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Blog Tour Reviews ~ Casual Encounter Series by M.S. Parker



My wedding day was supposed to be the happiest day of my life. Instead, my heart was shattered into a million pieces.

When twenty-five year-old Bree Gamble was left at the altar by her long-time boyfriend, she isn't sure where she's supposed to go from there. Her friends try to help by setting her up on blind dates, telling her she needs a casual encounter to move on. Then a mysterious stranger comes to her rescue and Bree thinks that maybe she's met the one person who can help heal her broken heart. What she doesn't know is that her handsome hero isn't the white knight she imagines.

Don't miss the first installment in the Casual Encounters series, the latest by best selling author M.S. Parker.

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5- Amazing Intro -Stars ★

It wasn't like some casual encounter was going to mend my broken heart. I wasn't going to find a Prince Charming to erase seven years with love at first sight. I believed in real love, but I just wasn't sure it applied to me anymore.

Well, let me start by just saying-WOW!! As far as Erotic Serial introductions go, this one was wicked. The purpose of first installments, at least in my experience, is to introduce you to your main characters and get a feel of what the story is gonna be like-M.S. Parker achieved that and much more. Something tells me this one is gonna get crazy emotional before it's all said and done, especially after the way we are left at the end. Bree has had such shit luck with men lately that it really is doing a number on her confidence and self-worth and I have a feeling, as good as I'm sure her best friends intentions were, it's going to cause far more harm than good- considering she saw Cade as a white Knight before she really knew who he was. I can only imagine where we go from here but my curiosity has definitely been piqued and these characters have my full attention-lets see what they do with it now...

I can see the desire in your eyes, Aubree. I know what you want, and I can give it to you. Stop being so careful and give in to what you want. You do want it, don't you? You want me.”



When I found out that Cade Shepard was my white knight, I let myself believe that I could fall in love again. And then I realized that everything had been a lie.

Twenty-five year-old Bree Gamble feels betrayed by her best friend after discovering that the man she thought could help her get over her broken heart is nothing more than a paid escort.
But Cade surprises her. He shows up at her door with an apology and a proposal. He offers to teach her how to become the kind of woman that no man will ever be able to refuse. He just has one rule: She can’t fall in love with him or the deal is off.
Will Bree give in to the temptation and risk losing her heart in the process?

The second installment of Casual Encounter by best-selling author M.S. Parker is a must-read seductive roller-coaster.

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5- Let's Crank Up The Heat, Shall We?! -Stars ★

What's wrong with me? I mean, first my fiancée takes off with our wedding planner, then the first guy I've gone on a date with in years tries to get me drunk. Am I so pathetic that my best friend thinks I need to pay to get laid? Is that the problem? Am I just such a lousy lay that it's a job to fuck me?”

Well then, if I though the first installment was hott-as-hell, this one blows the roof off. But with all good things come a down-side. As hott as Bree's sessions with Cade are proving to be, I just can't see her coming out of this in one piece. Her heart is already in it, even if she doesn't want to admit it, even if he doesn't see it. And considering the one brief glimpse we get into Cade's head in each book, I just don't see him ever seeing her as anything other than a client... Ever. I am also going to admit that the best friend is surprising me, and not at all in a good way. I am seriously started to question weather she values her friendship with Bree at all. Only time will tell. Once again we are left with an ending that dropped my heart down to my feet and I am really beginning to worry about how much this is gonna hurt before it's all over. I just can't see a happy ending for anyone at this point, except for maybe Cade and that's just cause the dude really doesn't give a shit about anything other than -himself -money -and getting off. But hey, at least he gets them off too, right?!

I'll tell you when you can come. When you can touch yourself or me. Every aspect of your pleasure will be mine to control. And, Aubree... there will be pleasure. More than you've ever dreamed possible.”



I thought I could handle this business arrangement. It was what I'd wanted, after all. Someone to teach me how to be the kind of woman every man desired. Every man, that was, but one.
When Bree Gamble agrees to let escort Cade Shepard mold her into a beautiful, confident woman, she tells herself that it's business, nothing more. A transaction between consenting adults. Sex with no emotional strings attached. Exactly what she needs after the disastrous end to her previous relationship.
As things with Cade progress, however, she is forced to admit that she's starting to fall for the handsome gigolo. 
Will Bree be able to keep her feelings hidden or is her relationship with Cade doomed?
Find out what happens next in the third Casual Encounter installment by best-selling author M.S. Parker.

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5- And The Hits Keep On Coming -Stars ★

First of all. Adelle won't be hiring me again until after I'm done with you.”
Done with me? I started to shake my head, to tell him it didn't matter now. We were done. I wasn't doing this anymore.
And second. I'm not done with you.”
His mouth was on mine and I was drowning in his kiss. He hadn't let me say anything after declaring he wasn't done with me.

I never thought I'd say this but-the hotter the sex gets, the harder this is to read. The emotions Bree is investing in this, even if she doesn't want to, even as he doesn't see it, are becoming harder to overlook. I see serious heartbreak in her future, I'm sad to say. Usually when I'm reading a story like this I like to spend some time in my leading mans head, that hasn't been the case here so far. Every bit of time we actually have spent in Cade's head has left me feeling more and more uncertain and frankly it has caused me to not really like him aside from the hott sex he provides.... until now. After his chapter in this book, I'm starting to understand him a bit better and wishing I had had some more time with his unpaid thoughts-even though he is still pissing me off a bit. Whenever I start I start to think that maybe.... just maybe, he could be feeling some of what Bree is feeling-he always does something that leaves no doubt as to what she is to him. A job. Nothing more. And it breaks my heart just a little bit more every time. And as per the usual with this series, the end always leaves me wanting to either scream or cry. I really don't know what to expect next but I'm more than ready to find out. I just don't know how much more disappointment Bree can take in her life before she finally loses it.

