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Blog Tour Stop & Giveaway ~ Always by Amanda Weaver

Author: Amanda Weaver
Genre:Contemporary romance-age 20-30.
Publish Date: April 15, 2014
Publisher: Independently Published
Cover by: AngstyG/
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From the moment they meet, their connection is perfect in every way but one.
It’s New Year’s Eve, 2006, and Justine James is fronting her dead-end band for a less-than-adoring crowd. But there’s one person there who sees what she could be—one person who changes everything for her.
Dillon Pierce clawed his way up from the LA streets with no one to count on but his best friend, Ash. Their years of struggle finally pay off when their band, Outlaw Rovers, gets signed and their single takes off. With Ash as the magnetic lead singer and Dillon as the band’s musical soul, they’re destined for greatness, provided Dillon can keep Ash from self-destructing first.
Dillon might not be fronting Outlaw Rovers, but he’s always been the only one Justine sees. She’s followed his career from afar and when he shows up at her crummy New Year’s Eve gig, nothing will stop her from meeting him. They forge an intense connection, rapidly moving from friends to musical soul mates. Justine wants much more, but she’s not willing to climb over groupies and industry bottom-feeders to make it happen. Dillon becomes a fixture in her life, but she has to figure out how to keep him out of her heart.
Outlaw Rovers begins to implode as Justine’s star is on the rise. The years that follow bring equal parts fame and ruin. For Justine, a new love supplants her old heartbreak, and Dillon has to reboot his life after losing nearly everything that matters. Despite the odds, Dillon and Justine remain devoted friends and musical collaborators. After all the missed chances, wrong turns and painful detours, can they finally find the happiness together that seemed destined from the start?

*****5- my gawd that was painful -Stars*****
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

She was his best friend, his confidant, his playmate, his musical soul-mate, but not the one thing she desperately wanted to be.

Now that was just painful. I love a good dose of angst, just as much as the next reader -I thrive on it in fact- but damn, the angst in this one stretched for the Entire. Friggin. Book. What does it say about me that I still loved every damn minute of it?! The story was heartbreaking yet beautiful, the characters were phenomenal- I loved them all....well, maybe not David Lol. Ash stole a piece of my heart and broke me. Dillon stole a piece of my soul while he had me screaming in frustration but still wanting to cuddle him. Justine was beyond words-so strong and loyal, sweet and pure. I want Emily for a sister and I could totally hang out with Rocky. Ian was....well, I won't even go there. So many people to love and a story that completely pulls you under, holding you captive. It's amazing to me that this is a debut novel by Ms. Amanda Weaver. Lady, you've got my attention-creepy fangirl right here ;)

He'd been intrigued the minute he'd seen her approaching them. To be fair, he'd been intrigued the minute she'd walked on stage. It was hard not to be intrigued by a girl who looked like Justine. Once she'd started singing, though, he'd been floored, and his attention hadn't wavered for the entire thirty minute set.

Justine James knew the minute she found out that the band 'Outlaw Rovers' is at her New Years Eve gig that she just has to meet lead guitarist and soul of the band, Dillon Pierce. What she wasn't prepared for was the connection they would form. They become the best of friends, musical soul-mates, everything she could hope for....except one thing is missing, but she refuses to crawl over the wall of groupies to get it.

She wanted him for herself. She'd never have him, but the wanting had already dug its way into her heart, unleashing a potential river of hurt and jealousy in its wake.

Dillon has had a pretty rough life, its been a constant battle to get where he is today and the one person who has always been there for him, since hes twelve years old, is his best friend and front man of their band, Ash Thoren. They always have each others backs and do everything together- good or bad -and now that their band is starting to take off, they are starting to reap the benefits of being rock stars, as long as Dillon can keep Ash from going off the rails. With his life in a bit of chaos at the moment, the one thing that keeps him grounded is Justine. He values her friendships and needs her in his life. He also knows she won't be playing dive bars forever-shes destined for the big time and he will do whatever he can to help her get there. And though he may be attracted to her, very much so, he doesn't want to ruin their friendship with a one-night stand and that's all he could offer her.

Dillon respects you. They both do. That's power, even if...”
“Even if he never feels for me what I feel for him.”
He's- First, you're too good for pretty much every loser in this outfit. Second, he cares more for you than maybe you realize. It's just-”
“Yeah, I know. This is not the time or place. There's no room in his life for that right now.”
“Smart girl. You just watch yourself, tough stuff. I don't want to have to scrape you up off the floor. I will. But I don't want to.”

Through years of heartache, missed opportunities, moving on, falling harder, new loves, failed relationships, Justine's rise to stardom while Dillon's band falls apart at the seams, against all odds they remain in each others lives-best friends, musical soul-mates and collaborators. Will they ever get to a point in their lives where they see the love they share and see where it can take them?

She just loved him with her whole heart, in a way you only love when you've never really done it before and don't know to keep some parts of yourself safe. She'd gone all in with no guarantee and now she was left in pieces.

This truly was an amazing story from start to finish, if not frustrating as hell. There will be tears, there will be screaming, you will feel everything they go though-it was friggin epic. My one and only real complaint was the lack of an epilogue. While it was nice to get a break from the barrage of cliffhangers going around these days, an epilogue for this one would have made it perfect for me. You wait sooo very long to get to a point where you can just breathe and once your there, its just over. Don't get me wrong, it was still a beautiful ending, I just wanted a teeny tiny bit more. In the end, it was a fabulous debut from an author I'm very much looking forward to seeing much more from in the future.

As he curled his body around Justine's, he made a promise to himself to never stop being grateful for having her in his life.


Like many writers, Amanda Weaver spent her childhood constantly telling stories. College steered her in a different direction and into a successful career as a designer. Several years ago, she picked up writing again strictly as a hobby, to blow off some creative steam. One thing led to another, National Novel Writing Month happened, and here we are.
Amanda Weaver grew up in Florida and now lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband, daughter and two crazy cats.

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