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Review Tour ~ Surviving Goodbye by Morgan Parker

Surviving Goodbye
by Morgan Parker
Published August 21st 2014
Adult Contemporary


In the final hours of her life, Elliot Fitch’s wife confesses that he is not the biological father to their 16-year old daughter. 

Surviving Goodbye follows Elliot’s collision course with Fate as he embarks on a journey to locate his daughter’s real father. When Elena, now seventeen years old, announces her unplanned pregnancy and the father’s unwillingness to play a role in their child’s upbringing, Elliot faces an ironic dilemma about the true meaning of parenthood and the roles we play in the lives of others, particularly those we love and who love us in return.

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I am the biggest what-if of your life.

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~this review may contain minor spoilers~

I would never love again. Never. I belonged to Karen, every little piece of me, and once she died, my capacity to love would die right along with her. I had been telling her as much every day since we heard her prognosis.

On the day Elliot Fitch lost his wife to cancer, she destroys his world in so many ways; especially when she tells him that their sixteen year old daughter Lena- is not actually his daughter at all, biologically anyway. When she's gone, he is left to struggle with not only his grief, but he begins to question his entire marriage. How could the woman he loved with his entire being have betrayed him so completely, so thoroughly, and for so long? With the crashing devastation comes hatred and intense anger, along with emotional numbness and total loss of trust or faith in love. But a year later, when his now seventeen year old 'Daughter' comes to him and tells him she's pregnant and her baby-daddy wants nothing to do with it or her, he begins the journey of trying to find Lena's real father, all while trying to be the support system she needs. After all, they may not share DNA and he may be on a mission to find the one that does, but she will always be his little girl deep in his heart and he would do anything for her. The question that remains now is how he will survive goodbye.

After learning that our daughter wasn't mine (not by biological standards anyway), my hatred for the woman that had not only betrayed our matrimonial vows but lied to me about the daughter I had raised, had started as a blip on a radar, a mild tummy ache. But over the following months, I watched that storm approach

I've said it before and I will say it again ~ Morgan Parker is a genius. This man has a way with words that is hard to come by. *His stories are always rough, raw and heartfelt with humor thrown in to give us a nice balance. *His characters are perfectly imperfect and so very real; nothing about them is typical or cookie-cutter. *His plots are always unique, like nothing else out there, the pace is steady without being rushed and he grips your attention from start to finish. 'Surviving Goodbye' encompasses all of that and more. But with this one we get an added mystery with so many twists you never know whats coming next. I fell in love with all of these characters and all I wanted was for them to find some happiness, laughs, love, and maybe some peace. The relationship between Elliot and Lena was friggin hilarious, Veronica was amazing, everyone has a Paul somewhere in their neighborhood and I think I may have to do some research on where Lena does her on-line shopping ;)
In the end, I was once again captivated and completely engrossed by Mr. Morgan Parker's words; he has forever earned his spot on my 'One-Click Addiction List' and I don't see him ever going anywhere. I CANNOT WAIT to see what he brings us next, whatever it is I KNOW it will be an amazing ride unlike any other.

all I could do was reel her back in and hold her. I held her because I loved her, she was all – no, she was everything I had left.
She was my daughter.
My daughter.

As a shy and introverted male author, Morgan Parker seeks refuge in sleep. Where all of his friends live in his dreams and nightmares, and where he never has to pay for his non-fat cappuccinos. He has written the Textual Encounters Series, Non Friction, Sick Day and, most recently, Surviving Goodbye. He is currently at work on his next novel, Violets and Violence… yes, in his dreams.

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