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Blog Tour Review & Giveaway ~ Unexpected (Felony Romance Novella) by Jeana E. Mann

Unexpected (Felony Romance Novella) by Jeana E. Mann

Karly Eriksson’s past brims with painful secrets better left forgotten. Determined to make a better life for herself and her little sister, Karly has her eyes on the future, but misfortune greets her at every turn.
When Karly’s best friend invites her to underground Felony Bar, Karly looks forward to a night free from the complications of her past and a chance to forget her problems. Instead, she finds an unexpected attraction for Randy Mackenzie, head of security. Randy is dangerous and intense with a body made for sin. Everything about him screams bad boy, from his tattoos to the wicked scar on his neck, and that’s the last thing Karly needs in her life.
Randy lives his life in the shadows, but he yearns for the light. Karly, with her bright smile and effusive
personality, is like a ray of sunshine, illuminating the darkness of his world. Still reeling from an unforeseen breakup, Randy has his emotions on lockdown, unwilling to show how badly he’s hurt. When he drives Karly home after a night of revelry at Felony, he doesn’t intend to sleep with her, but they have more in common than they know, starting with their broken hearts.
After one kiss, they’re both willing to forget their problems for a night of passion and lust
that can never be repeated.

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5- Sexy and Damaged -Stars
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

Attraction pulsed between them, unexpected and breathtaking in its intensity. His eyes went to her lips and held. The beat of her heart quickened, and her lips parted. She sucked in a breath, needing oxygen to offset the rush of blood thundering through her veins. Their eyes met again. She'd never seen eyes quite like his, feral yet focused, churning with complexity.

Karly Eriksson comes from an extremely troubled past and it has shaped the woman she is today. All she wants is to get through collage and find a way to support herself and her little sister, but seems to run into problems at every turn. When her best friend talks her into a night out at the Underground Felony Bar, Karly thinks this is just what she needs; a night to just cut loose and forget the weight reality has on her shoulders. What she isn't expecting is the intense attraction she feels for the bartender/bouncer and it's the last things she wants or needs; a recent heartbreak has left her overly cautious when it comes to men and her focus needs to be in her sister...

The more distance she put between Randy Mackenzie and herself, the better. She had no place in her life for distractions right now.

Randy Mackenzie lives his life hiding in the shadows keeping people at a distance, his life has always been full of darkness and what he really needs is a little bit of light. Karly unexpectedly brings that light into his life, but he doesn't trust it, can't trust it, can't have it, doesn't want to need it; Randy has recently had his heart torn to shreds himself and it cost him the one person who means the most in the world to him. But he is still drawn to her...
After a night of cutting loose, Randy gives Karly a ride home; he never planned to sleep with her, but maybe one night of uninhabited passion is just what they both need, but it can never be repeated-they both agree on that.

I didn't expect to fuck you tonight. It was the last thing on my mind. And I didn't expect to say this either, but here goes. I want to fuck you again, the way you need it. Slow and deep and a little dirty. Is that how you like it Karly?”

I didn't read the first book in this series and that didn't cause a major problem; this can be read as a stand-alone, however, I will be downloading and reading the first book before the next one comes out just so I can get Jack and Ally's story and meet some of the characters I'm sure I missed out on so far. This book was relatively short and was basically an introduction to Karly and Randy's story; it gave us a pretty good look at their background, where they came from and a glimpse into their recent heartbreak-although, Randy's early life is still a bit of a mystery. It also showed us how they were brought into each others lives, gave us a taste of the chemistry burning between them, and gifted us with an incredibly hott night of passion that unfortunately doesn't end the way we would want it to. Yes- the book leaves us hanging, but that was the point I guess. We basically get the set-up for their next book, one I am very much looking forward to. I have so many questions, and so much hope for their futures; if anyone deserves to catch a break, and find a little happiness, it's these two. If Jeana Mann's intent was to grab my attention and leave me begging for more; MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!

Karly was like a beacon shining into the dark abyss of his life, illuminating the dusty corners and leaving all his secrets exposed, when every survival instinct warned him to hide.

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Jeana Mann is the author of steamy Adult Contemporary Romance. She's been writing all her life, storing up books in her closet, and finally got the guts to publish them. She recently released Intoxicated, the first book of the Felony Romance series, and winner of the 2013 Cleveland Rocks Romance Award for Erotic Romance. She hopes her mom won't be too embarassed by the love scenes.

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