Thursday, May 8, 2014

Blog Tour Stop ~ Fan Girl by Brandace Morrow

Little more than a girl when Ali meets him, his voice resonates with her in a time when she needs it most. As an adult, Deklan has the potential to devastate her.
Deklan Thomas catches Ali Pierce's attention at a young age. Not that he notices. His band Rolling Bridges provides Ali the escape she desperately needs from her home life. Music. It's during this journey that she is confronted with what she has attempted to suppress all along. Her discontent with herself.
Refusing to settle for mediocrity, Ali sets off on a mission. Moving to the Big Apple, she gains a new outlook on life, a snarky online friend, a college degree, and a unique internship others would kill to have.
Though she grows leaps and bounds, her first love remains the same. Nothing can keep her from the music—music that will lead her down a road of passion and predicament that even the new Ali is unsure she can handle.

Is Deklan ready to give up his rocker lifestyle? And does Ali really want to be put in the spotlight after so many years in the shadows?

*****5- Surprisingly Sweet -Stars*****
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

I know one thing is certain. I will forever be his fan girl.

I am a know fan of nitty-gritty, rough and tumble, down and dirty with an edge romance- which is generally why I love the rock star theme so much, cause all of that is usually what you get. That wasn't the case with this one. Deklan was actually a super sweet guy, who adores his Momma and is quite the gentleman...except in the bedroom, than all bets are off. There was very little angst, minor drama- but it still worked for me. This was very much a character driven story with some surprises along the way, and it had no problem sucking me in and keeping me there til the end. I was surprised by how much I loved it, but these people were just amazing -if a little sappy- tattooed, pierced smartasses. Just a whole cast of characters you can't help but fall in love with, but with a few bitches thrown in.

I'm still the poor rich girl stuck in hell with my shrew of a mother in my ear all hours of the day, shrilling how fat I am, how dumb I am (I got my first B). Shoulders back, suck in, do you need that much food on your plate, what music are you listening to, why are you out so late?

Ali has been the #1 fan of 'Rolling Bridges' since they started playing in garages. She sticks with them even when it seems she is their only fan. Yes it's true that she has a major fangirl crush on lead singer Deklan Thomas, but it's more than that. Their music feeds her soul and helps her to forget, if only for a little while, just how much her life sucks. With an overbearing and controlling mother, a father who would rather ignore her existence, and one friend to her name (best friend Stacie), Ali has taken to comfort eating, becoming the fat girl everyone ignores. But when her favorite band starts to hit it big, they never forget their #1 fangirl.

By this time, the band knows me, and I know the band. We aren't friends because they live so far away from where I do, but they recognize me and always wave, which in turn makes the groupies shriek. Yes, Rolling Bridges has a following now. Mostly girls my age; all of them ready to put out, and the band takes full advantage.

Fast forward a few years-Ali left the tight grip of her parents behind when she graduated high school and makes quite a life for herself. She has become a completely different person and after finishing college in New York, she moves back to LA, opens her own tattoo shop and becomes well known for her work. She has shed an entire person in weight and is now sporting some kickass tattoos and piercings of her own. She is still Rolling Bridges #1 fangirl and attends as many concerts as she is able, which is quite a few since she is doing so well for herself financially. Then one fateful New Years Eve, she comes face to face with Deklan Thomas for the first time in years and sparks fly-in a big way, leading Ali down a path she never saw coming and is unsure she can handle.

Ack! He called me babe! How am I going to keep this straight in my head? I really didn't want to get my heart broken. I don't have experience with guys. At all. I don't know how this game is played. Or whether I should be playing it.

Deklan feels a connection to Ali he has never felt with anyone and is smart enough to try to grab hold of that. Now he just has to convince Ali he can shuck his Rockstar ways and be the man she deserves. But can the girl who spent her life living in the shadows build a relationship with a man that will force her into the spotlight? I loved that this story takes you through Deklan & Ali's life right from the moment they meet. You get to see it all unfold right from the very beginning and it was amazing. Deklan was just the perfect guy, Ali was a truly incredible woman and all of the people in their lives -band mates, family, friends, coworkers- they were all unique and they all grab a little piece of your heart. It was an awesome journey with a twist at the end you don't see coming- it will knock you on your ass. Brandace Morrow has definitely turned me into one of her fangirls and I cannot wait to see what she brings us next.

I didn't want a commitment for a long time. I was that guy. But that changed when I got on twitter to see who I could get riled up. You won me over with bad jokes and dry humor. Everything is going to be just fine. I'll prove I'm not going anywhere.”

Brandace Morrow is a full time mom of four, and currently stationed overseas with her sexy soldier. Her current obsessions are Maroon 5, rum and coke, and reading in no particular order. Despite being terribly awkward with social media, she's everywhere. Frequently subjecting the public to pictures of her minion's messes, and everything that is Momdom in the Morrow house.