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Blog Tour Stop & Giveaway ~ White Collared: Part Three Revenge by Shelly Bell

White Collared
Part Three: Revenge
by Shelly Bell
Publication date: June 10th 2014

In the third sexy installment of Shelly Bell's serialized erotic thriller, Kate will finally entrust Jaxon with her secrets, but the lies he's told have the power to break her heart … and threaten her life.

Motivated by honor …

After a gruesome discovery, the men in Kate's life unite to protect her from imminent danger, but Jaxon becomes consumed by the fierce desire to possess her fully. Kate trusts him enough to surrender to him in the bedroom, but she still fears the vulnerability of complete and utter submission.

Enslaved by pleasure …

Jaxon continues to push Kate's sexual and emotional boundaries, penetrating her defenses and crumbling the walls she has built around the painful memories of her past. But just as she opens her heart and accepts a future with Jaxon, the devastating truth about Alyssa's death shatters the tenuous bond they share, testing their relationship and propelling her directly into the path of a desperate murderer.

*****5- Oh my damn -Stars*****
~this review may contain spoilers from books one & two~

I see how he looks at you. He's in love with you. It killed him to let you go home with me.”
“But he did. If he loved me, don't you think he'd fight a little harder?”
“Is that what I am to you? A red flag to wave under the bull's nose to get his attention?”
“No, I told you. I have real feelings for you.”
“But you don't trust me.”
“I'm here aren't I? I've let you spank me with my brush and fuck me at a sex club. What else do I have to do to prove to you that I trust you?”

The action, drama, tension and danger of this series just gets more intense by the book, all leading up to cliffhangers that will leave you screaming NO NO NO!!!
In this installment, we pick up right where we left off with Kate coming home to find her former best friend lying in her apartment with a knife sticking out of her back....literally, which has everyone worried that the real victim was meant to be Kate. Jaxon and Nick are in HIGH 'protect Kate' alert and the stakes have never been higher. Meanwhile, Jaxon is pushing Kate's boundaries every chance he gets, determined to make her his completely. While Kate has no problem with his dominance in the bedroom, she is actually discovering her deep need for it, she does however show some resistance when in comes to his commanding nature outside of closed doors. Jaxon wants her complete and total submission and Kate is unsure of weather or not she can give him what he wants. She trusts him with all that she has, and still believes in his innocence, but she still gets the feeling that he is keeping things from her even though she is slowly opening up to him more than she ever has with anyone. And just when she opens herself fully to him, exposing herself and feeling more vulnerable than ever, secrets are revealed that shake the very foundation of their entire relationship, sending her directly into the path of a killer.

She needed to submit. Needed him to help her release the guilt and the shame of sneaking off to see Martha Webber and causing Hannah's assault. Needed to prove to him that she trusted him with more than her body. Needed to prove she'd chosen him.

This series has not not slowed down since book one and every time I think I know what is going on, a new revelation smacks me in the face making me question everything and everyone I thought I knew. The steam just gets hotter and more explosive with each installment and I am still sticking with my initial vote of #TeamJaxon...that man is just so damn hott, but it's more than that. Yes, it is clear he is hiding things, but I truly believe he is not responsible for his wife's death. He is far too protective of those he cares about and he is just looking for someone he can truly be himself with-someone who wants him for him and doesn't want to try to change him. This doesn't mean that I don't understand #TeamNick is just as worthy of a following, he is also protective, kind, sweet & sexy....he is just not Jaxon ;)
But seriously, these endings are starting to kill me! Thank Gawd we don't have too long to wait for the next book or Shelly Bell would have some crazed stalkers on her hands. As it is, I am dying to see how this all plays out in the final installment of the series, but at the same time-I desperately do not want this to end. Ms. Bell has certainly earned a hard-core fan in me and I am more than ready to see what she bring me next.

What do you want from me?”
“Everything. Every breath. Every thought. Every smile. Every damned tear. I won't share you. Not with Nick. Not with anyone. If another man breathes the same air as you, I want to rip his lungs out. Break his nose so he can't inhale the sweet perfume of your arousal. Blind him so he won't see you smile. Burn his hands so he'll never touch you. I want all of you.”