I gave in to the dark emotions filling me.
I'd offered myself to him and he'd taken what I'd given, but he didn't want me. I was a job. A body he found physically attractive and enjoyed fucking. Nothing else.



When my attempt at a date ended disastrously and Cade has come to my rescue again, I wondered if, maybe there was something more between us than business. Or was it just wishful thinking?

Bree Gamble is following the directions from her teacher, Cade Shepard, but things don’t go exactly as planned. Cade’s rescue leads revelations about his past, things that make Bree fear their arrangement is about to end because of rule number one. She can’t deny the attraction she has beyond physical and, now, she believes there’s a possibility that Cade feels the same way. Will they trust each other enough to confess their true feelings, and if they do, will it all end with them each going their separate ways?

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5- Son. Of a. BITCH!! -Stars ★

His eyes darkened and something low and deep inside me twisted. It wasn't until that moment I realized what I was doing without even knowing it. I wanted him to be in control because that's what he needed. I needed to be what he needed.

Mind blown. Gut churning. Heart broken. Screaming pissed and a little scared. This installment has left me a hott-mess of mixed emotions. It starts off with a bang, takes a little detour down frustration road before swinging onto blissfully happy lane and slamming me into a brick wall heart-first. I am so freakin furious with Cade I'm seeing red, but at the same time I feel so damn sad for him while yelling at him to pull his head outta his ass. My heart is bleeding for Bree. The way Cade handled things is almost unforgivable and yet.... I kinda get it. KIND OF. But I'm still pissed. I'm having a hard time focusing on anything other than my anger, I am big enough to admit that. It says a great deal about the author and her amazing ability to draw me so completely into the story that I can't see past the emotions she has evoked long enough to get through this review. This series so far has been a journey of highs so sexually charged I will be blushing for days, to lows so riddled with sadness that I can't see a way out of it. These two have got to find some happiness at some point, they just have to-I don't know if I can deal with all the demon-filled closets, crap-infested asshat moments, or running scared if they don't. I have seen past the bad to the good and I want it for them. I want it bad. Well done Ms. Parker-you have utterly destroyed my sanity and hold my heart in your hands at this point... what will you do with it now?!

Shame and humiliation flooded me, mixing with anger and hurt until I wasn't sure I could handle feeling anything else. I needed to get as far away from here as possible. And I needed to forget I'd ever heard of Cade Shepard.



"When Cade chose his job over me, he shattered my heart, but I refuse to let anyone see how much pain I was in. I would rise above the heartbreak and make him regret his choice."

Bree Gamble is devastated when her lover, Cade Shepard, tells her he's intending to continue his work as an escort even though he claims to care for her. As things between them end, she is determined to prove that Cade taught her well and find someone who can erase any memory of him. Will it be Finn Coulson, the handsome new neighbor, or perhaps Damian who she meets at a club? What she doesn't know is that there is something much more important than her sex life about to play out, and the end game could be deadly.

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5- One Helluva Ride -Stars

I shouldn't want Cade, I knew that. He was one hundred percent the wrong guy for me, and that would be true even if he cared for me. Which he didn't. He couldn't have feelings for me and still want to be an escort.

I can't believe it's all over, and what a ride it was. From Vol. 1 all the way to the end these characters grabbed a hold of my heart and refused to let go. I never expected this series to be so heavy on the emotion but it worked, made me connect to the characters on a level I wasn't expecting. Cade was the phoenix of the story for me, the way he changed, grew, and developed was slow but so worth the wait. He was finally able to find a way to rise above his demons and his possessiveness towards the end was smokin -he definitely swooped in and stole my heart along with my panties. Bree too changed drastically throughout their tale, morphing into the strong, confidant woman Cade always knew she could be. As hott as the sex was, and boy was it hott-as-hell, it took a back seat to character development which was a surprise for me since it was so frequent. I really have no complaints other than wishing I was able to spend more than one chapter per book in Cade's head, well that and the fact that it ended at all-I am sooo not ready to say goodbye to these two. M.S. Parker has proven once again why she is sitting comfortably on my One-Click-Addiction List, no one does erotic serials like she does, and I cannot wait to see what she brings us next.

What are you thinking?”
“I'm thinking how much fun it's going to be to watch you squirm all night.”
“Oh Really? That dress is amazing, but I think I have more self-control than that.”
“It's not the dress. It's what's underneath.”
“And what's that?”
“Fuck. That was naughty. I should punish you.”
“I'll hold you to that later.”

M. S. Parker is a USA Today Bestselling author and the author of the Erotic Romance series, Club Privè and Chasing Perfection. 
Living in Southern California, she enjoys sitting by the pool with her laptop writing on her next spicy romance.
Growing up all she wanted to be was a dancer, actor or author. So far only the latter has come true but M. S. Parker hasn't retired her dancing shoes just yet. She is still waiting for the call for her to appear on Dancing With The Stars. 
When M. S. isn't writing, she can usually be found reading- oops, scratch that! She is always writing.

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