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Blog Tour & Giveaway ~ Fake It by Jennifer Chance

Jennifer Chance is back with another novel that'll keep you hooked.
Anna Richardson meets the baddest (and sexiest) of bad boys in FAKE IT, the second novel in Jennifer Chance's sizzling Rule Breakers series, out on July 1, 2014 from Random House. This one is not to be missed, especially if you're looking for a bad boy fix!

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As her sizzling new series continues, Jennifer Chance sparks some serious combustion between a sexy biker and a corporate go-getter who's ready to let her hair down.
New grad Anna Richardson works hard—so hard that she's given up having a romantic life. Anna has even convinced her friends that she's dating an amazing guy—who they've simply never met. But now Anna has a wedding to attend and needs to produce the hottie she's been lying about for the past six months. Enter Jake Flynn, her infuriating, motorcycle-riding, jaw-droppingly gorgeous neighbor, who's more than willing to fake it for a weekend. In fact, Jake won't be satisfied until things get real

Though Jake is only playing the role of adoring boyfriend, he's starting to feel the heat, and judging by Anna's sweet blush, so is she. Letting chemistry this intense go to waste would be a real shame. Soon, though, the thin line between fantasy and reality fades. Jake may not be what every buttoned-up fast-tracker wants, but he's sure as hell what Anna needs. And if she takes a ride with him, their adventure never has to end.

****4 ½ -Jake can 'Fake It' with ME any day- Stars****
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

He met her gaze then, and the war between them raged for a few seconds more. What was it she saw in his eyes...and what was she betraying with her own. This wasn't actually a thing between them. It couldn't be. He was a fake and she was a liar, and this perfect night was nothing more than an illusion. She knew it, he knew it, they both knew it. So what was happening here?

Wow, that was....tense. Anna was wound so damn tight she made me twitchy, and if I didn't already love Jennifer Chance after Rock It, than Jake would have put me right over the edge. That man was Hawt, like seriously- I will never look at Aquariums the same again ;)
Anna Richardson is in a bit of a pickle, she is kind of a workaholic and has no social life to speak of. In order to keep her matchmaking friends and persistent ex of her back- she made up a boyfriend and she may have embellished....just a bit. It all seemed to be working just fine, until now. Said matchmaker is getting married, Anna is in the wedding and she now must produce this made-up boyfriend. What's a girl to do but find someone to be her fake boyfriend for the weekend??
Enter Jake Flynn- her totally hott, badass on a motorcycle neighbor. Jake has had his eye on his sexy, over-worked neighbor since he moved down the street six months ago but he knows he is not the kinda guy a suit like her goes for. He lives his life exactly how he wants to, working for himself, hitting the road on his bike whenever the need arises, answering to no one. When he hears of Anna's plan, he is all over it- it's the perfect opportunity to get what he wants without a long term commitment, not that she would have time for one anyway. But what happens when Jake decides he wants to move their fake relationship into reality? Can he convince Anna to give him a chance or is she far to buried in her work to recognize what they have, or could have??

We only have tomorrow, you know. Then the weekend will be over and it's back to real life.”
Keep telling yourself that, Anna, if it makes you feel better. But there's a whole lot of road between now and real life.”

Okay, I admit it- Anna kinda drove me batshit crazy in this one. I have no problem with being driven, I find it sexy.... to a point, but this girl was so damn blinded by her job she couldn't see that her life was just passing her by. What is the point of all that success if you have no one to share it with? Now I get why she did what she did, but jeeze the woman was stubborn. Jake however was so very patient, and sweet, and sexy, and determined to keep her. He was just perfect really, yes he did lose his cool once but he immediately recognized it and made it right- Gotta love a man who knows when to apologize. In the end, it was an awesome adventure with two very different people who just seemed to balance each other out- Jake was exactly what Anna needed in her life. And bonus for- No insta-love, drawn out miscommunication or cliffhanger!! I am loving this series and CANNOT WAIT for more.

I don't know if your just playing around, or if your the real deal. But please don't break Anna's heart, Jake. From what I've seen when she looks at you, your the only guy I've ever met who may have a chance at doing that.”

Jennifer Chance is the award-winning author of the new adult Rule Breakers series. A lover of books, romance, and happily-ever-afters, she lives and writes in Ohio. 

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