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Blog Tour Stop & Giveaway ~ Redeeming Justice by Suzanne Halliday

Redeeming Justice
Justice Brothers #3
Published July 9th 2014


Sometimes …Happily Ever After comes with a price

Alex Marquez wears many hats. Sometimes he’s the slightly patrician Don of a family with deep Spanish roots. Other times he’s a brilliant tech-God and CEO of an exclusive security agency. He’s also a boss, a musician, and a fierce friend. At the core though he’s a former Special Forces Commander, wounded in action, haunted by the heavy burdens of regret and what ifs that linger to this day. For him, personal redemption would never come. Too much darkness, not enough light.

And then Meghan O’Brien swoops into his life. She’s a ball busting curvy goddess who instantly pushes all Alex’s buttons.

When ghosts from the past threaten to destroy their relationship, Alex pushes her away. Meghan has a promising life ahead while his was blown to bits in a war zone. Hurt and bewildered, she comes to realize that loving Alex as she did was not a guarantee of an easy future. He had demons and if she took him on, those nightmares and the emotional aftermath were going to be coming along for the ride.

Was the redemption Alex sought to be found in her arms? Would finding his soul through the love of another finally send the demons packing and lay the past to rest?

*****5+ Tortured Alpha Stars*****
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

So. What do you think? How soon will it take Big Daddy to screw things up? After all, we've both been there, done that with these Justice Brothers.”
Hmmm. You have a good point,” Tori replied. “Draegyn was the Crown Prince of Denial and like you've said, Cameron was a runner. I wonder what fuckery Alex has up his sleeve.”

~If there is one thing I have learned to expect from the Justice Brothers, it's to buckle in for a bumpy ride. Sexy as hell, Yes; but chock full of emotion and heartbreak. This installment did not disappoint~

~Alex 'Big Daddy' Marquez is a man of many faces; Boss man, Family man, Tech guru, and Genius. But buried underneath it all is a man haunted by his past, living with self-imposed guilt over the lives lost under his command while serving in the Special Forces and dealing everyday with the painful reminders of his time in Afghanistan. Watching his fellow Justice Brothers find the loves of their lives and start families is a heavy reminder of all that is missing from his life, and all that he feels he doesn't deserve. But he's learning to make peace with it, as best he can, til a fiery Irish Goddess comes crashing into his life completely upending it and throwing him off his perfectly controlled balance.

He's brilliant, in a scary, are you fucking kidding me way. You'd be amazed at the well known people and high powered organizations that come around begging for his expertise.”
But the man's an island unto himself,” Lacey added. “It's like he knows something the rest of us mere mortals don't. Everyone that is except our husbands.”

~Meghan 'Irish' O'Brien is a self-proclaimed BBBB (Ball Busting Boston Bitch). An Irish beauty with a take no bull attitude who has no problem calling people out on their shit. A former teacher with a thirst for knowledge and adventure on a cross-country road trip. When she makes her way through Arizona, she decides to drop in on an old acquaintance; someone who helped her through a dark time in her life, though she has never met him face to face. Nothing could have prepared her for what would happen when she dropped in on Major Alex Marquez, or how swiftly and irrecoverably her life would change after that fateful day.

There is no denying the intense attraction between the two, or the connection they form right from the start; but nothing is ever easy when falling for a Justice Brother. Demons and guilt block their path at every turn, Alex masters the art of the push/pull tug-of-war, and control is something he needs in every aspect of his life. Loving Alex will never be easy, he comes with a closet-full of emotional baggage he may never be able to get rid of, and he will push her away at every turn thinking she deserves better; is she strong enough to take all that on, does she love him enough to be able to help him through his darkness, and most importantly-will he let her?

From the second you walked through my door I've thought of nothing but being inside you, Meghan. I want to fuck you so hard that you won't be able to walk afterward. Be so deep that you'll feel the imprint of my cock forever. Watching you come has become like an obsession and I don't know what to do about it.”

