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Aphrodite’s War
By- Donna Milward
Genre- Paranormal Romance
Published On- September 7, 2013
Published By- Staccato Publishing 

Aphrodite despises Aries and when Zeus proposes a contest, the prize being expulsion of her enemy from Olympus, Aphrodite cannot resist. The catch: Aphrodite despises Aries and when Zeus proposes a contest, the prize being expulsion of her enemy from Olympus, Aphrodite cannot resist. The catch: should Aries prevail it is Aphrodite who must leave her home. Risks aside, she cannot refuse the possibility of a future without her former lover.

The challenge: two mortals must fall in love. It is simple. However, the players could not be more ill-suited. Poetry, a free spirited artist and Adrian, a defense attorney would not normally choose one another. But when gods interfere anything is possible.should Aries prevail it is Aphrodite who must leave her home. Risks aside, she cannot refuse the possibility of a future without her former lover.

 Strife relished the bite of a stiff martini as the warble of Circuit Freq thumped through her body and assaulted her ears. She hovered in a dark corner absorbing the vibe in the air and breathing the dusty odor of dry ice.
The crowd jumped to the beat, their mood giving Strife an extra high that had nothing to do with alcohol.
She delighted in Germany’s club scene. The black clothes, the piercings, and dismal dance bars amused her.
She’d called Europe home since the sixteen-hundreds, and Strife enjoyed watching fashion and culture evolve. Just in the last forty years music had gone from Disco, to New Wave to Electronica. The constant changes thrilled her.
Not to mention she’d take Latex and leggings over a toga in any era. And certainly the men were easier to manipulate under the influence of increasingly potent drugs.
Even now hot sweating bodies writhed together. Lust and artificial pleasure oozed through her veins as though it belonged to her. She leeched it from the crowd like a greedy lover, giving nothing in return.
She became dimly aware of a shift in mood. Strife experienced it first as irritation, an unexpected ache deep within that she tried to brush away. It disturbed her euphoria.
A glance at the pink fog on the dance floor revealed an abrupt scattering of limbs and fists. A brawl broke out.
Strife inched to the edge of it. Dancers fled or became trampled in the melee. Screams overpowered the clash of drum machines and keyboards.
What had set them off? She’d sensed no ill-will or anger in this ecstasy-laced bunch before. What happened to the happy haze?
A familiar ghost seeped into her consciousness like poison gas.
By all the realms of life, not him. Not here. Strife recalled that drowning sensation she felt whenever that aura invaded her space.
Horror twisted her intestines as fighters, victims and bouncers were tossed like bowling pins from the man marching toward her. A shiver stroked her spine. Strife tried to blink the vision away with no success.
Did you miss me, my pet?” he asked. He looked out of place in formal wear with his wavy black hair slicked back. Knowing Ares he’d done it purposely-to tempt aggression from those who abhorred upper class.
She’d run from him more than three hundred years ago. And now he stood before her as though time and distance were of no importance. She stood astonished and belittled.
How did you find me?”
Dear Strife…” he said, winding her hair between his fingers. His pungent cologne couldn’t mask the smell of blood. Strife suspected his sleeves would be warm and sticky to the touch.
I always knew where you were.
The words were unspoken, and they carved an angry welt in her psyche. Her whereabouts were never a secret-he just hadn’t bothered to search for her. Until now.
You must want something.” No need to hide her repugnance. He deserved it. “What makes you think I’ll give it to you?”
Ah, Strife-may I call you Strife? I understand you use your true name these days.” He halted a steampunk with a tophat and a soul patch. Took the drink from his hand and claimed it in a swallow. “I imagine it works well with this riff-raff. Makes you sound so interesting.”
What’s your fucking problem, man?” the kid said, but Ares tamed him with a narrowed glare. Whatever the young man saw, or whatever Ares sent to the boy’s thoughts she missed, but the human paled. He shuffled away, peeking back as he distanced himself.
I have a task for you,” Ares said.
Strife stood her ground. “No,” she said. “I like my life here. I have a man that takes care of my needs and gives me anything and everything. Not to mention a lucrative trade.”
Manufacturing and dealing drugs with your sugar daddy?” he asked. Strife wanted to slap that smug expression from his face. “It is beneath you, Strife.”
You have nothing I want,” she said.
I would not waste your time with petty offers.” A smirk tilted his lips. Strife couldn’t help feeling a twinge of anticipation. Chaos comes when Ares smiles. “How would you like to help me ruin Aphrodite, once and for all?”
At the sound of that name Strife’s heart skipped a beat. “I’m listening.”   

Introducing Adrian Olsen: A Brief Biography
Adrian Matteus Olsen was born in Camrose, Alberta, Canada on October 21st, 1985. He was the third and last child born to proud second-generation Norweigian-Canadians Rolf and Brigit Olsen.
Brigit was a stay at home mother and Rolf worked as an operator in the oil industry. This meant shiftwork for the father with not much time to spend with his sons. It is perhaps these circumstances that formed young Adrian’s opinions and interests.
As the youngest of three boys with an inconsistent father figure, he constantly craved male attention, only to be spurned by older brothers who only found excuses to bully him. Adrian spent much of his time indoors, close to his adoring mother, watching television.
Among his favorites were Simon and Simon as well as Magnum P.I. Often times, Adrian imagined himself as an enforcer of the law--A hero. Unfortunately for him, he lacked the strength or weight to defend himself against his brothers, Alfred and Rolf Junior. He realized his power lay in his intelligence.
Adrian spent three years earning a degree in engineering. From there, he fulfilled his dream of righting injustices by earning a law degree. He earned the begrudging respect of his brothers, who began teaching him of their trade in construction. He’d finally won their approval after successfully defending them out of such things as assault charges.
A chance demonstration at the Heritage Festival in Edmonton, Alberta showed Adrian his martial arts passion: The swordplay of Kendo. This along with the encouragement of his best friends Ranjan and Gary, gave Adrian strength, confidence and purpose.
Due to a demanding job and time consuming hobbies, Adrian is still single.

