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Blog Tour & Giveaway ~ Tempting Hearts & the Hearts Series by Sabrina Lacey

Tempting Hearts
Hearts Series #4

When a desperate woman wants a man, she’ll do anything to get him. Rebecca has no intention of letting newcomer Annie O’Brien steal Brendan and three years of painstaking effort, away from her. Knowing his sore spot is jealousy, especially where his trouble-making friend Tommy is involved, she goes to where she shouldn’t to get what she thinks is hers – Brendan’s heart and loyalty. Annie has no idea the fight she’s up against, but she’s in it to win it, and will have to face the storm that’s coming with everything she has.

Hands: tight on the wheel.
Eyes: narrow slits locked on the third floor window.
Mind: invidious machinations swirling ‘round.

People don’t know that at night when the lights are on inside, it’s like they’re on a T.V. screen for the whole outside world to see. And I watched. I watched as she opened the curtains. I watched as she talked to him over her shoulder, laughing. I stared up at her face as she drew a fucking heart on the glass and nearly made me scream and run into the hospital to drag her out by her hair.
What can I do to end this bullshit? What can I do? This can’t be happening. There must be a way to get rid of her. To make things go back to how they were.
Did Brendan mean what he said? Did he tell Tommy not to see me tonight? I would think he would have called. I pick up my phone and check it, but there are only calls I’m still avoiding from back home; Bree and Deanna asking about the banquet we’re planning, Louise wondering why I’ve not responded and what should she do next with the community garden project proposal, and the cat sitter wondering where I am.
With every cell in my being, I want to see Tommy for more reasons than to just piss Brendan off. I need his hands on me to let me know I’m not too old to be wanted. That I’m not a castaway left behind for the next generation of women. And I need to do something with this anger because it is eating me alive. I need to fuck it out. I need to fuck someone and I need to fuck someone, hard. And not just any someone. I need to fuck the one person Brendan wouldn’t want me to.
I don’t give a flying shit if it’s a bad idea. Or if Tommy’s too young for me, too. Or if Brendan will be furious. Those are all perfect reasons to fly into the hands of the devil, for all I care.
Putting my car into gear, I throw one more look up to the window, before pulling out and heading back to The Inn.
If Tommy doesn’t show up, I don’t know what I’ll do.

*****5 -I sense an explosion approaching- Stars*****
~this review contains spoilers from previous books in this series~

Mr. Hero taking a bullet fir Lady Goth? I never would have seen that coming. Fuck her, yes... she's gotten hot since college, but take a bullet for the bitch? Never would I have guessed he would have done something like that.

This series just dives deeper with each book. There is so much deception, from so may different angles, an explosion is imminent- I'm just nervous about who will survive the aftermath.
~Rebecca knows Brendan is falling for Annie and refuses to give up without a fight. She stoops to all new lows to mark her territory, including turning to his rival Tommy just to incite some jealousy. If she knew Brendan as well as she thinks she does, she would realize she is only making things worse for herself.
~Annie knows she needs to come clean with Brendan about their past but is worried she will be sending him straight into Rebecca's arms when he realizes she lied to him- a massive problem for Brendan. But the longer she waits, the worse the is making it for herself and the heavier the guilt.
~Brendan knows there is something about Annie that pulls him to her like never before, though he is desperately trying to deny it even to himself. He's also conflicted about Rebecca- he told her many many times not to get attached to him, but he doesn't want to hurt her either. He does care for her and he respects her, but is it enough?
~Tommy knows he wants Rebecca for himself, and not just because he hates Brendan with a fiery passion but..... this guy is a complete wild card at this point, there is no telling what he will do next.
~Christiano is another unknown for me, but I still have a strong feeling we haven't seen the last of him yet....and neither has Annie.

I never wanted to hurt you...”
“Oh my God. I know that tone. You can't be saying what I think you're about to. God dammit Brendan. You're saying it's over... You're falling in love with that girl?!”
“I just met her.”
You think that matters? Take it from a woman who's been around longer than you. It can happen in a second.”

With so much hanging in the balance, and considering recent developments, I am dying to get my greedy little hands on the next installment of this series. Sabrina Lacey has done a fantastic job of completely grabbing my attention right from the beginning of book one and has yet to let it go. As the story develops, I fall further into her web desperately seeking a happy way out of it-but my vision is still too cloudy. I know this is supposed to be Brendan & Annie's story, but with so much standing in their way, their path to happiness must may have too many roadblocks to overcome.

