams of her one true mate for years, but they have been more of a reoccurring nightmare as it always ends in him glaring at her in disgust and denouncing her as his mate. Meeting her mate in Wolf's Point and having him want nothing more than sex from her as he waits for his real mate does nothing to help her insecurities- until his blinders finally come off....

Spencer cannot believe that his true mate has been right in front of him for years but he was to blind to see it. He would like to blame it on the fact that he didn't know she was a dream walker but deep down he knows it's more than that. He has always felt a pull to her that he simply chalked up to plain old sexual cravings, he ignored his own wolf when he was trying to latch onto her from the beginning, and he stubbornly stuck her in the 'not my mate' category when all signs were pointing in her direction. So when the truth finally comes out and he realizes he has been treating the woman he has waited his whole life for as nothing more than a bed-warmer for the last year, he knows he has a lot to make up for if he ever hopes to gain her trust, heal the damage he has caused her and hopefully gain her forgiveness. Luckily, he is a stubborn bastard when he wants something and there is nothing in this life that he wants more than to claim Eliza as his and he will stop at nothing to keep her.

I never should have treated you like anything other than my cherished mate. I'm not asking you to forget about the last year. Hell, I don't want to forget any of it even if we never moved past casual.”
“But why? We didn't do anything except sleep together. No dates. No movies or shared meals. All we have too remember from the last year is sex.”
“Even though that's true, my best memories are my nights with you.”

I am quickly becoming addicted to this series and these wolves. Even though they are novellas, and as such-pretty quick reads, Rochelle has no trouble drawing you completely into this fantastic world she has created full of fab characters, lots of hott alpha wolf sex, tons of action, drama, and emotion and a story that just does not slow down. As per her usual, Rochelle has a tendency to lean slightly towards the ever-dreaded insta-love, and that could almost be true here, if it wasn't for the fact that these two already had an established relationship for the past year -a strictly sexual relationship on his part- but a relationship that she felt with all her heart none the less. The problem was getting him to pull his head outta his ass and see what he is missing out on. I will give him credit though-when he realized how epically he screwed up he went balls-to-the-wall in his efforts to make things right with her. The sex was insanely hott and I'm glad that Eliza made him work for it a bit (her heart, not the sex Lol) as he really did a number on her already larger-than-life insecurities. Her back story was actually quite sad and I was really hoping she could find some kind of happiness, she has most definitely earned it. What I wasn't expecting was a cliffhanger and we were left with a doozy! It was one of those cases where the last sentence uttered left my mouth on the floor hitting the next page button over and over like more pages would magically appear and screaming WTF when I realized they weren't. Luckily for us, the wait between books has been pretty minimal so far and so totally worth the wait. Considering this series has been her first voyage into the Paranormal Romance world, Rochelle Paige has nailed it and proven once again exactly why the woman has a comfy spot on my One-Click-Addiction list. Now, bring on the next brother!!

You've given me the moon”
“What do you mean, dream girl?”
“Don't have to settle for just the stars with you”
“The stars sound pretty good to me.”
“Not when you're shooting for the moon”

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