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Blog Tour Review & Giveaway ~ My Most Precious One by Evangelene

My Most Precious One by Evangelene
Genre: Erotica
Release Date: November 2013
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Alexia, Lexi to all her friends, lived her life her way. Even if it meant putting aside her dreams and dealing with her overbearing mother. She loved the world she had created for herself as a waitress in a chic Montréal bistro. Until one day a businessman comes into the bistro and challenges the life she’s come to love.
She’s caught between her desire for him and the desire to protect what she herself has created. He is domineering and strong with all his wealth and power, as he unapologetically pursues her.
Should she give in? Should she set aside who she is and be with him in his world?
Lukas Blakk is exactly what Lexi has always wanted but the man has a past that Lexi might not be ready for.

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Could you be more careful next time?” he asked, actually demanded. He stood with his hand on his waist again, breathing heavy. “Have you any idea the kinds of things these stupid men think about when they see you wearing something like that?” He strained his words, trying to keep calm.
I know exactly what men think. That’s why I wore it!” I snapped back.
Lukas and I were back at our staring match. A silent calm stood between us as we glared
at each other.
Okay, time to get back to drinking.” I heard Roxi sing to Kaci. I knew they would be
watching this non-verbal match between us.
You stupid girl, you came dressed like this for what?” He pointed at me. Oh no, he
didn’t. Keep calm and cool, the less angry you get, the better you control the argument; that was my mantra.
I came dressed like this to prowl, Sir Lukas. I’m here to find someone to fuck. And last time I checked, you were a customer at the bistro I work for, not my father, not my lover, and most certainly not my husband,” I said in a low, hushed voice. No man would tell me how I should dress, but I needed him to know there was no relationship between us for him to act this way. His jaw locked, making the muscles of his seething, sexy face move, his eyes shining crystal blue; the colour so sharp it could cut me.
To fuck?” It almost came out as a whisper. “To fuck?” he said again.

I love you, my most precious one”

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~this review may contain minor spoilers~

'Breathe, just breathe'. I wanted him. I needed him. No. It was so much more than that. That was why I fought him so hard; that's why I fought with myself. I was lost now. Now, I was feeling what I dreaded the most. Fear.

Alexia, or Lexi, spent most of her life being controlled and strong-armed by her overbearing Greek mother. Now she is living her life exactly as she wants to, doing what she wants, making herself happy and answering to no one. Her mother still tries to keep hold of the reins, but Lexi has learned some fantastic avoidance when it comes to her mom. She has her own place, is studying for her Masters and waitresses at an trendy Montréal Bistro surrounded by friends. She enjoys her freedom and will not let anything threaten it again... til he walks in the door. Lukas Blakk may be the sexiest man she has ever encountered, and waiting on him at the Bistro has definitely fueled some heavy fantasies, but the reality of the man is way more than she bargained for. Her pursues her relentlessly and she would love nothing more than to just give into the hormones he sets on fire, but he threatens everything she has struggled to achieve. She does not want to be put in a cage, she cannot lose the control she has fought to have over her life and she is terrified of losing herself to his overwhelming existence, but Lukas is not a man who takes the word no lightly; he knows what he wants and will stop at nothing to get it.

Don't give me that look, Alexia. You like it that I want to own you.”
I wasn't going to argue with him, because the reality was, I did love it. I loved it when he took control, but I didn't want him to know how weak he made me.

If you're looking for a sweet, hearts and flowers romance ~ this isn't it, if you get into stories where the love is as crazy as it is passionate ~ then you will fall for this as hard as I did. Evangelene gives us exactly the kind of book I normally trip over myself for, my Go-To Romance as it were, and she does it brilliantly. There was a boatload of drama and yes, tears. The lust and chemistry was insane. The sex was hott-as-hell. Lexi was a willful and strong woman, not a simpering idiot, without being overly stubborn, just some well-balanced and earned fear of losing herself; though I will admit she made some hasty and damaging decisions on occasion. Lukas was the kind of Alpha male I tend to drool over; dominating, possessive, dirty, sexy, and protective, even though he had a habit of overreacting just a tad. That doesn't mean that these two did not frustrate me on occasion, especially in the beginning; they fought like crazy and their communication left something to be desired, but the making up part and the passion shared between them totally made it worth the agitation. They were surrounded by a cast of amazing secondary characters that did nothing but add to the story; they never got in the way, but they didn't blend into the wall either, they were perfect additions...although, I personally wanted to throttle Lexi's mother; I totally understood the girls need for freedom and personal growth. There really wasn't much I didn't like; I was sent on an emotional rollarcoaster and left in a lust induced haze, my only wish was that I could have spent some time in Lukas' head-the story was told completely from Lexi's POV. The ending was even damn near perfect, it progressed exactly as it needed to for these particular characters and didn't feel rushed or forced; although I didn't want it to end at all ~ I am so not ready to let these people go! When all is said and done, Evangelene has forced her way onto my One-Click Addiction list one argument and F-bomb at a time and I am dying to see what she will throw at us next.

All I did my whole life is wait for you to appear and now I'm whole and happy. Your name has always been branded on my heart. You are my soul and my world.”

Evangelene was born and raised in Montreal Canada. She currently lives with her husband who at times drives her nuts. She has been studying Classical Civilization and Linguistics at Concordia University for over ten years. The pull of the ancient world was too great for her to let go, so she continues her education to feel closer to the world she identifies with.
She reads nonstop, devouring books like its food, loving the feeling of being lost in a world that another author has created.
Evangelene started writing her stories ten years ago to express and bring to life all the wonderful characters that inhabit her imagination. She writes for herself and invites readers to join her journey.

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