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Blog Tour Stop & Giveaway ~ Unexpected by Amy Marie

The Unexpected Series #1
By Amy Marie


At twenty-seven Erin Decker has the perfect life; a thriving career, a dream home she shares with her best friend Noelle, and a secure relationship with Robert, her handsome and faithful boyfriend. Or so she thinks.

When her visions of a marriage proposal are met with the ultimate betrayal, Erin finds herself in the arms of sexy and strong-willed distraction, Walker Prescott.

Her summer becomes life changing as she realizes Walker has left her with a tiny piece of himself and no way to find him…until he suddenly shows up and turns her world upside down.

Can she let go of her past to make way for a future she never saw coming?

Can Walker be exactly what Erin needs?

Will he give her the perfect life she so desperately craves in the most unexpected way?

You feeling ok, baby? Maybe remembering how I felt inside you? I can make that happen again.” His voice oozes seduction, and though the question pisses me off, the clothes he is wearing are now my focal point. It's nothing close to the sexed up god look from that night. It's even better.
The dark forest green polo shirt is slim on his torso, and showcasing the pecs I used for support as I rode him almost three long lonely months ago. The ironed khaki pants are tight and hiding the beast that almost split me in two. My pulse quickens at the thought. Raising my eyes up to his one dimpled smirk, and swallowing the lump in my throat, I know he has caught me. “Like what you see?”
You are so egotistical, you know that? And didn't you say you were seeing someone, Walker? Don’t make those kinds of comments to me and then go home to someone else,” I say in a hushed tone, finally breaking my silence.
I don't think she would mind, Erin. In fact, it's you that I'm seeing. You're all I see. All I've seen for months now. I can't get you out of this goddamn head of mine.” He taps the side of his temple to make his point. “Every time I close my eyes I see your beautiful brown eyes, hovering above me, using me for pleasure.”

*****5+ -Sassy, Funny, Sexy & Sweet- Stars*****
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

That was flippin AhMazing-LOVED IT, loved everything about; the story, the characters, the pace, the drama, the laughs & the sexy times. I. Just. Loved. It.

Oh, Sally. I've thought so much about you since our night together. The way you felt on top of me. I've never come so hard in my life. Then you leave me with no way to find you. Until today, Sally. Until today when I saw you walk into the gym. Beautiful and glowing. This job is going to bring you and I closer and I hope we can get to know each other deeper. Tell me...Sally, can we get any deeper?”

~Erin Decker has everything she wants in life. At twenty-seven years old, she has a job she loves, she has a beautiful home with her best friend Noelle, and she has been with her boyfriend Robert for four years-she loves him, has been through so much with him and sees them getting engaged in the very near future.... until he deals her the ultimate betrayal. Heartbroken and devastated, she finds comfort in the arms of a stranger. She instantly feels a connection, but being fresh off a failed relationship, she flees after an intense night of passion without so much as getting his last name, a phone number, or even giving him her real name; he only knows her as Sally. The summer that started off in despair soon takes an unexpected turn that will change her life forever when she realizes her one-night stand left a piece of himself behind with no way to find him....until he comes blazing back into her life when she least expects it.

I'm starting to think that maybe I was never in love with Robert. He was safe, comfortable, and trustworthy, or so I had thought. Walker seemed dangerous, and mysterious, but I still felt more of a connection with him than I ever had with Robert. I just don't know if I could ever let down my guard enough to give all of myself to a man again.

~Walker Prescott has spent the last three months thinking about the woman he never should have let get away, when suddenly she is there-right in front of him, with a surprise. Then and there he decides he will not let her get away again, no matter how much she tries to fight him. He knows she has trust issues, and he understands why, now it is up to him to convince her to give him a chance. Walker is the type of man to go after what he wants with all he has, and what he wants is Erin; she doesn't stand a chance against his charms, determination, and their explosive chemistry. Can he prove to her that he is exactly what she needs, and show her everything they could be together or will her insecurities win out?

Are you kidding me? Did you not hear a damn word I said yesterday...or today? I want you. I spent three months dreaming about you, wanting you, and thinking I would spend the rest of my life without finding you. And now you're here and I can touch you and talk to you. Of course I want you,”

Yes, this book is ripe with insta-love, and yes, that typically drives me batshit crazy, but in this case, I just couldn't give a damn- Erin and Walker really were perfect for each other. After everything Erin has been dealt in life in recent years, she deserved to be happy and Walker was just the man to provide that. He made her feel cherished, wanted, desired, and the boy sure could make her laugh. He has no problem speaking his mind right there on the spot, even if it tends to get him in trouble from time to time. He was caring, passionate, compassionate, supportive, and had a sexy-as-hell dominate streak when the situation called for it. But Erin and Walker aside, I fell in love with each and every one of the supporting cast as well for many different reasons. They all just brought so much to the story and had an effect of the main characters in so many wonderful ways. Noelle was a spitfire with an unapologetically crass sense of humor and an OCD streak. Erin's brother Trent with his cutie two year old he is being forced to raise all by himself and his semi-secret, slightly frustrating crush, on a girl who can't see whats in front of her. Erin's mom was a hoot and her sister who was dealing with her own problems while still trying her hardest to be the best kind of mom to her kids. There really was just so much to love about this story with all it's drama, tension, had it all. I cannot wait to see where this series takes us next and have quickly added Amy Marie to my 'One-Click Addiction' list. This is the kind of insta-love I can embrace without hesitation.

Anytime I am with you...or inside you, is quality family time.”
I look up in the mirror to see him taring at his hands around me, lust in his eyes. His statement makes me want to bring him back to the bed and show him how much it affected me. Up until right now I never even thought about us being a family. I've been so wrapped up in trying to figure out if I should let him in and trust him that I didn't realize that whether I do or not he is my family.

 Amy Marie was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago and now resides in Virginia Beach with her fantastically crazy husband and two kids.

As an avid reader, she never dreamed of writing her own novel until the characters started haunting her at night and in the shower. Wanting to get it down on paper she set off on a journey that has been more than she could have ever dreamed.

When not writing, she can be found carting her kids around, breaking up their fights, cleaning up messes, teaching Zumba, or reading.

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