Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Reviews by Lisa & Jenn ~ FLASHES part two: Tom by Tim O'Rourke

Part Two: Tom
by Tim O'Rourke
Published May 1st 2014

Risking his reputation and career, Detective Constable Tom Henson takes Charley to the scene of Kerry Underwood's death. Charley is still convinced that what she has seen in her flashes proves that Kerry's death was no accident but the work of a serial killer.

5- Chilling- Stars

Flashes: Part Two was another fast passed, heart racing addition to Charley and Tom's story. This part chilled me to the bone as we get a closer look at how demented the killer is through Charley's flashes. The man is freaking evil. All killers are, but this one doesn't 'get off' on the act of killing, but something else. He is not your average cookie cutter serial killer. He is one sick puppy!

'Please', she whispered, her voice floating around me like a chill wind. FLASH! 
'You are going to die tonight,' the man said. His voice was soft, gentle, as if he were trying to sooth her.

Charley and Tom try to fit all of the jagged pieces of the puzzle together to catch the lunatic and keep him from killing again. One other, thankfully, joins their team after Charley proves her abilities are real. Charley is finally being recognized for her gift, not shunned. But I have a feeling the killer isn't going to be too thrilled that Charley is helping Tom. I'm afraid she may be his next victim. 

'Every time her eyes opened, I could only see white, the pupils were rolled back into her skull. Her head snapped left and right as if she was watching something unfold, that only she could see.'

As with all of Tim's books, there is always one gasping surprise after another. I have chosen three suspects who could be the deranged killer, so far. I keep going back and forth in my mind who I think the killer is. I always go back to my original suspect, though. Tim has stooped me every single time with his other books. I hope I am right this time. Tim has a way of making me think outside of the box and to see things from a different perspective. Things that don't seem to matter, actually do. He makes me try to be like his beloved character, Kiera Hudson from his Kiera Hudson series. She sees everything in a different way than your average person. I wonder if I get some kind of metal if I get it right this time. lol We soon shall see. I can't wait to find out!

Here are two of my favorite quotes from Flashes: Part 2...

'Even if no one else believed in me, I need to believe in myself.'

'Didn't I have to believe in myself first before I could expect anyone else to?'

Beautiful words. Ones to take to heart.

*****5 -Brilliantly Creepy- Stars*****

It seemed to really matter to him that he found out what had happened to Kerry Underwood. Despite his cockiness, there was a part of Tom that cared or a part of him that needed to prove himself to someone. I understood all about that.

And the adventure continues....
We left off in Part One with Tom hearing Charley's screams in the distance and we pick back up right where we left off in Book Two.
Working together to solve the mystery behind Kerry Underwood's death, Tom and Charley navigate through her flashes and the facts- what they discover is more than either of them could have imagined and makes solving this mystery fast that much more important. Charley is determined to not only find the answers they are looking for, but to prove once and for all that she is not crazy. Tom is finding himself more conflicted than ever- he's drawn to Charley because of her ability to help him solve his case but he is also developing feelings for her and doesn't want her to feel like he is just using her. The biggest questions that still remain are 1) who is the man in Charley's flashes? and 2) what exactly can Tom do with the information she uncovers? how would he explain where his knowledge comes from?? and just when you think things couldn't get any creepier, Charley starts to receive text messages that will make your hair stand on end.

I didn't want my father to put doubts in my head about Tom. He did believe me. Tom had risked a lot to take me up to the scene again. He wanted to find the killer just as much as I did. He'd said we were a team.
'You're wrong about Tom. He does believe me, Dad. I just wish you did.'

once again Tim O'Rourke completely steals my attention right from the beginning and holds it in his death grip til the very last page and beyond. The twists in this story come at you from all angles and keeps you guessing the entire time. You may think you know what will happen next, but us O'Rourkians know only one thing is ever certain- guessing is pointless, the truth always has a way of sneaking up on you and biting you in the arse. Every. Single. Time. I cannot wait for the next book, once again Tim leaves me drooling for more and I am dying to see how this all ends- the possibilities are infinite.

'Tell him the truth.'
'No way.'
'Oh, okay, I see. Frightened he might think you're some kind of a Looney Tune? Well get used to it Tom. I've spent a lifetime feeling like that.'
'It's not that. If anyone in the police were to discover I'd brought you out here, I'd be in deep shit.'

Part Three: Kerry
by Tim O'Rourke
Coming June 5th 2014

With suspicion mounting that the killer in Marsh Bay is in fact a police officer, Charley's flashes take a different turn. Not only is Charley seeing the murder of Kerry Underwood in her mind, she's also receiving a series of haunting text messages from her. Can Kerry lead Charley to the killer from beyond the grave?

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