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Reviews by Jenn and Lisa :Flashes Part One:Charley By Tim O'Rourke


Part One:Charley
by Tim O'Rourke
published April 3rd 2014


Charley has flashes in her mind, psychic snapshots of terrifying events. After the death of her best friend, Charley's flashes become more intense as she sees images of the murder of a teenage girl. But how will Charley ever convince Tom Henson, the new detective in the town of Marsh Bay, to believe she can help him solve the case?
** Part Two released 1st May **

       5- Masterfully Written- Stars 

I have waited at least a year, maybe two, for Flashes to be published. I, as well as Tim's other fans, shared the joy with him when he signed with the major publishing company, Chicken House. To say thanks for having such dedicated fans, Tim acknowledged us in Flashes.That's 3 pages of fans that  he included. Tim is such a kind and kick-ass author author! Thanks Tim!!

Flashes begins with heartache for a seventeen year old girl named Charlie. Unimaginable pain consumes her. But she doesn't have much time to recover because the flashes take over. She has nobody to turn to and her father believes her to be delusional. Charlie feels people think of her as a freak because of the flashes she experiences. It is such a burden for her to bare and physically painful. She  comes to a point where she either continues to deny her gift or embrace it. She has an unbearable urge to prove that her flashes are real to her father and a new handsome detective (yumm) who comes into town named  Tom.

Once again, as always, I full-heartedly   loved this story!! Tim O'Rourke is in a league of his own. Flashes was written so well that I felt I was an invisible bystander. I felt horrible for what Charlie has to endure when here flashes occur. The gruesomeness that she has to live through and witness were hard to get through because it is so painful. I enjoyed reading about Tom and having a sneak peak into a detective's life on the job. Even though, I wanted to punch one of his obnoxious coworkers in the nose! He is such an ass!

Is there anything I would change about this e-book? Umm...yeah! THAT IT ENDED!! Flashes ended on the hugest cliffhanger! It was the king of all cliffhangers! It sat there on top of that damn cliff  mocking me! Urging me to throw my I pad against the wall. Luckily King Cliffhanger didn't win. I have some self control and I remembered that 'Flashes: Part 2 Tom's Story' will be out in May. Not long now, yippee! Until we meet again King Cliffhanger!!

My favorite line out of Flashes:
" This time I held onto any branch, shrub, or piece of railway furniture that I could find to stop myself falling arse over tit again." - Tom 

Haha..arse over tit. Love it!

*****5- O'Rourke Never Disappoints -Stars*****
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

Flashes! That's what I call them. I'm Charley Shepard, the girl who can see things, the seventeen-year-old with an overactive imagination, the freak who can see lights like a thousand photographers crammed inside her head snapping away all at once!

I have been waiting a long-ass time for this book/series to come out, now that it's here, I'm happy to say I was not disappointed. Not that I really expected to be, I don't think there is anything that Tim O'Rourke could come out with that I wouldn't love with everything that I have. He once again throws us into a world of unknowns, biting our nails wondering what will happen next. No one does mystery or horror like O'Rourke does, every story is so different from anything else out there and Flashes is just another example of that.

If the flashes were really visions of some kind, then what would that make me? A medium? Clairvoyant? Psychic? Or just someone who could see people's deaths? Because that's what I always saw in those flashes-I saw people dying.

Charley has had visions, or 'flashes' as she calls them, for as long as she can remember. No one believes her and have always chalked it up to an overactive imagination, though Charley knows better. The only person who has ever had faith in her, who stuck up for her and believed in her, was her best friend Natalie. But with Natalie's sudden and brutal death, Charley is left alone when her flashes return with a vengeance, hitting stronger than ever before and this time she is determined to prove once and for all that she is not crazy and what she sees is real. This is how she meets Police Constable Tom Henson.

I'm scared because I saw that girl being dragged to her death, but there is another part of me that's happy too.” she whispered.
How can you be happy about a young girl losing her life?”
It means I'm not losing my mind. It proves I haven't been making this stuff up. The stuff I saw in those flashes wasn't the work of my overactive imagination. They weren't dreams, nightmares or hallucinations. They were real!”

Tom doesn't know what to make of Charley. On the one hand-he doesn't really think she is lying to him about her flashes exactly and she doesn't seem to be crazy. But on the other hand-how can he really believe her? Stuff like that just doesn't happen. However, she does seem to know more than she should about the death of the girl he is currently investigating and he's desperate to find out if she was in fact murdered or if it was just a tragic accident. Charley is determined to get Tom to believe her, but will he? Can they find the answers they are looking for before the killer strikes again, if there is in fact a killer to be found?

And what if she was right and the flashes were true? What if Charley saw some clue-something that would explain what had really happened to Kerry Underwood? What did I do with that information?

Since this was only part one of a three part story, we are left with more questions than answers, especially with the ending that left me screaming at my kindle. Tim O'Rourke is damn good at making my heart drop into my stomach and then cutting me off with my mouth laying on the floor. Every time I finish one of his books I'm left climbing the walls wondering when in the hell I'll be able to get my greedy little fingers on his next book. Sadist :p

But that is just one of the many reasons why my 'O'Rourke Obsession' started waaaayy back with Vampire Shift and has steadily grown over the last two years into the all-encompassing addiction that it is today. The fact that he is such an awesome and brilliant (if somewhat evil) author is made that much sweeter with the knowledge that he is a genuinely nice guy as well. He loves his fans with all that he has and shows this on a daily basis. I count myself lucky that I can now call him friend and am so happy with all the success he has earned. Not only does he deserve it, but us readers would be missing out on some truly spectacular work if he had never made the decision to publish that first book. If you haven't had a chance to read any of his work yet, so are being severely deprived. So pick a series, any series, he has several to choose from, and dive into the world of the O'Rourkians. This man is our master and we are hiss willing followers.

Part Two:Tom
by Tim O'Rourke


Risking his reputation and career, Detective Constable Tom Henson takes Charley to the scene of Kerry Underwood's death. Charley is still convinced that what she has seen in her flashes proves that Kerry's death was no accident but the work of a serial killer.

~coming May 1st 2014~

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