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Blog Tour Reviews & Giveaway ~ Playing the Edge Series by Susan Arden

Tempted (Playing the Edge Series)
Author: Susan Arden
Genre: Erotica 18+ Extreme Sexual Content
Publish Date: September 16, 2014
Publisher: Swoon Romance
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~ Book Synopsis ~
One day is all it takes to be tempted into playing the edge.
After escaping an abusive past, Eliza refuses to accept the mind-numbing existence she’s cast into. Living in the shadow of her overprotective sister, leaves Eliza suffocated and stifled, until Graham Gordon takes up residence in her yoga class and in her head. Just like that, her vanilla world is turned upside down. Graham is everything she should avoid and everything she’s ever desired.
Graham Gordon is wealthy, privileged, and harbors a secret vice no one would ever suspect. In Eliza, he has found the perfect acquisition: an innocent teacher he can’t seem to forget. During a private yoga session, Graham makes Eliza an offer she can't refuse and teaches her what it means to submit to his every desire.
Within Graham’s powerful presence, the veils under which Eliza hides are stripped away, unlocking her inner hunger to be dominated. But will Graham’s possessive nature save her from the demons of her past, or be another experience she must survive?

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Hello, gorgeous creeper.
Silently, he extended his hand filled with my things. I had no choice but to sweep my fingers over his palm never expecting a zapping current to pass between us. I shivered, jerking my arm backward as the electrical jolt raced up my arm before discharging. I gasped when it landed deep in my belly. Distracted by my reaction, I made the mistake of meeting his gaze. His dark eyes in the daylight were bottomless, and his attention had my pulse in a race, but where the heck was the finish line?
Thank you,” I mumbled. “I can manage.” I wished he’d stopped helping me since I was coming undone.
No question. Still I want to make certain you’re all right.” Once more our gazes locked, and the effect was like entering into a timeless chasm. So, there I was kneeling on the ground, unprepared for the cauterizing heat of staring into his eyes at close range. It was all too much. I ground my teeth with the need to get away before I did something incredibly stupid.
Look, that’s nice. But I’m fine and really don’t need any help out here.”
Not a second ago.” He snorted a laugh. “Luckily, this machine basically drives itself and brakes fast and hard. Really, you could’ve been hurt if it’d been another car and driver.” The way he said fast and hard had me sputtering as the words echoed within my mind, sending a swarm of butterflies housed in my stomach into flight. Yep, I remembered, he did that to me. He offered the last few items he’d picked up and I reached for them, brushing my fingers over his.
Well, bully for me.” The words slipped out of my mouth. No way to pull them back, so I finished with, “This isn’t NASCAR, you know.”
Without a break, his brow lifted. Game on. “Nor the Boston Marathon, sweetheart.”
Humble much?” I asked, going with the flow.
I’m not here to debate. Eliza, isn’t it? I dropped by to see when you might have a moment to talk.”
Talk?” I mocked. I couldn’t help myself. Talking was not what I imagined he wanted to do with me. It sure as heck wasn’t what I wanted to do with him.
Yes. Talk.” He inhaled in that way people did when they chose their words carefully. I’d seen it, but rarely practiced the art. “Last night in the class and now, I’m convinced we have a connection between us. No sense in running from it.”
His eyes bored into mine and I froze. It got worse when he tunneled his fingers through hair, and a blast of heat rippled through me. The way his hair stood up looked like he’d fucked someone senseless.
Who was I fooling? I seriously wanted to book passage on that cruise. “Oh,” I replied deep into a brain drain.
Unless, you tell me to go,” he spoke to me in a measured tone.
Shit. Wake up, Eliza. Yoga. Studio. Student. Ring a bell?

The pressure to conform made my need to escape inescapable and overpowering.

5+ Dude can Tempt ME Anytime ;) Stars ★
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

tell me you're not interested or tempted to take what we've got to the next level. I know what you feel. I have that same bloody desire. Together we can satisfy one another. One night. What have you got to lose?”

