Sunday, June 1, 2014

Review and Giveaway: Penance. a love story by Sarah Buhl


                      *** 5 Big, Bright, and Beautiful Stars**

Wow, I'm not sure where to begin with this review. This book stole my heart and then some. I truly fell in love with Penance.a love story! It was written beautifully, with a lot of heart and depth.

Just about from the beginning, I was in awe at Wynn's inner dialogue. Its as if the author read my thoughts and feelings then decided to write a book about what she discovered. It was quite bizarre, let me tell ya!

Wynn is a person who dealt with extreme abuse as a child. Besides typical abuse that we are use to hearing about, Wynn went through abuse that is hardly talked about and I have never read in a book before. I give the author a standing ovation for this. Because of what Wynn went through as a child, it molded him into the person he is as an adult. Somebody who suffers from severe anxiety - social anxiety. That is something I'm all too familiar with. The author couldn't have captured this character in a more realistic way.

Hannah is a person who lives with extreme guilt. She lives her life only to suffer as she felt she made her sister suffer. She feels she does not deserve happiness. She was also abused as a child, but differently than Wynn. I loved her character and could relate to her as well. Not as much as Wynn, but the connection was still there. 

Fate brings these two characters together. It was a sad, yet beautiful, journey that I felt I took along with them. They except each other at face value. They listen to each other, but do not try to change or fix the other. They just 'are' together and as they slowly open up, magical things happen. 

Every single person in this world has suffered from either anxiety, depression, abuse in some form, feeling like they don't fit in, or guilt at one point in their lives. If not, they at least know somebody who has. With that being said, I feel this book will fill many hearts as it has done mine. Not only has it filled my heart, it makes me feel like I am not alone. I am not the only one who suffers from anxiety and social anxiety. Yes, this book and characters are fictional, but really they're not. They are as real as you and me.



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