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Release Day Event & Giveaway ~ Violet Addiction by Kirsty Dallas

Violet Addiction
by: Kirsty Dallas
Released November 1st 2014


There was no bright light in my death, but perhaps that is because I wasn’t destined for the angelic beauty of heaven. No, my short lived life had been played out with so much sin and excess that there would no doubt be a special cage in hell with my name on it. In my death, I felt and saw nothing. No warmth, no cold, no light, no darkness, just nothing. When I woke, he was gone, the only piece of perfection in my ugly world. Part of me was grateful that he had finally found the good sense to leave. Another part of me was broken, irrevocably and agonizingly broken.

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A Shade of Violet written by Kirsty Dallas and Beau Maynard - performed by Beau Maynard buy link:

5- Death and Re-Birth -Stars
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

I've always craved things that destroy me; things that make me forget the worthlessness that fills my veins. In the end, the poisons I consumed in an effort to feel numb killed me.

Violet Trivoli's life has never been typical or easy; growing up in an emotionally abusive home with two drug addict parents doesn't exactly teach you how to love yourself and inevitably Violet became an addict herself. Drugs seem to be the only thing that numbs the pain and constant feeling of never being good enough, never being loved enough, just never being enough. The only constant in her life is best friend Cain Everett, the man she has always loved but never allowed herself to have; he is far to good to be tainted by the blackness of her soul but she is just to selfish to walk away completely, she needs him as he needs her, he is the one always picking her up after her benders but she knows deep down that eventually he will reach his limit and she is terrified of losing him... but she does, right when she needs him most. When she finally takes her addiction too far, resulting in an overdose that literally kills her, she wakes up alone and soon realizes that as hard as she fell, getting back up is going to be sooo much harder. Does she have the strength she needs to do what it takes to survive without the other half of her soul at her side?

I cried for the loss of so many years hating myself and my family. So many mistakes I couldn't take back; I could only learn from them and move forward.

Fair Warning ~ if you're looking for a hearts and flowers, sparkles and candy, sweet romance; turn around, this is NOT it. If like me, you like your stories with a bit more grit, a lot of tears and heartache, and you don't mind the author making their characters earn their HEA the hard way; then I happily encourage you to proceed, just do so with caution. Yes, this is a romance ~ but at it's core, it's a story about addiction and all the ugliness that entails. Kirsty Dallas did NOT shy away from all the gory details and the result was gutwrenching, but totally worth it. She forces us to really feel what these characters are going through; you will not always like them, you may not understand them, but you will at the very least see why they do what they do~even if it doesn't make any sense to you personally. It truly was an amazing story chock full of people you will completely fall in love with, hope with all that you have that they find their true paths in life and are able to pull themselves out of the abyss of blackness they fall into. It also shows you how the downward spiral of addiction is the easy part, getting back up and going on with your life once you hit bottom is the hard part and Kirsty show us just how worth the fight it is. I first fell in love with this author thanx to 'Decker's Wood' and she proved to me once again why.

My crazy is no place for you.”
Violet, you are my home, so if following you through your crazy leads me home, I'm gonna follow. Your crazy can live within the walls of my crazy, and we will be one big happy, crazy family.”  

I grew up on the beaches of North Queensland, Australia before migrating south to the iconic Gold Coast in 1995. I traded the surf and my bikini for pajama's and a computer when I embarked on writing professionally in 2012. I write first and foremost for myself. I write characters and ideas that come from my heart, then take shape and evolve into entire landscapes in my mind.
I am fascinated with most creative outlets --- photography, art, music, you name it, I love it. I don't take life too seriously and I love to hear from fans and other like-minded, creative people. So drop me a line or come hang out on Facey or over at the Twitter-verse!

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