Eliza escaped an abusive past only to be pulled into the restricting web of her over-protective sister. She does love her sister, immeasurably, she is the only family she has left and took her in when she had no where to go, but she has begun to feel stifled, suffocated, and caged in. She is desperate to find some direction in her life, a place where she can flourish and discover herself, and maybe some way to curb her off-the-wall behavior and unpredictable temper. Then HE walks into her yoga class and changes everything. Graham Gordon has a presence that cannot be ignored and comes from a rich and powerful world she can't even begin to comprehend, but try as she might, she can't shake the man from her thoughts... or fantasies. When he requests her for a private yoga session, and presents her with an unorthodox proposal, he unleashes a deeply hidden desire Eliza never knew she had; a desire to be dominated completely, by him, in any way he chooses. Now she must decide if she has the strength and courage to take him up on his offer.

For once, I was going to pursue a girl so far outside the world where I normally found partners. I'd bank my business that I'd have her before I headed back to New York. Fuck. I'd take her with me to New York.

These characters had me captivated right from the beginning; the chemistry between them jumped clean off the pages, yet their personalities clashed at times causing some heated encounters. Graham saw the submissive in Eliza, even if she didn't, and would stop at nothing to get her exactly where he wanted her. The man knew no boundaries when it came to getting what he wanted and was just the kind of dirty-sexy-dominating that I wholeheartedly drool for. There was a ton of sex in this book; not so much that is took over the story, but enough that you were held in a lust induced haze that left me a gibbering hott mess... and it was friggin awesome! The build up alone set my panties on fire, and this is only the beginning. The world that Graham is introducing Eliza to is like nothing she has ever experienced, and I loved that he takes the time to explain things to her; he wants to make sure that there are no doubts or questions about exactly what he wants her to sign up for and we learn everything right along side of her. It was the perfect start to what promises to be an enthralling seduction... I mean series ;)

You will learn to submit to me. I aim to be in charge of you without question. It's a matter of time before you understand all that entails.”

Seduced (Playing the Edge Series)
Author: Susan Arden
Genre: Erotica 18+ Extreme Sexual Content
Publish Date: September 16, 2014
Publisher: Swoon Romance
Event organized by: Literati Author Services, Inc.

~ Book Synopsis ~
The seduction is only the beginning.
After giving Graham's proposal some thought, Eliza signs the erotic service agreement on the dotted line and crosses the threshold into Graham’s bedroom in New York. After all, it's only six months.
But Eliza's a world away from the beaches of Miami, ready to learn the secrets behind the man who holds her a willing captive. The man whose insatiable appetite might just break her. It's a point of no return if she agrees to play the edge.

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 “Miss Hillwood, care to explain what the hell you’re doing here?” The sound of Graham’s seductively deep voice swept over me from behind and exploded in my head.
I turned so fast I got whiplash. Our gazes connected, and the grimace he wore melted me, sending a jolt of something like apprehension or anticipation deep in my belly. I gaped up at him with my damp hair partially obstructing my view as he stood over me, appearing powerful and all too much a predator. And like prey, I sat there hypnotized by his closeness and captivated by the thought of what he’d do next.
He brushed back some of my bangs. “From your flushed cheeks, I can see you’ve been here awhile.” He glanced around the club as he lightly traced my bottom lip. The feel of fingers on my skin made me hungry for more. “I take it your friends are still out on the dance floor.”
How do you know who I came with?” I asked, unwilling to get up and throw myself at him.
Dressed in dark jeans and a black button-down shirt that stretched over his muscular chest and broad shoulders, he was sin, sex, and a click away from losing it. And I drank in the sight of him. Graham’s clothing left nothing to the imagination for someone who’d been pinned under him. That person being me.
I thought I made myself clear when I expressly told you to go home and call me.” He ran his knuckles along my jaw. “Didn’t I?” The slight kicked-up curl to his smile gave me the distinct impression the soreness between my legs would be nothing compared to what he had in store.
I wet my lips, his focus trained on my tongue, and I swallowed. Seeing the heat in his eyes build, I struggled to breathe. The pounding music on the dance floor echoed in my heartbeat, thudding way too loud in my chest. I knew he wasn’t here to share a drink. He fully intended on delivering something we both remembered. His eyes glinted brighter, and he gave me a look that promised he’d consume me without mercy.
I forgot. Things got a little weird,” I offered, plastering innocence over my face.
Eliza,” he growled my name in a low rasp filled with hunger and frustration.
I twisted my fingers in my lap. “Look, this is my last night out with friends. Besides, I don’t see you sitting at home knitting a scarf. Why should I when that’s what I’ll be doing for the next six months, if you have your over-the-top way?” That had to be the alcohol talking—this played into what we both wanted, and I never made things this easy. For anyone.
Do you remember the last time we had to take a short walk?” His arched brow sent a dart of excitement racing up my spine.
Oh, me and a few places in my body remember more than well.”
He leaned in and whispered up against my cheek, “That tone, Ms. Hillwood.”

