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Blog Tour Review & Giveaway ~ Licking Lollipops by Marami Hung

Licking Lollipops

By : Marami Hung
Genre: Erotica

Release Date: Friday, October 31, 2014


Lollipops. Toys. Cash. Sex.

Leilani’s job is more addicting than sugar. It’s her drug. She might look meek and too young to be a college student, but she’s a naughty girl with a dirty secret.

Leilani grants fantasies. When a request comes in, Leilani dons her pseudonym “Lollipop” and transforms into a high school cheerleader, a dominating cat girl, or even a sweet little Victorian girl who loves candy and ice cream.

Her business satisfies her lust, pays just enough for college tuition, and always draws her back, despite the abuse that torments her afterward.

But when a gorgeous classmate finds out and urges her to stop, Leilani’s first fear isn’t getting kicked out of college. She’s terrified that she might give up her primal lust for genuine intimacy.

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I straddled Coach Banks’s firm, tan torso, and I relished in every kiss he planted from my ear to below my collarbone. Behind me, the hard wall of his office was a little too cold, but that only added to my pleasure and contrasted with his hot skin. I threw my head back and looked above at the mounted football helmets and Coach of the Year Awards. This man deserved better than that. This man was smoking hot, and I was going to help him live out the fantasies he’d had for months.
A moan escaped my lips when I felt his large, masculine hands slip beneath my tight cheerleading top and caress my small breasts. I made sure not to wear a bra before I came to see him. I then looked deep into his big, brown eyes, letting him know through my gaze just how much he was turning me on. He smiled, and I saw a hint of satisfaction. Then his eyes flashed with hunger, and my vision brightened as he pinched my nipples. I whimpered then, sweetly, my nearly animalistic gasps heavy with ecstasy. I knew he liked his girls to be vocal. That’s why he liked the cheerleading team so much.
I wrapped my arms around his muscular neck and pulled myself closer to him for a long, deep kiss. The sensation of the tips of our tongues swirling around each other sent a burst of warmth below my belly button. He would be pleased when he finally reached down below my skirt.
Coach,” I whispered in his ear, brushing my bottom lip against his lobe. “I’m all yours tonight. Please take me all the way. I promise I won’t tell anyone.”
He pinched my nipples again, then flicked them. I cried out, and he caught my lips in another kiss. I moaned into his daring tongue as he continued to play with my small tits. As much as I would enjoy him to continue, at that moment, all I wanted was to feel his big cock inside of me.
He finally pulled away from my lips, his own wet and reddened from our passion. “I held myself back for months. I didn’t want to take things too quickly with you. Are you sure you want this?”
I nodded. “Yes! Yes, please, Coach!”
He smirked and gave me a quick kiss. “You were so worth the wait.”
With me still straddling him, he carried me over to his desk and swept his phone, paperwork, and football key chains onto the floor. This was the moment I had been waiting for; my heart thumped with excitement, my pussy throbbed with anticipation. He set me on top of his desk, the heels of my feet resting on the edge, and spread my knees wide open. He lifted up my navy blue pleated skirt and smiled at my hot pink, lacy panties. I made sure not to wear my cheerleading bloomers, either; they would be a hindrance for my Coach Banks.
He caressed my inner thighs, up and down, teasing me for several strokes until he ran his index finger over my pussy, pressing harder when he reached my clit. I gasped and writhed on top of his desk as he played with my clit through a layer of soft lace. I could feel myself becoming wetter with each passing stroke and craved the moment he pulled off my panties.
It seemed like an eternity had passed when I decided to pull them off myself. I tossed them onto the floor next to his phone and spread myself wide again, so he could take in the view of my hairless, glistening pussy. He smiled and started to unbuckle his belt.
Do you like what you see?” I asked him breathlessly.
He dropped his jeans and trousers, and his already erect cock twitched in the presence of my exposed pussy. “See for yourself,” he said, his voice deep and husky. I couldn’t wait to hear him groan in that sexy voice as he fucked me wildly. I swallowed hard as I imagined my pussy swallowing a cock as big as his.

3 ½ -On the Fence- Stars
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

Leilani is addicted to sex, her addiction is what led her to her most guarded secret; she grants fantasies... for a price. She loves what she does, most of the time, and the money pays for her college education, so win-win right? Even though it's not exactly legal, as long as she doesn't get caught everything will be just fine. But when a classmate discovers her secret, and tries his hardest to convince her to find another job and get out of her current line of work, Leilani is afraid of losing more than the money she is making, she's terrified of losing the thrill she gets from feeding her addiction. In the end, the decision may be taken away from her when she discovers that some people are not what they seem.

Oh, prostitution was illegal in all states except for Nevada? Oops. I guess I should've transferred there for college. What was I saying about breaking the law again...?

I'm still kinda on the fence with this one. It was short and to the point, the sex was hott and we cover just about everyone's preferences; role play, girl on girl, threesome... you get the point. But other than that, I wasn't in love. I had a hard time connecting with any of the characters and at about the seventy percent mark the book takes an unexpected violent turn. But if your simply looking for a short, steamy read than you will probably enjoy this; just be prepared for the turn of events, it took me a by surprise a little bit and the ending seemed kinda abrupt. But for a debut novel, it was still a decent read. I liked it enough that I will look for more from this author in the future to see what she brings us next.

So you're in college for that, right? To try to get an actual career so you won't have to keep doing this?”
“I'm still gonna have sex.”
“No one said you have to stop enjoying sex.”
“Why are you so eager to help me, anyway?”
“I just don't think you're in a good position, and I think I could help you out.” 

Marami Hung began her escapades with erotica as the narrator of J.S. Cooper’s The Love Trials. You can also hear her in Kylie Gable’s Calendar Girl.

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