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Release Blast & Giveaway ~ Black Horse by Addison Kline

Black Horse
Breaking Black Book # 1
by Addison Kline


There is no sensation, no experience more delicious and tempting to the sense that the taste of forbidden love. The longing, the desire… the unquenched thirst for his touch. He was the man I was never supposed to love. I was supposed to hate him. I supposed part of me did and that is what made the desire so much more intense. He set a fire under my skin that burned white hot with every smoldering glance. He sets my soul ablaze, the slow burn of passion aching in every inch of my body.
Black Horse. The name haunted my dreams… But regardless of family vendettas, old hurts and contemptuous blood shed, the heart wants what it wants… The kingdom of my heart has only known one king, and his name is Colton McClain.
His family is known by his father's nickname: Black Horse. Like one of the four horses flying out of the gates of hell, Tom “Black Horse” McClain ripped my world apart twenty years ago. I was only five when I found my mother and father dead in their beds, with Tom McClain standing over them with a blood stained butcher knife. He would have come for me, too, had my brother not saved me. I was the only one of my family to walk out of that house alive that night.
My brothers once considered Colton their best friend. Not anymore. Randy and Tim largely blame Colt for his father's actions and take it to heart that I love the son of our parent's killer. Colton is not to blame for their deaths, though… He was a victim, too. Now twenty years after murders, Black Horse is getting out of jail. He's coming. He has a vendetta against me, because it was my testimony that put me away. Colt wants to hide me until he can take down his old man, but to hell with that. I have no intentions upon running. We cannot hide from this anymore.

Our past does not own us, and we owe it to our hearts to show the world that love can arise from the darkest of places. We just have to survive Black Horse to tell the tale.

*****5 -Hold on to your seats- Stars*****
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

They started as friends when they were still in diapers, and they remain friends on the deepest level. She was his oldest friend, he was her first love. And they fought against the sins of his father to ensure that they remained one.

That. Was. WICKED!! Full-throttle, tension-filled, heart-stopping, thrill ride from the very beginning, LOADED with fantastic characters that will grab your attention by the roots and refuse to let go til the bitter end. LOVED IT.

The last person Averi Ford should ever have fallen in love with is Colton McClain, son of Tom 'Black Horse' McClain-the man who killed Averi's parents & brother Seth when she was five years old. But the heart wants what the heart wants and Colt has ruled hers for most of her life. Her brothers Randy & Tim used to be best friends with Colt, now they can't be in the same room as the man who shares a killers blood without a war erupting-if they ever find out that Averi & Colt are together, all hell will break loose. But that is not the biggest of her problems, Black Horse is getting out of prison and he's out for blood....hers. Her brothers are arming themselves to the hilt and Colt wants to hide her, but she will not run. She has been waiting twenty years for the chance to end the man who has destroyed so many lives, and she will not give him any more of her tears. Tempers run high, no one is safe, old vendetta's will be settled, and danger lurks around every corner. But through it all, the one thing Averi can rely on is her love for Colt. They have been to hell and back before-can they do it again and take Black Horse down in the process?

My surviving brothers, Randy and Tim, could never know about Colton and I. They've had it out for him for years. Bloodlines run thick around here. The sins of the fathers will forever haunt the sons, and women are to stand back and stay out of the way. Well I have something to say about that... Fuck that, Colton McClain didn't murder my family. His father did... and he suffered just as much as we did.

This book really was impossible to put down, it was just loaded with action, suspense, tension, and yes-it was violent. But the underlying story was of a love so strong, nothing could tear it apart and it was the catalyst for some unlikely allies. And then there was the ending- it floored me. I should have seen it coming, I really should have, but the author very nicely lulled me into a sparkly little bubble of contenment right before she punched me in the face with a little 'hold on-not so fast' moment. Addison Kline rocked my world with this book and I CANNOT WAIT to see where this series takes me next.

My love for her is a madness, an incurable insanity. I'd do anything for her; I'd break down the gates of hell just to avenge her. God help the man who takes her from me. All my goodness will be gone, and the darkness would swallow me whole.

Addison Kline is an Amazon Best Selling Author who published her first book, Down To You in October 2013. Mark My Words followed in February 2014 and Black Horse is slated for release on June 28, 2014. She is a prolific writer and has many more plans in the works. Later this year, she hopes to release book three in the Love on Edge Series, titled Fighting for Chance. In addition she is working on book two of the Breaking Black series which is currently untitled.

Addison loves to read and will read anything as long as it has a solid plot. Romance novels with no plot annoy her, so she tends to steer towards romantic suspense novels the most. Her favorite authors are Nora Roberts, M. Sembera, S. Donahue and Nicholas Sparks. When she is not reading and writing, she is spending time with her family. Addison lives in Philadelphia with her husband and their children. They love to travel, watch movies and chill out at home together.

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