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Her Journey (Her Series #2)
Author: Rachael Orman
Genre: Erotic Romance
Publication Date: August 27, 2014


He’s exactly what she doesn’t need…
He’s exactly what she shouldn’t want…
He’s exactly what she should stay away from…
But she can't.

After losing her mother, Melia knew her life would never be the same, she just didn’t expect it to be so drastically different. Her mother’s final wish was something that not only changed her life but also the way she lives it. And it put her right in front of a man that angers her as much as he excites her.

Patrick ‘Wrench’ Ryan is president of the Tormented Souls Motorcycle Club. He’s strong, tough, and his word is law, but his sister knows how to get the upper hand with him. So, when she showed up with Melia and told him she’s staying in the club house, it didn’t take much to get him to relent. He tried to play nice, but Melia gets under his skin.

Things change when the club’s biggest foe escalates their rivalry in an attempt to bring the Tormented Souls President to his knees. It’s up to Patrick to protect his sister and the things most important to her. Will he be able to keep everyone safe? Will Melia get caught in the crossfire? Or will it all be for nothing in the end?

It was our time.
Tormented Souls was out to wreak havoc.

★✩★✩ 4 ½ -Bikers & Hormones- Stars ✩★✩★
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

She might need a good fucking to calm her ass down, but not from my boys. A frail little thing like her would break in two seconds. She couldn't handle a real man giving it to her. One day she'd spout off to the wrong person and they'd show her to keep her mouth in check

~Melia met and got to know Ryan & Ellis (AKA Dirty) at the hospital during her mother's cancer treatments; prompting her to make a decision after her mother's passing that would change the lives of many. It wasn't an easy choice to make and would require some sacrifices on her part, but the end result would be worth it. What she couldn't have anticipated was the man that decision would bring in to her life; Ryan's Brother, Wrench. He is everything she should avoid and the last thing she needs, he makes her blood boil yet she has never been so attracted to anyone before, if they're not biting each others heads off they're trying to rip each others clothes off-she has never been more confused or frustrated. Try as she might, she just can't get him out of her head.

It was just Ryan, me and this man, whom she'd claimed was her brother. Family be damned, this jerk had asshole stamped on his forehead, or he should. Even the look on his face as he crossed his large arms over his chest, lifting an eye brow at my outburst told me, clearly he didn't think much of me either.

~Patrick 'Wrench' Ryan is the President of the Tormented Souls MC; he has a temper, loves sex, doesn't do relationships and his word is law. The only person who has ever been able to get whatever she wants from him is his little sister Ryan; so when she shows up at his doorstep with Melia is tow 'informing' him that she will be staying at the club house with them, there is little he can do. He doesn't like it, tries to fight it, but what Ryan wants Ryan gets. From the minute he meets Melia they bash heads, her mouth and attitude sets his temper off at the drop of a hat but he can't deny how much she turns him on...and that just pisses him off even more. He wants her like no other, but it is clear she is not a casual hook-up kinda girl and he can offer her nothing more than that; he has been burned in the past and refuses to give anyone else that kind of power over him ever again. When trouble with a rival MC escalates, Wrench will have to take matters into his own hands to protect those most important to him and it makes him realize that some matter more than he cares to admit.

I would make her want me. If I had to follow her around all day, I would accomplish it. At least this time she hadn't made any smart-ass remarks, but Ryan was there to say them for her. From my sister, it was one thing; from some woman I didn't know, completely unacceptable. I would break that habit of hers.

There was so much I loved about this book, it had a lot of the things I look forward to in an MC romance; no shortage of drama, plenty of angst, action and passion with lots of dirty, hott sex plus a ton of fantastic characters. Wrench took awhile for me to warm up to, the dude was just a complete ass most of the time, but I got there. Melia could be frustrating as hell, but she was such a strong, independent and willful woman you couldn't help but love her. Now, I have to admit to suffering some disappointments about the ending. It wasn't a cliffhanger and Melia does get her HEA but.... I still feel she was shortchanged by certain people. I was floored by the actions, or more appropriately non-action's, of Ryan and Dirty, and even Wrench to an extent. When Melia needed someone the most, she was completely abandoned. It just felt like, once Ryan and Dirty got what they needed from her, she was of no use to them. Melia was barely able to take care of herself and was left alone, completely and totally alone, for SIX GODDAMN WEEKS and NO ONE came for her. Even in the end, Melia was the one who went back to the club house looking for Wrench. I get where Ryan and Dirty's head were at, I DO, but after everything she did for them, everything she gave them, everything she sacrificed for them, she deserved so much better than that. And what's worse is, They NEVER even apologized for it, never even tried to make excuses, there was just NO interaction between after they got what they were after. I was a mixed up mess of anger, disappointment, heartbreak, and disgust. It left such a sour taste in my mouth that I had some trouble enjoying the ending; I just feel like Melia got screwed, taken advantage of, and left in the dust to rot; Wrench never even apologizes for not being there. I just feel like the girl is owed some major groveling. With all that said, and I'm sorry for my rant but-that just really bothered me, I still LOVED the book. It grabbed my attention from the beginning and held on, investing me in the outcome of these characters. Rachael Orman won me over with her band of leather-clad outlaws and I cannot wait to see what she brings us next.

I'm not going to hurt her. I don't even know what the hell happened. One minute we were fighting, the next, shit got crazy. Half the time I can't stand her, the other half my dick is trying to claw it's way out of my pants to get at her.”

Stay at home mother of two with a passion for reading almost as much as writing. She is often found curled up with her Kindle reading while her children cuddle up on either side 'reading' books of their own. Married for almost ten years to the most wonderful husband and father, she couldn't ask for more out of life. Except maybe to live somewhere not quite as hot as the desert she currently lives in.

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