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Release Day ~ Heat Wave Vol III by C.J. Evans

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Book Blurb
Give me one day, Emerie. One day and I promise you'll forget all that shit from your past. A 24 hour agreement. A secluded cabin. Sizzling hot chemistry. Ryker, the President of the Hell's Horseman MC, has 24 hours to help Emerie, the new bartender at Gordy's Saloon, forget the ugliness of her past. The scars and bruises Ryker wears, and the danger that follows him, only add to his sex appeal, and Emerie finds herself drowning in the sweltering heat that ensues. This is a stand-alone erotic romance novella. Approx. 15,000 words. 

4- Quick, Hott & FUN -Stars

Give me one day, Emerie. One day and I promise you'll forget all that shit from your past. And, after one day, if you want to tell me to fuck off, then I'll leave you alone.”

Emerie left life as she knew it behind and moved as far from home as she could after walking in on her long-term boyfriend in bed with her 'best friend'. In a new town with a job that she loves and a boss that she adores, she's happy. Sure she's a little lonely and the touch of a man would be nice, but she doesn't need the heartbreak and complications that a new relationship would certainly bring. So instead she has built a wall around her heart and buries herself in work and her music. Then she meets him...

Ryker is the the President of the Hell's Horseman MC and from the minute he walk's into Gordy's Saloon, busted up and bleeding, the new bartender has his attention. After hearing about her past and seeing the way she closes herself off – he comes up with a plan, a bargain if you will. 24 hours. She has to give him 24 hours to wipe her past from her mind, then the ball is her court...

I was doing all right on my own. Not that I hadn't often craved being in a man's arms, but if those arms came with the threat of eventual heartbreak then the risk was just too great.

This was a quick read and a helluva fun way to pass a couple hours. The characters were all enjoyable, the chemistry burned the pages and the sex was smokin. Drama was kept at a minimum and we get to know our characters just enough to grab our attention and want to spend more time with them. The story wasn't incredibly deep, but it's not meant to be-it's meant to be a quick, sexy romp which is exactly what we get. This is the first story in the series that I have read, but they are all standalone novellas so I wasn't lost-However, it did make me wanna One-Click the other two for some steamy fun time. In the end, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a little dirty sex and a filthy good time to pass an afternoon with.

Did you have fun?”
“Yes. And, I have discovered that there are two types of fun. There is 'hey, that was fun' and there is 'holy fucking hell, that was fun'. That was definitely the latter.” 



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  She's all about business. He's all about pleasure. She likes to play it safe. He lives life on the edge. When a breathtaking man steps into her view, Jamie Robertson discovers a side of herself she never knew existed. Even behind a thick pane of glass, the man's harmless flirtation leads to full on seduction. Amidst an already unbearable heat wave, things are about to get a whole lot hotter. Warning- Contains adult content. Intended for audiences 18+ only. This is a stand-alone erotic romance novella. Buy Volume I


Warning: This title contains an irresistible alpha, sex toys and a weekend full of experimentation. Pepper McKay has finally broken free from a terrible relationship. She's found a place of her own and even if it gets a bit lonely, she's glad to be away from her ex-boyfriend. When Breaker Harrington, the incredibly handsome, roguish, black sheep heir to the Breaker Harrington fortune, moves in next door, Pepper finds herself drawn to him. After the heartbreak she's endured, Breaker is the last thing she needs. But some things are just too tempting to turn down. The blazing temperature outside is just the start. Things are about to get a whole lot hotter.

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