Introducing Poetry Manousakis:
Poetry Aphrodite Manousakis was born on May 30, 1989, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She is the only child of Nicholas and Christine Manousakis.
Christine and Nicholas met in Greece when Christine visited the country after her high school graduation. The two found they had a lot in common including a love of mythology and a desire to teach. After six passionate weeks, no doubt blessed by the love goddess herself, Christine returned to Canada. Nicholas obtained a student visa and chased after her. They were married the following year, and Poetry arrived shortly afterward.
Poetry’s childhood was ordinary. Her parents told toned-down bedtime stories about Zeus, Aphrodite, Apollo and all the Greek gods. Her grades were good and she stayed out of trouble for the most part.
Her idea of rebellion was to create with her hands rather than her mind. Poetry preferred to mold sea shells and roses from modeling clay. She longed to travel to her father’s homeland and learn about sculpture and art history.
She discovered an ad for Valentin Yotkov Studio in an issue of Art Jewelry magazine and travelled to New York to learn how to repousse, chase and sculpt in metal. She returned to Edmonton after three years, determined to start her own business as a metalsmith and jewelry maker.
She took a job as a waitress at Denny’s to buy supplies and eventually move out on her own from her parent’s basement. It is also where she would meet Jenny, her roommate and coworker, and Kevin, her boyfriend.

*****5 -Fascinating- Stars*****
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

Aphrodite cast another glance at the lean and tanned Ares lounging on hos throne of bloodstone. He stroked his beard like a conceited cat. She loved him once, left Hephaestus for him. She came to regret following him, and wandered Olympus like a ghost, forever bored and lonely.

Little known fact about ME- I am fascinated with Greek Mythology and I get a bit obsessed with books and movies surrounding it so this this was a perfect fit for me or anyone else who feels the same way. I was completely drawn into the story right from the very beginning- I could not put it down, it was fascinating, exciting, action-packed, violent and surprising- simply put, it was everything I look forward to when surrounded by Greek Gods.

The defeated will be banished from Olympus and must roam the earth as a human for one hundred years.”

Aphrodite loved her husband very much once upon a time, she left Eden for him- but the God he is now is nothing like the Ares she once fell in love with. What she is left with is discord, loneliness and a whole lot of bitterness. Fed up with the constant bickering between the two, Zeus proposes a challenge. It's quite simple really- each chooses a champion and it is Aphrodite's job to make sure they fall in love, all Ares has to do is prevent it. Loser gets banished to a mortal existence on Earth for 100 years. Sounds easy enough right? Aphrodite is confident that love will prevail, there is just one minor glitch- the chosen two couldn't be any less alike if they tried. A struggling Artist and a successful Attorney aren't likely to find common ground, so what are the chances the will fall in love? An when the God of War is set loose on Earth, can we really be sure defeating Aphrodite is all he's after? Can opposites really attract and in the end, does it even matter?

Someone stole his mommy.” Amir must be worried sick.
Adrian gave his head a shake. Amir the cat. Worried sick.
This day went from bad to screwed-the-hell-up and it was only getting worse.

there was so much going on in this book and the POV jumps from character to character often enough that there really was no break from the action. At it's core, this is a love story, but it was so much more than that. The anticipation is kept at an all time high throughout and you never knew what was coming next, only that it would be different levels of bad. Ares turned out to be way more twisted than I anticipated, deception and destruction lay around every corner, I fell head over heals in love with Poetry but hated her best friend Jenny, and Adrian caused me quite a bit of conflict. I warmed up to him in the end, but it took some time. Some of his thoughts on Poetry (even if she isn't his normal type) just pissed me way the hell off- his 'slumming' comment had me fit to be tied. With so many different characters drawing so many different emotions out of me, I could hardly sit still. This author did a fine job of knocking me on my ass- just amazing work. I have very quickly become a bigtime fan and cannot wait to see what she brings us in the future.

Her future just changed for the better. This sunrise announced a new beginning with a great guy. Not a psycho.
Lucky her.

Donna Milward lives in Edmonton, Alberta in a tiny house with a huge yard. She’s been writing all her life, but decided to put writing on hold to get ‘a real job’ as a meatcutter and build a future with her beloved troll, Dan and her cats Freya, and Spartacus Jones.
Twelve years later, an invitation to a Romance Writer’s Conference in Washington D.C. led not only to new friends and new knowledge, but to the inspiration to write again. Thoeba was completed the following year.
Donna likes to mix her fascination with reincarnation and all things paranormal with her love of mythology in her work, and has even written her own myth ‘The Sacred Truth” (on as the lore behind Thoeba and future novels to come.

Donna enjoys fishing, gardening and canning. Despite these hobbies, she much prefers city life.

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