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Blog Tour Stop & Giveaway ~ Gwyneth by J.M. Zuniga


When infatuation turns into one is safe. 

For the past few months, an admirer has been showering Gwyneth with unexpected gifts. At first, she is flattered, but when the gifts turn into more than just tokens of affection, she reaches out to the police. With Detective Aaron Tate leading the investigation and keeping a close eye on Gwyneth, she begins to feel safe and more relaxed—that is until things go from being creepy to downright dangerous. With her life in peril, Gwyneth becomes her own protector. However, will that be enough to keep her safe?

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That was friggin intense, crazy, dangerous, and downright scary. What a ride!

*****5 Edge of your seat Stars*****
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

I was unworthy of love. The kind of love I was getting from this killer was the kind I deserved. I only merited suffering and pain and desolation, not kindness and warmth.

For the last six months, Gwyneth has been receiving gifts at work from her very own Mystery Man. It all starts off innocent enough, but when things start to get a bit creepy, she decides to get the police involved, never knowing the chain of events she's about to set into place. With Detective Aaron Tate taking lead on the investigation, Gwyneth starts to feel safe again, even relaxes a little...and that is when her secret admirer morphs into a dangerous, obsessed psychopath bent on destroying anything and everything standing between them. Stalked at every turn, her once sweet gifts turn more sinister by the day, she has no idea who to trust or where she is safe; all she can do is take care of herself-something she has been doing for all of her adult life-but will it be enough? How do you protect yourself from a threat that could be anyone you know, with no clues as to how to unmask them before it is too late. No one is safe, not Gwyneth, or anyone close to her; as her stalker gets more crazed and desperate by the day, all leading up to an explosion that will rock the worlds of everyone involved.

I'm trying to do the best I can and I won't stop until this guy is caught.”
It's no use. I just need to let him find me and do whatever he's going to do so he can stop already.”
“What? Are you- That's preposterous! You can't do that.”
“It's the only way he'll stop.”
“No. It will only stop his obsession for you. Then he'll move on to someone else. Gwyneth, look at me. You cannot give in.”
“I don't know anymore.”

From the very beginning this book has you waiting in intense anticipation as you fear what will happen next. It was brutal and violent, laced with desperation, and I will admit to a major crying jag during one particular scene that will haunt me for some time to come. I wasn't quite prepared for the depth of the stalkers depravity but I think that worked to the books advantage; it forced you to feel what Gwyneth was going through whether you wanted to or not. And the way the author threw so many creepy characters into the mix left you feeling as paranoid as Gwyneth, though I will say that I fingered the bad guy long before he was revealed, however, that didn't take away from the intensity of the scene when Gwyneth finally figured it all out. My only real complaint was the ending-though it was fitting for the story, I would have liked to have seen maybe a bit further down the line if that makes sense. All in all, it was an incredibly gripping story, if somewhat disturbing, and it succeeded in landing J.M. Zuniga on my 'One-Click Addiction' list without question. I'm very much looking forward to what she brings us next.

I knew nothing would come of any of this. That was the way life was. Even if we became intimate, it would only be for a while and then we would go our separate ways. It was the only way I knew. Nothing in life lasted forever. You were lucky if you had it for a year or two before it was gone or taken or you were taken from it.

 About J.M.

J. M. Zuniga has been passionate about reading since childhood, but it wasn't until one of her college English professors suggested J. M. write a book that the seed of writing was sown. Even then, it took J. M. another year before she actually decided to give it a try. Inspired by the surge of YA novels proliferating the book market, J. M. decided to choose that genre for her first project, Winter Rayne, which was published three and a half years later in August of 2013. During a break from writing Winter Rayne, J. M. began to write The Diamond Mini-Series, a dystopian mini series of two novelettes and one novella. The Diamond Mini-Series was first published individually, in ebook format, with the following titles: Under Ground (May 2012), The Core (July 2012), and Ransom (November 2012). Subsequently, they were all three published in a print book titled TDMS Collection (2013). J. M. has two award winning poems. Her First Place "Untitled" poem was published in Voices of Compton: Compton Literary/Arts Journal 2008-2009. Her poem "The Importance of Love" won a Third Place Virtual Ribbon for Romantic Poetry in July 2011 on

J. M. resides in Long Beach, California, is a dedicated mother of three and works as a Traveling Teacher. It is her family and best friends that inspire her to continue writing and dreaming. Most of the time when she is not writing, reading, teaching, or spending time with her family, J. M. can be found watching a wide variety of movies. She's not sure which is larger, her collection of books or her collection of movies. 

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