I very quickly became addicted to this series and all of it's characters. These guys are one of a kind; they are sexy, dominate, loyal....and kinda dumb when it comes to love. I mean really, they wear the asshat badge so very well but at least they eventually come to realize it and go above and beyond to fix what they broke. They are a family and stand by each other through anything, even if they are the bringers of their own problems. I knew right from the get go that Alex's struggles would most likely be the worst, just because of his severe inner struggles with guilt. I was not wrong. The only difference was, this one snuck up on me; the author had me feeling pretty damn comfortable before it all epically blew up in my face. Even with his bright shining moment of douchdom, I fell in love with Big Daddy in a big way. I just wanted him to find the happiness he thought he didn't deserve, and FYI-dude was smokin friggin hott in the bedroom...or wherever ;) Once again insta-love was thick in the air, which generally drives me batshit crazy, but it was buried behind so much denial and fear that it was easy for me to look past it. I loved getting back into the lives off all of the characters, seeing where the other brothers and their wives were was amazing and the way they immediately took to Meghan, especially the wives, fed my hope for their futures. I was EXSTATIC to learn that there would be at least one more book in this series, I am far from ready to say goodbye to this crew. Suzanne Halliday has most definitely landed herself a permanent spot on my 'One-Click Addiction' list and I don't see that ever changing.

He was overcome with the deluge of feelings her presence in his life invited. It was heart-pounding, kiss-me-till-I'm-dying passion wrapped in a perfect cloud of love. He couldn't breathe without her in his life. It sounded so simple when he put it like that. 

Broken Justice
Justice Brothers #1
Published March 11th 2014


Cameron Justice - Once a throw away kid heading for trouble, he found a sense of purpose in a war zone. Years later, successful, handsome and wealthy, Cam's mistrust of women and relationships in general have left him a brooding loner
Lacey Morrow - Abused and neglected, she's a lost girl determined to make something of her life- if only she could catch a break
Unlikely Companions - Fate throws them together. Now the rest is up to them.
Will Cam be able to leave the past behind and learn to trust?
Will Lacey be strong enough to fight for what she wants- Or will the past be too much for them to overcome?


Three extraordinary men and the women who love them
How much distance do you need from your past before the dust settles?
If it's all about the journey - this one is just beginning.

Fixing Justice
Justice Brothers #2
Published May 16th 2014


Sometimes the last thing you need is exactly what you get…
He’s the sexy 007 type complete with tuxedo and an icy blue stare.
She’s a tom-boy waif who’s more nerd than goddess.

When Tori Bennett ends up at the Justice Brothers compound in the Arizona desert,
she’s running away from an epic scandal with her in the starring role as whistleblower.
She’d had enough of powerful, arrogant men, and just wanted to
fly off the radar for a while and get her confidence back.

Draegyn St. John was all that and then some…and he knew it.
As if being a trust-fund kid with the blonde good looks of a Nordic god wasn’t enough,
he was also a Special Forces Vet with a serious attitude. Women fell at his feet.
It wasn’t even a challenge. Until Victoria Bennett comes along and rocks
his high and mighty world in a very big way.

Sparks fly each time they meet. When an agency crisis throws them together on an out-of-town trip, their business relationship becomes personal in a hurry. For Drae, it’s an itch he needs to scratch and for Tori, it’s a flat out case of lust. No harm, no foul, right?

Find out what happens when her smart mouth and refusal to take anybody’s crap meets his powerful arrogance. When what happened in Vegas, didn’t stay in Vegas,everyone is in for one shock after another!

 Suzanne Halliday writes what she knows and what she loves – sexy adult contemporary romance with strong men and spirited women. Her love for creating short stories for friends and family has developed into a passion for writing romantic fiction with a sensual edge. She finds the world of digital, self-publishing to be the perfect platform for sharing her stories and also for what she enjoys most of all – reading. When she’s not on a deadline you’ll find her loading up on books to devour.

Currently a wanderer, she and her family divide their time between the east and west coast, somehow always managing to get the seasons mixed up. When not digging out from snow or trying to stay cool in the desert, you can find her in the kitchen, 80’s hair band music playing in the background, kids running in and out, laptop on with way too many screens open, something awesome in the oven, and a mug of hot tea clutched in one hand.

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