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Blog Tour Review & Giveaway ~ Beyond the ORANGE MOON (Mathews Family #2) by Adrienne Frances

Beyond the ORANGE MOON
Mathews Family #2
by Adrienne Frances
Published September 5th 2014
by Bandit Publishing


Sometimes fate strikes in unexpected ways. Lucy Dalton was tired of living a life she didn’t want. Charlie Mathews was living the life he always wanted. But one night, fate changes the course of their lives forever. A year later, Lucy and Charlie’s paths meet again, igniting a spark that neither can deny. Lucy knows he doesn’t remember her, but she’s already in too deep. Charlie knows the unwritten family rule: Mathews men never admit when they’re broken. Can they leave the past where it belongs and find a way to look beyond the orange moon?

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I was starting to feel better. I just want to be happy. Is that so selfish of me?”

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~this review may contain minor spoilers~

That's life. You live, you learn, you love, and, unfortunately, you lose, and sometimes it's hard. None of that matters, though. What matters is how you get back up to live and do it all over again; it's what you do beyond the loss.”

Lucy was bullied into a career she hated.
Charlie had everything he ever wanted.
One night changed the course of their lives forever and they were unknowingly connected by tragedy.
One year later and they are both leading very different lives haunted by that night when they run into each other again, only Charlie doesn't remember Lucy. Seeing him again brings everything back to the surface, but Lucy can't deny the connection they feel to each other. They are both drawn together but they both try to fight it for very different reasons; Charlie has been unable to let go of the past and Lucy is terrified of what will happen when he discovers her secret, but she's too far in to walk away now-not that he would let her. Together, will they find a way to move beyond the demons of their pasts or is it just to much for them to overcome?

She had never been so possessed by someone. She had never felt so connected, not just emotionally, but physically. When he moved, she moved. He knew exactly where to touch and lick. It was a feeling that lingered everywhere, long after he had left the spot.

I was not prepared for the emotions this book would pull out of me, but I should have been. When I heard we were getting Charlie's story, I never made the connection; I just thought WOOHOO MORE MATHEWS.... then I read the prologue, and it damn near wrecked me. I was not expecting that. At. All. And from that point on I spent the rest of the book with my heart in my throat. Between the heartache of what brought them into each others lives to begin with, and the dread of what would happen when Charlie finally finds out exactly where he met Lucy the first time, the fears they both had to face and overcome just to get together, and their journey into each others hearts; it was simply a bombardment of emotions. I caught myself more than once trying to read through my tears, but I also spent a good amount of time completely flushed from the chemistry build between these two. Adrienne Frances doesn't write the most descriptive sex scenes I've ever read, but that in no way stops the woman from laying on the heat. I mean dayum. I loved the Mathews before, but now?! Charlie could melt the panties off the most prudish woman you know. I absolutely loved getting back into the lives of all of these people, especially since I didn't think I ever would, and the additions to the crew were spectacular. Jack was just to cute for words, and I really did fall in love with Lucy (and her cupcakes) too. But the interactions between the siblings just steals my heart, and cracks me up. If I had any complaints at all, it would be that the book ended; I even liked this one better than the first book and I friggin LOVED that one. Adrienne has definitely earned her spot on my 'One-Click Addiction List' and I cannot imagine her ever leaving it. I am so incredibly thrilled that she decided to turn this into a series and I am dying to see what she brings us next.

“I think your Lucy has just about every Mathews wrapped around her finger.”
I think you're right.”
“I love seeing you smile”
“Don't you get mushy on me, baby sister”
“I think we're already past that point”
“Yes, we are. I am way past the mushy point”

Mathews Family #1
by Adrienne Frances
Published March 17th 2013
by Bandit Publishing


Dylan Mathews grew up in a house that was always filled with good-looking guys. However, with her four protective older brothers, they never stood a chance.
Except for one.
Dylan knew she loved Ben McKenna from the first time she laid eyes on him. When he started sneaking in her room, she thought he felt the same way. But just as their passion ignited, he left for college and never came back.
Until now.
Returning home after 5 years, Ben realizes Dylan has always been the one for him. Can he win back her heart and finally find love under the orange moon?

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 Adrienne Frances spends her time as a writing consultant at a university near her home. In her spare time, she loves to be with her husband and two sons, who have made her exactly who she is today. Writing is a passion that she has appreciated for as long as she can remember. She believes that a wild imagination is a terrible thing to waste and should be captured and brought to life by all that are blessed to have one. This way of life is what led her to become a writer and later an author under Bandit Publishing. Her first celebrated novel, Under the Orange Moon, was released in March, 2014.
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