I'm stunned and silent. I was just about to give her the speech. I was going to tell her what I tell all of them, not to get attached. 'I will be seeing other people.' Everything Rebecca and Teri, and probably all the others, have memorized. The voice that is always in my head saying, Protect yourself, said a louder, Don't

Throbbing Hearts
Hearts Series #1

Brendan Clark and Annie O'Brien aren't ready to meet, but that doesn't stop them. He's just out of college and she's another year to go, still heavy in her goth, sarcastic stage. Brendan's newly single - for the first time in four years. He's decided women can't be trusted, and he's right... except for the one girl who he can't see. This is part 1.
Erotic romance novella HEARTS SERIES: Throbbing Hearts (part 1), Reaching Hearts (part 2), Crushing Hearts (part 3)

17+ due to explicit content and real-life situations.

*****5- this series is gonna be one Helluva Ride -Stars*****
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

I am never-and I mean never-going to let another woman undre my skin. She can nibble and suck on it all she wants, but she'd not getting under it no matter how beautiful she is.
I'm ready for unattached, unbridled fun.

Serials are a new monster to me, I've only read a few so far and they seem to be hit or miss- this one is definitely on my 'Hit List' after only ONE installment.
This is the story of Annie & Brendan.
Book #1 (Throbbing Hearts) takes us back to when they first meet and it is not pretty. Annie is getting ready to start her senior year of college, and Brendan has just finished. Although Annie has been in love with Brendan from afar for quite some time, he has no idea she even exists, and when they do finally come face to face, the timing couldn't be worse.
Annie is heavy into her 'Goth Phase' and is easily overlooked by Brendan, and he is fresh off a heart-crushing breakup that leaves him sworn off relationships and love. Reality smacks Annie in face in the worst way and a cruel betrayal has her re-evaluating herself and everything she believes. In the end, she feels a major change is in order- she leaves her painful memories behind and flees the country.
But Brendan is not as unaffected by Annie as she thinks, one true look in her eyes leaves him feeling things he is desperately refusing to acknowledge and completely confused. Neither knows what the future has in store for them or what will happen when they again cross paths five years later....

See this is the problem with friends. They see things you don't want them to see. Which means you can't live in happy denial. I've not told anyone how I feel about Brendan Clark, not even her. But somehow she spotted me staring at him with my mouth open one to many times. Ever since, it's been like dragging Lindsey Lohan to rehab to get her to drop it.

This book was certainly a boatload of angst- Annie's personal struggles and feelings tore at my heart- Hell, I was Annie, minus the all out Goth look. Brendan, though I most definitely felt bad for him after what Sara did to him, kinda came across as a douche...but he realized that and still strived to remain that way, which didn't endear me to him. And don't even get me started on Annie's 'Best Friend'. There is no lack of drama and tears in this book, which leads me to believe there is much more of that to come in the future.
I am very much looking forward to it- hopefully Annie can learn to love herself and Brendan eventually pulls his head out of his ass.

It's so obvious why he overlooked me.
What man would look at me and call this gorgeous.
I have to change. Gone must go the Goth look that I've hidden behind for so many years. It's time to become the kind of woman who can attract a guy like Brendan Clark.

Reaching Hearts
Hearts Series #2

Annie's all grown up, gorgeous, and moved back to San Francisco to open her own bar and do something on her own. She hasn't told the long-time boyfriend she left in Tuscany that she's also come back for Brendan Clark, the man she just can't get out of her head. And when Brendan walks into her bar one night, Annie's not sure how he'll react to seeing her again after all this time. What happens is a surprise to both of them, and one that could cost them their lives.
Erotic romance novella HEARTS SERIES: Throbbing Hearts (part 1), Reaching Hearts (part 2), Crushing Hearts (part 3)

17+ due to explicit content and real-life situations

*****5 -Talk about ending with a BANG- Stars*****
~this review contains spoilers from previous books in this series~

I blink, speechless and waiting for more. Within fractions of a second, I realize he doesn't even remember me. Here I am nursing a torch for a guy who has no idea I even exist!

Wow, just wow. This is the second installment of the Hearts series and things take an unexpectedly violent turn that I did not see coming. Annie cannot believe that after five long years, the man she has secretly been in love with just walked through the door of her bar looking better than ever. Any questions she had about her feelings for him vanish the minute she lays eyes on him, slamming into her with a fierceness that almost drops her to her knees and completely numbs her mind. What she wasn't prepared for was Brendan not recognizing her... or remembering her- At. All. She is devastated by the fact that the man she has been carrying a torch for all these years, fled the country and changed her life for, does not even show the slightest hint of recognition at even her name.... that is until she realizes that he may not remember the old her, and yes that hurts, but he most definitely wants the new her. She sees this as an opportunity for a second chance.

