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Blog Tour Review ~ The Half of Us by Cardeno C.

The Half of Us
By Cardeno C.
Published: October 10th 2014 by Dreamspinner Press
Short-tempered, arrogant heart surgeon Jason Garcia grew up wanting a close-knit family, but believes he ruined those dreams when he broke up his marriage. The benefit of divorce is having as much random sex as he wants, and it’s a benefit Jason is exploiting when he meets a sweet, shy man at a bar and convinces him to go home for a no-strings-attached night of fun.
Eight years living in Las Vegas hasn’t dimmed Abe Green’s optimism, earnestness, or desire to find the one. When a sexy man with lonely eyes propositions him, Abe decides to give himself a birthday present—one night of spontaneous fun with no thoughts of the future. But one night turns into two and then three, and Abe realizes his heart is involved.
For the first time, Abe feels safe enough with someone he respects and adores to let go of his inhibitions in the bedroom. If Jason can get past his own inhibitions and open his heart and his life to Abe, he might finally find the family he craves.

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Abe pursed his lips in thought. “Three things you enjoy. Go!”
No thinking!” he exclaimed.
I don’t know. I, uh—”
Gut reaction!”
Fucking, college basketball, and cold pizza,” Jason replied hurriedly. He froze after the words popped out of his mouth, surprised by what he’d said. It was true, but not exactly the kind of information he threw out there. Except he had.
Abe was silent for few moments, then he blinked, cleared his throat, and said, “What’s your favorite team?”
Abe nodded. “And you like your pizza cold?”
Apparently they were moving forward with the conversation. Okay. “I like it hot too, but, yeah, I like it cold better. I always order extra so I can put it in the fridge for the next day.”
I see.” Abe nodded again. “So, uh, do you have plans tonight?”
No.” Jason shook his head.
Neither do I.” Abe glanced down, bit his lip, and then looked up again. “Want to come over and do that first thing you enjoy?”

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~this review may contain minor spoilers~

When he thought about how differently his life had turned out from what he'd worked and hoped for, he inevitably ended up in more bars looking for more liquor and more sex in the hope of forgetting that realization. It was a vicious cycle, but at least he was getting laid.

Jason Garcia isn't exactly living the family life he always expected. He is a very successful, if slightly arrogant, surgeon, but his marriage fell apart; of course, that might have something to do with his wife figuring out he was gay before he did... Now that he is single again, forming another attachment to someone is not something he is interested in, sex is all he is after ~ no-strings, no-commitment, one time only sex ~ and lots of it. He is perfectly content living his life this way, until he meets the man who changes everything.

Abe Green is a shy, reserved, quiet guy who is more comfortable spending the night at home reading a book than out at the bar. He is a relationship kind of guy who doesn't have the thick skin it takes for a one-night stand, until he meets Jason on a night out for his birthday and decides to let loose for once. But one night turns into two, which turns into three, and before he knows it his heart is taking over against his will. Jason makes it clear from the beginning that a relationship is not on the table, he just doesn't have it in him to be monogamous; but spending time with Abe is proving to be harder to resist than he thought it would be, especially when Abe starts to let go of all his inhibitions and shows Jason a side of him that no one has ever seen before. Could Abe be the future Jason didn't know he was looking for all along?

The chemistry between them burned hot and bright, but it wasn't about sex, or at least not only about sex. It wasn't. Whatever Jason had said originally, whatever they had both agreed to, things had changed, and not just on Abe's side. He was sure about that even though they hadn't talked about it. He was sure.

It's official, my M/M erotic romance cherry has been popped and I couldn't be more blissful with the results. Having been my first venture into this genre, I was slightly nervous, I didn't know exactly what to expect, but Cardeno C. took real good care of me with some fantastic characters, a sweet story with lots of heart, family at it's core, surprisingly sexy-as-hell steam which was so much hotter than I expected, hilarious banter, and just a beautiful love story. While Abe appealed to my feminine side with his sweetness, his adorable shyness, and his caring nature ~ Jason appealed to my dirty side rather nicely. These two were just perfect together, they balanced the other out and just completed each other. It was kinda funny that, because it was two dudes, there was an obvious lack of unnecessary drama, but jealousy still reared it's head on occasion. There really was just so much I loved about this book and my only complaint would be that it's over. Now that's my innocence for this genre is gone, I am not so scared anymore and will happily place Cardeno C. on my One-Click Addiction List for my next steamy M/M read ;)

How about we go with this? You want to be with me. I want to be with you. Neither of us wants to be with anybody else. So unless we tell each other it's over, we stick with that.”
“Did you just ask me to be in a monogamous, committed relationship with you?”
“Quit fucking with me. It's mean. I all but had an anxiety attack earlier.” 

Fun Facts About The Half of Us
~It will make you want to try putting Milk Duds in your popcorn.
~The word “balls” is used forty times.
~After reading The Half Of Us you may suddenly notice if people move their arms as they walk.
 ~Small talk before a one-night stand gets Abe right where he wants to be.
~Jason and Abe find ways to spice up Netflix Recommends.
~Donuts are the way to reach uncommunicative teenage boys.
~Sometimes hugging and kissing are just as intimate as sex.

 Cardeno C. – CC to friends – is a hopeless romantic who wants to add a lot of happiness and a few “awwws” into a reader’s day. Writing is a nice break from real life as a corporate type and volunteer work with gay rights organizations. Cardeno’s stories range from sweet to intense, contemporary to paranormal, long to short, but they always include strong relationships and walks into the happily-ever-after sunset.
Cardeno’s Home, Family, and Mates series have received awards from Love Romances and More Golden Roses, Rainbow Awards, the Goodreads M/Romance Group, and various reviewers. But even more special to CC are heartfelt reactions from readers, like, “You bring joy and love and make it part of the every day.”
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