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Review by Lisa & Jenn ~ The Kiera Hudson Prequels 2 by Tim O'Rourke

The Kiera Hudson Prequels #2
The Kiera Hudson Prequels Series
By Tim O'Rourke
Published March 22nd 2014
94 pages


When police recruits Kiera and Tom are ordered to stay away from each other by Sergeant Philips, they can't help but be drawn back together again.

Working side by side Kiera and Tom solve three more unique mysteries. The first deals with betrayal, the second revenge and the third the greatest mystery of all - love.

Book Two in the 'The Kiera Hudson Prequels Series' set before 'Kiera Hudson Series One and Two).

*** 5 - Can't Get Enough - Stars **
--May contain spoilers from Tim's other series--

I feel like a broken record, but seriously, Tim O'Rourke can not write a crappy book. I think he would have to work harder to write a book that sucked, more than one the rocks. I am truly amazed by how fantastic and unique his writing is! I am usually not drawn to mystery stories, which is exactly what the Prequels are...mysteries. But with Kiera and Tom's stories, I am entranced. I am in love. I am addicted. I can not get enough!!! 

With the Mystery of Melinda Cook, it saddened me deeply that somebody could go to such great lengths to obtain what they desired and how callus they could be. Not only callus, but extremely disgusting! Eww!!! 

Then we have the Mystery of Derren Splitfoot. First off, what a great name! I think this is my favorite of the three. I loved how Kiera 'saw'  everything that was in plain sight which us common folk can't see. I think Kiera's gift works over-time in this addition. When she explains everything in the end, I'm in awe. It does have a sad ending, I must tell you. Lesson learned: revenge isn't always sweet.

Lastly, we have the Mystery of Kiera Hudson and Tom Henson. This part in Kiera's and Tom's lives filled my heart and broke it at the same time. Being that I have read both of the Kiera Hudson series, I know Kiera and Tom don't end up with each other in the future. I really wish they could have...or possibly would. One can hope! They share a special bond, a unique one, and it is hard to swallow they can not be together... in a romantic relationship. I feel Kiera belongs with Tom way more than with Potter. Ok, before you throw tomatoes at me or hunt me down, I love Potter, I do. Its just my gut instinct.Or my heart instinct?Please don't hate me. xx 

"Knowing my luck, I'd probably end up with some arrogant chain-smoking jerk who swore a lot." - Kiera 

"I had to learn that I couldn't always get what I wanted in life. You couldn't buy love- you couldn't buy a person- and definitely couldn't buy their heart.- Tom 

                                                          Team Tom!!! : )

*****5- Tim O'Rourke never fails me -Stars*****

~this review contains minor spoilers~

To watch her was like watching a bloodhound that had found a scent that it refused to let go off. It really was a marvel to watch Kiera at work. It was like I was no longer here. Somehow, Kiera had stepped into a different zone where she could hone in on the clues, tracks, and marks left behind by those who had gone before her.

Kiera Hudson has become such a huge part of my life, a part of me, I can't ever imagine going too long without having her around. As luck would have it, Tim O'Rourke never leaves me waiting, which is a good this or I would have to hound his ass for making me suffer-something he is already sooo very good at. These prequels were a fantastic addition to the Kiera Hudson saga. Not only do we get to see her develop her abilities, we learn more about what makes her the woman we know today, we get to experience a more playful side to Kiera that she doesn't have the chance to let out too often, but best of all was getting to know Tom. While Potter will always hold my heart in his very snarky hands, I have definitely come to love Tom.

Whoever Tom ended up with would be a lucky girl. I doubted I would ever be lucky enough to end up with such a nice guy. Knowing my luck, I'd probably end up with some arrogant chain-smoking jerk who swore a lot. All things I disliked in a guy. But maybe deep down, that was the kind of guy I was secretly attracted to.

Prequels 2 follows right on the heels of the first installment of this series, with Kiera and Tom finding themselves in the middle of more trouble, even as they try to avoid it, with three more mysteries.

~The Mystery of Melinda Took 
a husband and wife trying to repair their marriage with a quaint getaway that doesn't go exactly as planned....or does it???

~The Mystery of Derren Splitfoot
a séance that goes terribly awry....after all, ghosts aren't real, are they?

~The Mystery of Kiera Hudson & Tom Henson 
the beginning of the end....that's all I'm saying.

I had to learn how to see into people's hearts and how dark they might be. That's where the real truth hid. That's where we kept our darkest secrets – locked away inside of us. Were these killers born evil, or did some event in their young lives turn them toward a path that they found too hard no to follow? I guess I would only ever find out if I were fortunate -unfortunate- enough for such a killer to open up his heart to me one day.

Throughout all of their mysteries together, we can see the changes they put Kiera through. She is starting to see firsthand how dark the world really can be. We also get to watch the struggles these two face where their feeling for one another are concerned. Tom brings out parts of Kiera I have never witnessed before-insecurity, uncertainty, and a the playfulness I mentioned earlier (which is something I would love to see more of, if her life would ever calm down for five whole minutes Lol). The whole cake baking/flour fight scene was awesome, it was great to see her just enjoy life for a bit. I'm glad she had the chance to do that before she landed in the Ragged Cove and her life turned into a chaotic daily struggle. I am so glad Tim decided to provide us with these insights into Kiera's life, I feel like I know her just a little bit better now and getting to know Tom was even more amazing than I could have expected. I am more than ready to jump into 'Flashes' when the time finally comes and can't wait to get back into Kiera's world once again-let's face it, I am in serious need of my next Potter fix, it has been way too long. There is a reason why I am always going to be a very loud supporter of Tim O'Rourke's, and books like this one are exactly why. If you have not yet started the Kiera Hudson series', I strongly urge you to do so, like yesterday.

Where are you going?” I called after Tom.
He stopped, turned, and looked at me. “To tell you the truth, I have
no idea. But wherever it might be, do you want to come?”
I’d love to,” I smiled at him.

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