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Blog Tour & Giveaway ~ Missing Pieces by Tiffany Flowers

Missing Pieces
The Pieces Series #1
by Tiffany Flowers
Genre: Paranormal Romance
18 +

Gabby survives her ex-boyfriend's brutal attack, only to be ripped away from her life by a complete stranger. She is thrown into the world of Immortals, where every nightmare out there exists and walks free. She can't deny her attraction to this stranger, Neeko, but he must earn her trust before she will ever let him into her heart. Can she learn to love again? Will love be enough, or will everything come crashing down?
Neeko sees Gabby and immediately knows she is someone special. He makes a rash decision to kidnap her, because he can't stop thinking about her. Now he must somehow prove to her that she is his mate and his soul's other half. How can he have a human for a mate? Can he keep her safe from Demons? Or is he her biggest threat?
When the missing pieces fall into place to reveal all their secrets, will they stand together or apart?

~Mature 18+ only due to sex and torture~

He grabs me and leads me on stage. We pass a few people, but nobody stops us. He must be using his magic to keep us hidden. He takes me center stage and turns me to face the crowd. He pulls me up against his chest. “Let's put on a show for them.”
Oh, I like where this is going. Nobody will see us, right?”
Not unless you want them to.” He slips his hand down the front of my pants and brushes my sensitive parts. I moan. “Shh, baby. My magic only keeps us unseen, not unheard.”
He pulls his hand out and I hear him suck his finger. Great. How am I supposed to keep quiet? Well, two can play this game. I turn and drop to my knees, quickly unbuttoning his jeans. I pull them down to his ankles. Commando seems to be the way he goes. I grab his stiff length in my hand and bring it to my mouth. I lick the head and he gasps. Now who has to keep quiet? I slowly take him as far as I can. He is so big that I can't take all of him so I place my hand around the part of his shaft where my mouth can't reach. I begin to suck and pump with my hand at the same time, twirling my tongue around as I go up and down. He twists his hand in my hair and sets the pace. I use my other hand to play with his balls. It doesn't take long for his muscles to tighten. His hand twists tighter in my hair so I speed up, knowing it won't be long. He explodes in my mouth and I swallow all he has to give. I grin up at him and see that he has a smirk on his face and his eyes are twinkling.
He pushes me toward one of the speaker boxes at the front of the stage and tells me to place my hands on it. I do as I'm told. He slips my pants off and bends down, licking and nibbling on my nub. I have to bite down on my lip so I don't scream out. He vigorously sucks and licks until I can't take it anymore. I orgasm and almost collapse. He stands up and holds me around the waist from behind. Then he places his hands on my hips and rams into me. Still sensitive from the orgasm, I moan. The crew working on cleaning up looks around, but they can't see us. Shit… I have got to be quiet. He fucks me hard and fast. It only takes a few minutes for us both to climax. 

**** 4 ½ -Immortals, Demons, & Angels-Oh My!- Stars****
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

The Immortal male and their mates share a soul. They are only born with half and when they meet their other half, the souls will recognize each other.

That was unique, action-packed, filled with steam and surprises-just the way I like it.
~Gabby has just survived a brutal attack at the hands of her boyfriend. Understandably, it takes some time for her to pick herself back up and start to take her life back-though she fears she will never be the same. She is broken and damaged, but determined to move forward the best she can when she finds herself being kidnapped and fears this may just be the end of her.
~Neeko is an Immortal, a powerful one and leader of his people. When he meets Gabby for the first time, his world gets flipped on it's end when he quickly realizes she is his mate-his souls other half...but she is human. No Immortal has ever had a human as a true mate before and considering his powerful position, he fears she may be in grave danger based solely on her connection to him-so he kidnaps her and whisks her off somewhere he can keep her safe.

As she cuddles into my chest, I realize that she has just stolen my heart and completed my soul. I cannot lose her.

As Gabby discovers the hidden world of Immortals, Demons, and Angels, she must figure out her place in it as Neeko's mate, not to mention the fact she is unsure if she can even trust him. She has been hurt and betrayed enough, she's not sure if he can ever fully piece her back together and it's obvious he is hiding things from her. But what happens when the deeply buried secrets of her past are revealed just may destroy everyone. There are secrets and surprises lurking around every corner and Neeko takes a dark, disturbing turn you will never see coming. I feel I should warn you- this ends with an explosive cliffhanger and the next book isn't due out til next year! I wasn't real thrilled about that part, but I did enjoy the book enough that I will be anxiously awaiting the next book.

I was supposed to make love to you.”
“Neeko, who says making love has to be slow. Our love isn't so why should our sex be?”

 Tiffany Flowers is a pen name she writes under. Missing Pieces is her first shot at this author thing. She lives in a small town in Alabama with her husband, three kids ,and her dog, Bella. She enjoys reading all types of books but Paranormal Romance is her favorite.

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