Every journey begins with a step... You're not alone, Eliza.”

5+ Heart-Pounding, Lust-Infused, Angst-Ride Stars ★
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

This is more than a doorway into our bedroom. This is the first step you'll take to getting to know who you are to me and to yourself, Eliza. Don't try to hide. There's nowhere to run. Understood?”

She was drawn in by his seduction and dove head first, eyes wide open, into his world. She signed the erotic contract on the dotted line and crossed the threshold into his bedroom in New York, not knowing how different she would later emerge. His life in New York is worlds away from the beaches of Miami that she is accustomed to, but it's only six months of her life; how hard could it be to fall back into her old life when all is said and done. What she needs to focus on is surviving the here and now without losing her heart to a relationship with a deadline. That is easier said than done when she wants nothing more than to uncover the secrets of Graham Gordon and find the man underneath it all; a man he is desperate to keep under wraps. After all, she is only there to please him... right?!

I was neck deep in trouble I didn't want out of. Oh, no. this type of trouble took the rugged shape of a six-foot-plus body complete with an off-the-chart level of testosterone and power fucking ability.

Where the first book was largely run on lust, this one introduced some heavy emotion to the story as each of these people fall harder and faster than either could have anticipated. You could feel the struggles Eliza went through in trying to adjust to a world she has no idea where she fits in to, all while desperately trying to rein in her emotions when it comes to Graham. She knows he is keeping a slew of secrets from her, and tries not to let it bother her; after all that's not her purpose there, but she is finding it harder to keep her heart out of it. Graham is also having some difficulty adjusting when he finds his heart reacting in a way that threatens everything he has worked hard to maintain. He hates that she makes him lose the control he has come to rely on, but cannot fathom not having her in his life. As they both battle their own insecurities, they also have to guard themselves and what they have from the outside world; which isn't easy when the media is constantly on Graham's tail and Eliza's sister is a highly observant, over-protective part of her life-even if she is across the country. That doesn't mean that there wasn't still a shit-ton of sex; there was, and it was as hot as ever. While the first book drew me steadily into their lives, this one has me hanging onto the edge of my chair waiting to see where they go next. I have very quickly become addicted to this series, all of it's characters, and this author. I don't know exactly when the next book comes out, Taken will be the conclusion to their story, but I will be anxiously climbing the walls til I can get my greedy little claws in it. Susan Arden has definitely landed herself a spot on my One-Click Addiction list with this sexy-as-hell series and I'm dying to see where she takes us next.

A fucking epiphany. I was a goner as she stared up at me with those mercurial eyes – a mixture of innocence and sin. I mean, seriously fucked-in-the-head type shit was about to go down.

Taken (Playing the Edge Series #3)

~ Book Synopsis ~
When you're up against the wall, all you can do is fight or be taken.
From Miami to Hong Kong, the BDSM edge play of Graham Gordon and Eliza Hillwood has never been sexier and more fulfilling. But when the walls come down and feelings start to develop, ghosts of Eliza’s past and Graham's own dark secrets surface, pushing these lovers to the brink of destruction. Will the pain be too much to bear, or can Eliza and Graham learn to trust one another and surrender their hearts before it’s too late? TAKEN is the powerful conclusion to the PLAYING THE EDGE series from bestselling erotica author Susan Arden.

 I'm not into chocolate...I prefer brightly colored candy. Wild flowers over roses. Definitely, I prefer the company of children and animals over politicians and bureaucrats. Was a teacher, now turned into a romance writer, and just got into cover and interior book design which is a whole other fascinating world.

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