His reserve melts as our gazes are locked and I see it-what Brendan hides-his soft underbelly, exposed. I see in this instant the nice boy I used to love, not the suave player he's become.
My old butterflies launch themselves into my stomach, happy to be home and wondering where I've been all these years.

Brendan wants Annie with a strength that scares him, he feels a connection with her he doesn't understand nor wants any part of- he swore he would never allow another woman that kind of power over him again. But try as he might, he can't stay away from her either. When they finally come together, it is far more explosive than either could have imagined before fate intervenes once again with a life-threatening situation neither expected.
This series sure has the mouth-gaping cliffhangers down pat, I'll give it that, and I'm always left with more questions than answers. This Rebecca chick is gonna piss me off- I just know it, and I'm very curious about what Brendan's reaction will be when he learns who Annie really is. With so much working against them already, I have to wonder how they could make it to a happy ending. The road ahead is bumpy for sure-but I'm up for it.

We stare at each other. I feel like I'm clicking into a groove I've been in before, looking at her. Like this is supposed to be happening or something. Like I'm supposed to be here. My pulse picks up speed even as I try to deny it. I have to have her just so I can prove to myself I don't need her.

Crushing Hearts
Hearts Series #3

Fate seemed to be on Annie's side, bringing the man she's loved since college walking into her bar as though from out of a dream. But the dream became a nightmare that sent them both to San Francisco General in an ambulance before the night had even begun. To crush her more, Rebecca, a woman ten times more sophisticated and elegant than she, has staked her claim on Brendan and since she's got her name on his Emergency Contact list, Annie has no choice but to believe her. It's time to pick up the pieces of her life and let go of a love that's haunted her too long, especially when she's got a man in Italy calling her name. But he's not the only one...
HEARTS SERIES: Throbbing Hearts (part 1 , Reaching Hearts (part 2), Crushing Hearts (part 3)

This is part three of a serial erotic romance that unfolds over several exciting and suspenseful volumes. Recommended for 17+ due to mature language and adult situations

*****5 -I knew I wouldn't like Rebecca- Stars*****
~this review contains spoilers from previous books in this series~

He helped me clean up the booths. The chairs are up because he put them there.”
We all look around, knowing the man who put up these chairs, nearly died last night. I take a deep breath.
And voila. The universe proceeded to give me the biggest fucking-never-gonna-happen I could have ever imagined. Gunshot. Surgery. Girlfriend at his hospital bedside. The works.”

The tension, angst, and drama mounts in the third installment of the Hearts series in the aftermath of the armed robbery. Annie is already reeling from the events following her & Brendan finally coming together after all these years of yearning and waiting, then her heart gets shattered when she learns that Rebecca is Brendan's girlfriend....or so she thinks. After what her best friend did to her in college, she refuses to ever be the other woman and no matter how much she loves Brendan, she realizes she may just have to let him go.

He likes you.”
I'm staring ahead, my steps cold on the floor and my arm aching.
God, I hope so.”
We don't say anything else because my mind is with a woman who got to him before I did, who loves him, too, and who might just be more of a problem than I think. Lord knows I don't want to have to fight for him, but I fucking will if I have to.

Brendan is furious when he finds out what Rebecca told Annie and devastated when he realizes how she must be taking this betrayal. He desperately wants to get a hold of her to clear the air but is stuck til he gets out of the hospital. Meanwhile- Rebecca is seeing Annie for the threat that she is, even if Brendan is refusing to acknowledge the hold she already has on him....she still sees it and will stop at nothing to keep them apart. She has worked too hard, and waited too long to have Brendan all to herself to let anyone get in her way now. With tension and deception mounting, it's only a matter of time before someone gets their heart stomped on-although, gauging by Brendan's stubbornness, I'm guessing more than one heart will be broken. I also have a feeling we haven't see the last of Christiano and Tommy's role in the scheme of things is about to hit the roof- should be interesting. I'm expecting a lot more tears and screaming from ME before this is all over. I CANNOT WAIT.

You feel so good, Annie.”
He's looking at me like he's mine. And I don't care what he said earlier- he is mine. I've always known that and being with him makes it even clearer. He has to see it. And if he doesn't, I'll wait around until he does.

 Sabrina Lacey used to shoot photography and for a while, fashion. She was like Diego, the photographer in I Love My Healed Heart who worked the tents at Fashion Week. It gave Sabrina all the insight she needed to create a fantastical tale about the glamorous lives those people don’t really live. ;) Now she lives in Los Angeles, CA. with her dog Pippin. He wouldn’t comment for this bio. He’s an enigma, that one. A tiny, fluffy, white Maltese, enigma who captured her heart and ran with it. She however would like to say that she loves you for coming along for the ride. Cheers and Happy Reading!

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