Sunday, July 13, 2014

Review Blitz ~ For Her Protection by Amber A Bardan

For Her Protection
Personal Protection #1
by Amber A. Bardan
Erotic Romance
18 +

You shouldn't mix business with pleasure.
Yet pleasure seems to be the one and only thing on Charlize's mind the moment Connor steamrolls into her life. Desperate to save her family company, prove she's more than a pretty face and worthy of being CEO, pleasure is a distraction she can't afford.
She doesn't want a bodyguard, especially not one whose caveman heroics kick her libido into hyperdrive. But surrounded by enemies and an attacker on the loose, there's only one man she can trust with her life.
Connor knows better than to get personal with clients. Yet there couldn't be anything more personal about his feelings for Charlize. From the moment he clapped eyes on her he wanted nothing more than to throw her over his shoulder and really give her something to scream about. He'll get his uptight she-cat to unwind, preferably one orgasm at a time.
With Connor in her office, her home, driving her to sweet, merciless distraction, there's only so long Charlize can resist his sexy, dominant brand of protection.

So I guess you'll be glad when this is all over and you can go back to running Crowe Security instead of having to play boyfriend, huh?”
Something dark and raw shifted over Connor's features. His jaw hardened. The waitress reappeared, balancing large plates of food. She set them down and Connor waited until she moved away before he spoke again.
Is that what you think? That this is a game I'm playing to pass the time?”
Charlize picked up her knife and fork and stared at the steaming brown mess on her plate. A sharp pain tightened her chest at the idea she might be right, but a slow, suffocating fear told her she might be wrong. “I have no idea what this is.”
The plate disappeared from in front of her and her gaze snapped up. Connor moved her dishes, silverware, napkin and glasses from the middle of the table to the end against the wall. He looked at her from beneath hooded brows and reached for her arm, urging her to move. The leather seat shuffled against her thighs as she slid to the inside end of the booth. Connor sat down beside her and reached an arm around her shoulders but not in a casual, romantic way. The embrace pressed her to him, made her feel the heat of his skin, the hardness of his body, but most of all he captured her, forced her attention on him.
I told you once, I don't play games. I want you, Charlize, and I've only just begun to have you. The sooner you figure that out and stop fighting me, the sooner you can just enjoy it.”
Her back remained straight and she managed not to lean against him. “It's a bad idea, Connor. I'm not the girl you want, at least not long-term.” She forced her head to turn, forced herself to look him in the eye. “Aside from an obvious appreciation for my ass, I'm not even sure why you want me at all.”
His jaw and his gaze softened then he leaned in, put his mouth right next to her ear. “Is that it, baby? You're feeling insecure, need me to say some sweet shit to make you feel better?” His hand moved under the table to her thigh, ran the length of her knee to her groin, made responding to his question impossible. “Fine, but I can't promise I'll be good at it,” he whispered.
He cupped her, his thumb pressing through her jeans in exactly the right place. She gasped, sucking in a mouthful of air that tasted of the peppery steam rising from her plate.
Yeah I like more than your ass. I like the way you never give up, the way you never give in.” His thumb moved, pushed the thick, hard seam stitched into the denim between her legs. Using firm, shallow movements, he massaged her, taunting her aching clit. “Except when it comes to this—when it comes to this you give me everything.”
Her breath hitched. She heard the words and they melted her insides. But it was his fingers that commanded her.
But most of all, I like how you always try so damn hard.”

*****5- Fast paced, full of action & Wicked Hott -Stars*****
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

~Book Boyfriend Alert!!~
~Corporate espionage, a smokin hott alpha bodyguard, a frustratingly stubborn woman, so much mystery and angst you could choke on it & blush worthy, panty melting, dirty talkin sex- make sure you have some ice, a fan, or a man nearby cause this will leave you a wet hott mess!~

She panted, struggling to wrestle her leaping estrogen under control. Too bad he'd turned out to be a complete goddamn caveman. Had he actually slung her over his shoulder and hauled her ass into his cave? What was that they said about men who looked too good to be true? Yeah well, this one had a flaw she wouldn't ever overlook. No man treated her as if she were some prehistoric prize.

~Charlize Halifax is in trouble in so many ways. Desperately trying to save her fathers company while proving she has what it takes to be the CEO and is not just a pretty face, surrounded by sharks doing all they can to remove her from her position; and she knows there is something fishy going on that goes beyond their dislike of her, but for the life of her she can't figure out what-though it's not for a lack of trying. But things take a dangerous turn when she is attacked and her assailant gets away, the more she digs the more danger she is in. There is only one man that can keep her safe, and he is a major distraction she just doesn't need not to mention his caveman like tendencies that should repulse yet send her hormones into overdrive.

~Connor Crowe knows better than to get personally involved with his clients, but from the moment her meets Charlize, all he wants to do is bang the stress right out of her-one orgasm at a time. The fact that she likes to play the bitch card to keep him at bay only turns him on more. Being her bodyguard, spending every waking minute with her, tests his control like never before-all he wants to do is strip her naked and make her beg. But the more time he spends at her company, the more he starts to realize she is in more trouble than she even realizes-protecting her at all costs takes over when feelings he has no idea what to do with come into play.

Anytime you want it, kitten, all you got to do is say so. Say that pussy's mine, say you give it to me. Say the words and I'll make you come 'til your teeth fall out.” He whispered the words, a soft promise that cut it's way inside her, gentle and yet horrifying.

From the very beginning this book takes off and doesn't slow down til the bitter end. Charlize really does have her hands full and her stress management is nil-which I admit turns her into a bit of a bitch at times. She acts without thought and it tends to blow up in her face; but when you learn her back story, you can't help but feel for her. She really has been through a lot in her life and the men in it so far have been total asshats-including her own father. This all shapes the woman she has become-so I understand her feeling the way she does, understand her insecurities, and understand why she closes herself off the way she does. Still......she frustrated the ever-lovin shit outta me more than once. Now Connor on the other hand was Hott. As. Hell. That man is capable of bring any woman to her knees without much effort. But he is also protective, patient, caring, and determined as shit. He was the total package. But through everything, the mystery and danger surrounding Charlize is never far from your mind and it keeps you on the edge of your seat. The only thing missing for me was an epilogue. It didn't end with a cliffhanger, and the ending was fitting, I would just like to have seen a little glimpse into the future-I'm curious about where things all go from here. However~ nothing takes away from the fact that I LOVED THIS BOOK! Amber Bardan hit it out of the park with this debut and has firmly landed herself on my 'One-Click Addiction' list and I don't see her going anywhere.

She'd never have enough. She'd be like a kid, gorging herself on candy until she spewed. Because no matter how yummy, too much of a good thing was bad for you.
And Connor was the worst, most addictive and most hazardous kind of treat.

 After spending years imagining fictional adventures, Amber finally found a way to turn daydreaming into a productive habit. She now spends her days as a graphic designer but her nights writing gritty, raw, erotic romance with heart.
She lives with her husband and children in semi-rural Australia, where if she peers outside at the right moment she might just see a kangaroo bounce by.