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Blog Tour Stop & Giveaway ~ Return of the Bad Girl (Rock Canyon Romance #4) by Codi Gary

Return of the Bad Girl

Rock Canyon Romance #4

By Codi Gary


Bad girls don't forgive.
Bad girls don't forget.
Bad girls don't fall in love.
Caroline Willis may be known for causing trouble, but she is NOT about to become homeless. So when she learns that her perfect apartment has been double-booked—to a dangerously hot bad boy—Caroline's bad-girl reputation comes out in full force. He may be sexy as sin, but she's not afraid of him … or his panty-melting smile.
Rock Canyon's got room for only one bad attitude—and Gabe Moriarty was here first. Still, starting over means playing it smart, so while sharing his new apartment is less than ideal, it's worth getting his dream business off the ground. Not to mention that it means shacking up with a sexy wild child. Caroline may be giving him the cold shoulder, but Gabe always was good at starting fires …
Caroline vows to keep things professional with Gabe, but as close quarters begin to ignite the sizzling chemistry between them, she's left wondering: Bad boy plus bad girl equals nothing but trouble … right?

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5- Angry, Damaged & Seeking Redemption -Stars
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

she definitely wasn't prepared to face the citizens of Rock Canyon, Idaho. Lord knew she'd burned more bridges before she was eighteen than most people lit up in their lifetimes.

Caroline Willis has just returned home after being gone for twelve years to try to make amends with her father after his recent heart-attack. Being back in Rock Canyon proves to be every bit the pain in the ass she was expecting as the small town gossip immediately starts to surround her. When she left all those years ago she was a troubled seventeen year old who had been hurt in the worst possible way and was acting out when she had no one to turn to. No one has forgotten her past behavior and the gossip mongers make sure she knows it. As if that's not bad enough, it seems the apartment she was promised was also offered to another leaving her with a decision to make~take the mystery man's offer of sharing the apartment, or possibly end up homeless. Little did she know how much she would clash with the new resident bad boy...

He'd always known right from wrong, but the lines had blurred for a while there. He'd been trying to walk the line for the last nine years, though, and being in Rock Canyon was just a part of that.

Gabe Moriarty is fresh outta prison determined to turn his life around and start fresh, in a new town where no one knows his past, and open his own custom bike shop. He wasn't expecting to have to share his new apartment with a woman who makes his blood boil one minute, yet buries him in a lust induced haze the next. But he has been through worse so this should be cake, right?! The last thing he needs is to get involved with someone right now, he has a lot to make up for from his past and cannot offer anyone anything more than sex. Since the only woman he currently has any interest in is also his roommate, he figures a one-night stand would make thing way more uncomfortable than they need to be – especially considering they can't seem to be able to be in the same room together for more than five minutes without fighting. He does his level best to stay away from her, but when it becomes clear he is not the only one in the apartment battling demons from the past, and hers collide with her present in a way that puts her in danger, he every instinct is to protect her – even as she fights him every step of the way...

You have exactly three seconds to get out of here before I do everything I've been thinking about since the first day I saw you. You decide. Now.”

I have to admit to suffering some disappointment here, but solely due to the fact that this is the first book I have read in this series and I have seriously been missing out! This book ROCKED in so many ways, for so many reasons that I will never be able to cover them all. You are immediately pulled into these peoples lives and no time is wasted in letting you know exactly the type of town we are dealing with. The way the good folks of Rock Canyon treated Caroline was beyond deplorable, with very few exceptions, and my hat goes off to her for not losing her mind and knocking someone on their ass. Even if she was a bit of a wild child as a teenager, it was no excuse for the lengths they went to to make her feel unwelcome. Beyond anything else that was going on, Caroline and Gabe truly owned this story. The suffering in silence they both did broke my heart, the circumstances of their pasts (especially Caroline's) was horrific, the desperate need to be accepted for who they were was easily felt, their quick to anger arguments was actually kinda funny & the chemistry between the two was off-the-charts. But the thing I think I loved the most was their deep understanding of each other. They just got it; knew exactly how the other felt, knew what to say and how to help even if they weren't willing, or felt deserving enough, to help themselves. It was as beautiful as it was frustrating. With a fab cast of characters surrounding them, and some ridiculously cute kittens, it was damn near impossible to put the book down long enough to even sleep. I very much look forward to downloading the rest of this series and hope that Caroline's sister Ellie get her story soon-that girl needs some good in her life. Codi Gary stole my heart with this book and landed herself on my One-Click-Addiction List one giggle, blush & frustrated huff at a time.

her brown eyes had drawn him in, and although he'd tried to play cool, he'd felt his heart beat faster with every sassy word out of her mouth.

Return of the Bad Girl: Play List

Music has always been a huge part of my writing process, and can inspire a scene or an action from one of my characters. For The Trouble with Sexy, Gloriana’s Kiss You Goodnight was a HUGE inspiration. Whitney Duncan was a serious factor in Things Good Girls Don’t Do and Lady Antebellum helped create the back story for Travis and Gemma of Good Girls Don’t Date Rock Stars. Jacob’s Ladder by Mark Wills was the centric theme for Bad Girls Don’t Marry Marines, so it was really no surprise that as I wrote Return of the Bad Girl, I was pulling songs from the radio to make up my playlist.

1) Take You Home by Thomas Rhett
2) Wake Up Lovin’ You by Craig Morgan
3) Everything Changes by Staind
4) People Know You by Your First Name by Dean Brody
5) When the Right One Comes Along from the Nashville Soundtrack
6) Sunshine and Whiskey by Frankie Ballard
7) Love by Jana Kramer
8) Speakers by Sam Hunt
9) Girl in a Country Song by Maddie and Tae
10) Break Up in a Small Town
11) Gonna Wanna Tonight by Chase Rice
12) Dirt by Florida Georgia Line
13) Show You Off by Dana and Shay
14) Something Bad by Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood
15) Follow Your Arrow by Kacey Musgraves
16) Mean to Me by Brett Eldredge
17) Enough is Enough by Eli Young Band.

So, several of the songs on this playlist (I.E. 4 and 10) set up the back ground and gossip running rampant about Gabe and Caroline, in part thanks to Miss Know It All. Sometimes the attitudes and antics of the towns people surprise even me, but they are oh, so fun! Especially the dreaded Mrs. Andrews. (Shudder). Then there are the angsty ones like 2, 3, 5, and 17. These songs help me through Caroline and Gabe fighting their feelings and the inevitable screw up by both of them, because true love never did run smooth, right? The fun/funny songs like 6, 9, and 14, helped me during character development and those funny interactions between friends and the h/h that make me smile and sometimes even laugh out loud. (Caroline is the anti-girl in a country song and if you’ve never seen the video, you have to check it out!) Show You Off #13 inspired one of my favorite lines in the book, but I won’t give away what it was.
But my favorite song on this playlist is Jana Kramer’s Love (#7). Caroline is a cynic who has never been in love and Gabe believes he doesn’t deserve it. This song gave me the inspiration for their Happily Ever After (because they have to end up together right?)
I hope you enjoy my Return of the Bad Girl Spodify Playlist!

 From the time I could put a Disney Book cassette into my little stereo,and read along, books have held a fantastic distraction. When I was eleven, I decided I wanted to be one of those magical people that brought stories to life. Devouring a book a day sometimes, my first romance novel stuck with me. I've always been a sucker for a happy ending (and the great romantic gesture)and that's what I try to put into my stories. I am so honored to be a part of Avon, and am so excited to have my own dreams coming true.

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