Chapter 1. Demons by Imagine Dragons
Chapter 2. Numb by Linkin Park
Chapter 3. Janie's Got a Gun by Aerosmith
Chapter 4. New Way to Bleed by Evanescence
Chapter 5. Pain by Three Days Grace
Chapter 6. Human by Christina Perri
Chapter 7. She Ain't You by New Hallow
Chapter 8. My Songs Knows What You Did In the Dark by Fall Out Boy
Chapter 9. Come by Prince
Chapter 10. So Far Away by Staind
Chapter 11. 21 Guns by Green Day


1. You love a good mystery. See if you can solve it!
2. Hot guys galore and a love triangle! Who should Kate end up with? #TeamJaxon or #TeamNick?
3. Kate is a Harley riding, gin drinking, self-sufficient young woman who just happens to be submissive in the bedroom and a masochist.
4. The breaks in the books are natural and organic. I didn't write the book and chop it up into pieces to bilk readers out of more money. Trust me, I'm a reader too! It was written to increase the excitement of the reading experience and stimulate both mind and body. Plus, each part is only $.99 which means its $3.96 total for more than 400 pages.
5. It’s releasing weekly which means you won't forget what happened in the previous installments.
6. It's a standalone. While I'd love to write more stories for Kate, all the loose ends are wrapped up at the end of the book and she gets her happy ending.
7. You're a fan of daytime serials or nighttime serials like Revenge, Dallas, and Scandal. I've been watching General Hospital for more than thirty-five years. This book was born out of my love for cliffhangers. Who remembers the summer when everyone waited for Dallas to return and find out Who Shot J.R? (Let's not mention the whole Bobby is alive and the previous season was a dream fiasco.)
8. You loved or hated Fifty Shades of Grey.
9. If you don't like Part One, you don't have to buy the next installment (I promise that won't be the case!).
10. You don't want to miss out on the weekly Twitter chats, or your chance to post your theories on the forums, and participate in the contests.

I don't understand what it is you want from me.”
“I want the power to punish you when you've disobeyed me and to reward you for your obedience. I want what I didn't have with my wife. 

Your total submission.”


1. It’s all about sex.
TRUTH: BDSM is about many things and sex is only a part. It's a consensual exchange of power.
2. It's all about pain.
TRUTH: BDSM stands for bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, masochism. In other words, there are a variety of ways people practice BDSM. Just because you're a submissive doesn't mean you're a masochist and not all Dominants enjoy inflicting pain. Whips and chains are not required.
3. Sadists are killers.
TRUTH: Are some killers sadists? Yes. Are some sadists killers? Yes. But sadism in itself does not mean you're prone toward violence. To qualify as BDSM, it must be consensual.
4. Dominants are mostly men.
TRUTH: While most erotic romances about BDSM showcase male Dominants, female Dominants or Dommes are common.
5. There's only one way to practice it.
TRUTH: Every healthy relationship includes responsibilities, expectations, and boundaries. But what works in one relationship may not work for another. It's the same in BDSM, only the responsibilities, expectations, and boundaries are explicitly negotiated.
6. People who engage in the lifestyle are abusers or suffer from abuse.
TRUTH: BDSM is not abuse. First, it is consensual. Second, the masochist/submissive/bottom can use his/her safe word to stop it. Third, there is no research to suggest a higher incidence of previous abuse for those in the BDSM lifestyle than the general population.
7. People who engage in the lifestyle have a psychological condition.
TRUTH: The American Psychiatric Society no longer classifies participation in BDSM as a mental disorder.
8. People in the lifestyle are promiscuous.
TRUTH: There is no evidence to support that those who engage in BDSM are any more promiscuous than the general population.
9. No one you know practices it.
TRUTH: Want to bet? An estimated five to ten percent of people practice S&M, but plenty more tie up their lover in the bedroom (thirty percent). Ever allow a lover to blindfold you? In doing so, you're consensually handing over power to him/her and trusting him/her to honor your boundaries. This is part of BDSM. Based on that definition, twenty percent of the population engages in the practice.
10. It is your business to know what happens behind closed doors.
TRUTH: Even if your neighbors are part of the lifestyle, it is none of your business. They have the same right to privacy as you, so unless they choose to divulge their sexual activities, don't worry about it. They won't bite you without your consent. 

For more information on the legal and political issues faced by those in the BDSM lifestyle, visit The National Coalition For Sexual Freedom at

SHELLY BELL writes sensual romance and erotic thrillers with high-emotional stakes for her alpha heroes and kiss-ass heroines. She began writing upon the insistence of her husband who dragged her to the store and bought her a laptop. When she’s not practicing corporate law, taking care of her family, or writing, you’ll find her reading the latest smutty romance.

Shelly is a member of Romance Writers of America and International Thriller Writers.

Shelly Bell is a fresh new voice in erotic romance. She brings the heat!”
~ Lexi Blake, NYT and USA Today Bestselling Author

"White Collared takes you on a thrill ride of danger, murder and lust, leaving you hungry for the next installment."
~ Stacey Kennedy, USA Today Bestselling Author of BARED

"A rollercoaster ride of jaw-dropping sex, heated anticipation, and a perfect dash of suspense, all tied together with flawless writing. When I wasn't clenching my thighs, I was frantically flipping pages to find out what would happen next! I can't recommend this series enough. Buy it. Devour it."
~ Alessandra Torre, USA Today Bestselling Author of BLINDFOLDED INNOCENCE

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