Monday, June 30, 2014

Blog Tour Stop & Giveaway ~ The Sordid Promise by Courtney Lane

The Sordid Promise
by: Courtney Lane
Genre:Erotic Suspense/Psychological Thriller
Release Date:March 23, 2014
Pages: 309


Warning: Contains graphic language, frequent graphic sex, disturbing violence, and very dark themes.

When physical pain allows you to escape your reality; what do you do when the pain is no longer strong enough to quiet the emotional ache?
Diouana "Nikki" returned to her hometown six months ago to tend to her sick mother. She thought she'd left her "baggage" behind her on the opposite coast, only to find that it never left her side. As her self-destructive thoughts begin to consume her, her mother -- realizing Nikki's torment -- pushes Nikki to complete her last wishes.

Eric Brenton, Nikki's new neighbor, lives in a dark, chaotic world that is easily hidden behind his model good looks and cocky demeanor. Unapologetic about his dirtier intentions, he sets his sights on Nikki with an offer to help her. But his help comes with very unorthodox conditions and a huge price.

And Eric...comes with an extensive black box warning label.

*****5 -Hello Mr. MindFuck- Stars*****
~this review contains minor spoilers~

My head felt so heavily manipulated, I couldn't find the right words to respond the way I should have. He was a drug that induced a willfully ignorant high.
Eric is my highly exclusive prescription-and no replacements will do-but his side effects leave much to be desired. I need him. I need him so much, it doesn't make sense. It scared me to need someone as much as I'd grown to need Eric, but he gave me something I'd never had. He made me feel something I never thought I'd feel for anyone.

That was a total MindFuck. Each an every page is so completely wrapped up in deception, questions, and WTF's, you will start to believe that maybe your going a little crazy, but you will be so distracted by the insanely hott sexiness that you won't see it coming til it's too late.
~Nikki hasn't always been very close to her mom, but she is the only person in this world who truly understands her. You see, Nikki is anti-social to the extreme; on anti-depressants, she is a cutter who carries around a whole trunk load of baggage with her. She doesn't deal well with people and has no idea how to just be around them. When she gets a call from her mom with the devastating news that she's dying, Nikki immediately flies back home to New York to be by her mothers side having no idea just how much her life is about to be flipped on end when she meets her mother neighbor, Eric Brenton.
~Eric doesn't even try to hide the fact that he wants Nikki, no matter how much of a bitch she is to him in an attempt to keep some distance between them. He is the kind of guy who always gets what he wants and Nikki intrigues him like no other. When Nikki finds herself in desperate need of Eric's help, will she be able to accept the conditions of his very unorthodox offer?

I'm not going to take advantage of you. When it happens, it's because we both want it, not because we need it to get away from something.”
When it happens?”
“Was there ever any doubt that it would? Since you like it when I'm vulgar....
I'm going to fuck you, and it's going to turn your world on its ass when I do. You will be so strung out over my cock, you'll ache for it like a junkie.”

This is one of those books that constantly keeps you on your toes just wondering what the hell is gonna happen next-you may think you know, but you have no idea. Deception and danger lurk around every corner while your being surrounded by a cast of insidious characters that make you question who you can truly trust as every turn. The sex is off the charts and this forces you to look at things a bit differently. It is by no means a frilly, sparkles & glitter romance, we venture well into the dark side as you come to realize that maybe there really is someone out there for everyone-no matter how twisted they may be. Fans of the 'Consequences' & 'Captive in the Dark' series' will love this book just as much as I have-just be prepared, it's not for everyone. Courtney Lane has definitely landed herself on my 'One-Click Addiction' list with this one and I'm dying to see what she brings us next.

You're trying to make it look pretty. Don't. This is about sex. Why pretty it up, when it's all you really want?”
I can't lie about it. I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you and ruin you for anyone else. Obviously, it isn't all that I want. Else, I would've fucked you the moment those thighs parted. I wanted it. I really wanted it. I want to do it every single time you beg for me with your eyes...your mouth. But, no, I want more. I need more. I want to be the one-the only one in your life. I want you to need me. I want you to pine for me. I want to own every single part of you. I want your mind, body, and heart to be exclusively and implicitly mine.”

Ive been creating my own little world since I was very young. When I was eight years old, I began to bring those worlds to life with pen and paper.

While I write across genres (I find it hard to stick to one genre), I do have an archetype when it comes to the female protagonist—they have to have certain type of strength, strong convictions, and layered personalities. There will often be a lot of darkness and depth to my stories, but I dont see the point in writing vapid characters who are thrust into “safe” situations.

Writing Science Fiction/Fantasy is my first love. If there is one thing for sure, I'm a bit of a misfit when it comes to Romance. I prefer my romances dark. The elements that will be common in my stories are: depth, controversy, and misfit characters.

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