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Blog Tour Review ~ Thunder Struck by Mimi Foster

A Betrayed Bride . . . 

New York lawyer, Jordan Whitman, decides to get the hell out of Dodge rather than face the fallout from a cancelled wedding. A Bed and Breakfast in the tiny town of Nederland, Colorado, sounds like the perfect cure for a broken heart, but she finds that the country house of her dreams is actually a run-down manor that hasn’t been inhabited in almost three decades.
A Confirmed Bachelor . . . 

Local contractor, Brandan Webb, can do anything . . . except relationships. The last thing he wants is a destructive marriage like his parents, but as he works with Jordan to restore the once-magnificent Victorian, his preconceived notions of commitment are challenged. Now the hard part will be convincing the gun-shy Jordan to be more than just friends, especially since he’s made it clear he doesn’t believe in love.
An All-Enduring Love . . . 

When they find a hidden room containing century-old secrets, they trace the history of Madeline Manor. Embarking on a path to correct old wrongs, they discover a passion over a hundred years in the making, proving love can conquer all.

A sensual, easy-reading Contemporary Romance with a touch of magical realism. Readers will enjoy the hot alpha male contractor, the erotic sexual tension, the history that weaves a tapestry of past with present, and explicit scenes created as he tries to convince his New York lover to stay in Colorado and fall in love.


4- Thunder on the Mountain Indeed! -Stars
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

This is his fault! You will not share an ounce of guilt, do you hear me?”
“It's not guilt, it's self doubt and anger and disbelief and stupidity in not seeing. What if I had married him? And the questions keep coming. How long has it been going on? Who is she? What did he want from me? But I can't seem to get away from, How could I have been so stupid?”

Jordan Whitman was dealt the ultimate betrayal weeks before her wedding. In an effort to escape from having to deal with the fallout of a canceled wedding, she decides a much needed break from the grind of New York is in order and heads off to the B & B she recently inherited in Colorado. She is unsure of what she was expecting, but it is definitely not the rundown, dilapidated manor she shows up at. Determined to restore the historic building back to it's original glory, she immediately gets to work and brings in a construction crew... that is when she meets him.

Brandan Webb has never had any interest in any kind of relationship beyond sex until he meets the new owner of the building he is working on. He feels a connection to her he can't explain and for once he wants to see where it goes. Convincing her of that may be harder than he anticipated; considering the betrayal she suffered, Jordan is reluctant to trust anyone and doesn't see herself opening up to another man anytime soon. But discovering a secret room together, and exploring all the secrets within, brings them closer than either could have imagined as they try to get to the bottom of the mystery now in front of them.

His concern was touching, and I wondered if he was offering more than comfort. It had been a long time since I'd felt butterflies at a man's touch, but it didn't matter, it wasn't going to happen.

This book had a very whimsical quality to it, to the point that it was almost unbelievable at times; but I think if you go into this with an open mind and agree to stretch your imagination a bit, you will enjoy it. The characters were easy enough to like and the story moved at a good pace, there was minimal drama, and a sugary sweet romance at the heart of everything, but what really drew me in was the mystery. The further these two dug, the more questions they had ~ that aspect of the book took on a life of itself, it was like a story within the story and I found myself desperately wanting to find out all they secrets buried in that room. I do have to admit though, the dialogue came across as a bit too proper for me and it made it feel a bit forced, not quite natural, if that makes sense. Of course, that didn't stop me from enjoying the journey, it just took a little getting used to. I also would have like an epilogue of some sort, we leave off kinda apruptly. In the end, I would still recommend this book to anyone who likes their romances on the sweeter side and is looking for an easy, enjoyable read, with mystery woven in all the pages and a touch of magic.

There's something about minds meshing and souls touching. It's almost like our spirits become one. Don't mean to sound mystical, but I feel like it was always meant to be this way between us, like we've come home.”

Mimi is a fifth-generation Floridian who grew up all over the country but considers St. Petersburg, Florida, her hometown. Having lived in Colorado for more than four decades, her greatest achievement in life is her five daughters, who have now given her five grandchildren to spoil. Blessed with being married to her best friend, she loves to write about chance encounters that change lives for the better. In addition to being an incurable romantic, Mimi is an award-winning Realtor, as well as a blogger and photographer.

She loves to hear from readers, so be sure to find her on her website (, or interact with her on any of her social media sites.

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