Thursday, May 1, 2014

Reviews by Lisa & Jenn ~ Soul Rebel by C.J. Pinard

Title: Soul Rebel
Author: CJ Pinard
Series: Rebel Riders #1
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
Published: April 17th 2014


When 21-year-old Nolan Bishop meets a seductive woman named Eva at a dark club in downtown Shreveport, Louisiana, little does he know his soul will be gone as soon as she is. Realizing she’s taken something from him, he finds out he has a very limited time to destroy her before he turns into something sinister and inhuman. In a race against all that is holy, Nolan has to find Eva and get his soul back while trying not to fall in love with Charity, the twin sister of the succubus who took his soul – all in seven days.

-5 * Not Your Average Vamp Story* Stars-

Ok, so first off, I am a huge dork! I received an ARC copy for review, but I never read the blurb before I dived right in, which isn't normal for me. So imagine my surprise when I'm trucking along thinking this is a contemporary romance novel and BAM, there is a freaking vampire thrown in! lol

"The smell of alcohol and sweat inserted itself into his nostrils, and he jerked his head forward and looked into Eva's eyes.Eyes that were now blue again where he could swear had been dead black with no pupils at all just a minute ago."

Not only is Eva  a vampire, but a freaking Succubus! I loved that idea!  Eva robs victims of their blood  AND  also robs them of their souls. It is genius. I have never read a book about vampires with a twist such as that. 

Nolan, Eva's latest victim, is in a race race of time to figure out if the vampire/paranormal world is fact or fiction.When he comes to the realization that indeed, they do exist, he must scramble to find her, and possibly kill her, to gain his soul back.But he struggles with killing...even a vampire. Lucliky he meets Eva's twin sister, Charity,  and she is eager to help Nolan discover the truth and find her sister.
Nolan and Charity  grow fond of each other on the crazy adventure they take together. But that may complicate things even further.

"He turned and looked at her, and she saw nothing but kindness , compassion, and sincerity in his mossy gaze."

All in all, did I like this book? No, I loved it! I think this is C.J. Pinard's best book yet. I did get a little frustrated with  the ending, though, because of the major cliff hanger. Grr. lol  I can not wait for book two!

*****5- Wickedly Delightful -Stars*****
~this review contains minor spoilers~

They were already staring at the quad of girls, along with every other person in the club, male and female. They looked like the Southern version of the Pussycat Dolls-and they knew it, too.
That redhead is awakening parts of my anatomy I didn't think were still in commission.”

Damn this woman gets better and better with each book, and she was already pretty awesome to begin with! She just has this way with the paranormal that blows your mind- she takes these creatures from myths, tweaks them, and makes them her own. With Soul Rebel we have some vampires (and who doesn't love vampires?!) but she also introduces us to the succubus while steeping us in the mysteries of New Orleans, surrounds us with some pretty fab characters and a plot that sucks you in (pun totally intended) til the bitter end-and oh what an ending. It. Was. Bloody Fantastic!

that was no girl you kissed last night. That was a succubus, and I believe she took something that belongs to you.”
“A what? And what did she take? I had my wallet when I left.”
“Not your wallet, son, your soul.”

Seven Days- that's how much time Nolan Bishop has to destroy the woman who sucked his soul from him without warning. Who knew that a night out with the boys would lead him straight into the very seductive arms of Eva, or that one kiss could so drastically change his life...or cause the end of it. Long before he even realizes what has happened, she is long gone-only then does he learn the terrible truth. He has seven days to track down Eva and kill her if he wants to get his soul back, if he fails-he will become a monster. With time quickly slipping away, and no idea where to find Eva, fate puts him in the path of Charity-twin sister to the soul sucking evil he is now hunting.

after three years of chasing her twin sister, she was tired. She was oh-so tired of feeling like her sister was dead; she knew one day this would happen. She knew this day would come. Her feelings were raging a battle inside her heart.

Charity knows what has become of her sister, she also knows the reason behind Nolan's desperation to find Eva and what's in store for him if he doesn't find her. She feels terrible for what her sister has done to him and agrees to help him find her, but shes torn. Yes she understands the monster that Eva has become, but knowing that Nolan is out to kill her breaks her heart. All she can think about is the little girl she was so close to growing up and the thought of her no longer existing is unbearable. But she's also really growing to like Nolan and doesn't want to see him fall to the horrible fate that awaits him. With time running out, she has to decide which one of them she can bear losing forever.

Nolan shook his head. He again wondered how this shit was real. Vampire, succubi, voodoo... maybe zombies and werewolves were real too, he thought.

From start to finish this book is impossible to put down. You really feel for Charity & Nolan with the struggles they are facing, it almost made me want to let Eva live... almost. There is no doubt she is every nit the monster everyone says she is. Through the streets of Shreveport, the mysteries of New Orleans, Masquerade Balls, questionable clubs, and a wicked ass motorcycle gang- I never wanted it to end. Lots of surprises, danger, intrigue, heartbreak with some sexy thrown in and an ending that leaves you wanting more... so sooo much more. I cannot wait to see whats in store next for Charity & Nolan- I'm way anxious and more than a little nervous. CJ Pinard once again rocks my paranormal socks off doing what she does best. If you haven't read any of her books yet, I strongly urge you to start. The woman is amazing at what she does, plus shes super sweet and funny to boot- it's a wicked combination.

This isn't funny, Charity. I want you to get as far away from me as possible. If I turn into a monster, I might hurt you. I can't believe I even brought you here. What was I thinking?”
“I'm with you to the end, baby”

C.J. is a west coast native who has lived on both coasts and now lives near the middle, in Colorado! Coming from a family of writers and editors, she feels writing is in her blood and hopes people will lose themselves for a little while in the fantasy and fun of her stories. She also loves sweet red wine, the SF 49ers, and unlike most authors, doesn't have any cats. When she's not writing, she can be found chasing around her kids or working at her day job, which she totally feels interferes with life, but it also sometimes gives her inspiration for her books, since reality usually is way more interesting than fiction.

She also loves getting notifications that people have sent her an email, added her on Facebook, or on Goodreads. So stop by and say hi - don't be shy! She's not! :)