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Blog Tour Stop & Giveaway ~ Hard Body Rock by Nora Flite

Title: Hard Body Rock (Body Rock #1)
Author:Nora Flite
Genre: Contemporary Romance 17+
Publication Date: February 10, 2014
Publisher: Silver String
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From USA Today Bestselling Author Nora Flite
She thought she was stepping into fame:
Meeting Drezden Halifax should have been a dream. But dreams are supposed to be sweet, fragile things that whisk you away. Not monsters crafted from hard fingers, gritty vocal cords and a voice so powerful it could tear my guts right out.
Maybe my heart, too.
Becoming the guitarist for Four and a Half Headstones was everything I needed.
Too bad the band’s lead singer is doing his best to ruin everything I am.
He thought she would solve his troubles:
Lola Cooper, god damn Lola Cooper. She was the perfect guitarist, fingers that could summon a sweet song or punch a chord. She’s supposed to save my band, make us come out of this tour in one piece…
But I just want to tear HER to pieces.
No one should make me feel this way. One look at her, one smell, and I knew I’d have to have her. She does things to me that scare the shit out of me. Make me want to slam her on a wall and listen to her cries: eager or fearful, it doesn’t matter.
I’m a monster…
And I don’t even care.

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****4 ½ -I need a cold shower- Stars****
~this review may contain minor spoilers~

When I'd been told that morning that I'd be joining Four and a Half Headstones, I was sure it would be the biggest change in my life.
Now, with the musky flavor of Drezden Halifax in my nose... the imprint of how his hands felt on my naked skin...
I was sure I'd changed even more.

Well damn, this book left me a jumbled mixed up mess with the worst case of female blue-balls (whatever that may be Lol) ever. The strangest part was, everything that happened, and it was a lot, all too place in the span of one day. That's right, you heard me- One Day. Don't take that to mean it was an insta-love story, it's not thank god, now insta-lust on the other hand.....

Whoever we get, we'll need them fast. We've got two days before the next show.”
“That's a fucking slim-shot.”
“He'll need to be reliable, and not a god damn joke like our last guy.”
“Our last guy who is probably not going to just vanish contently.”
“So, he'll need to be tough, reliable, talented, and not mind that our last guy might resent his ass without even knowing him.”
“Like I said earlier, Brenda is going to be pissed at you. No way we'll find someone like that, not out here, man. We're touring around for fuck's sake! Drez, do you honestly think replacing someone like Johnny is possible at this stage in the game?”

This book starts off with a bang when Four and a Half Headstones lead singer, Drezden Halifax, goes toe to toe with his lead guitarist and kicks him out of the band. While no one was particularly surprised by the turns of events, Johnny has been on a downward spiral for quite some time now, it does leave the band in a bit of a bind. Currently on tour and two days away from their next show, they need to find a killer musician and fast. Enter Lola Cooper, sister of the lead guitarist of one of the opening acts on tour 'Barbed Fire'.

She was in my band now. Mine. Turning back would solve nothing. I need her, there's so one else. She'd signed the papers. As far as I should have been concerned.... it was done.

After blowing everyone away at her impromptu audition, Lola cannot believe she is the new lead guitarist in a band she's been obsessed with since they first entered the scene. But becoming the bands newest member turns out to be the easy part, now she has to prove herself and she has very little time to do, it's a lot of pressure. Doesn't help that being so near Drezden is completely throwing her off her game and stirring up feelings she doesn't know what to do with.

The situation had transformed back to me, the weak fan pretending to be worthy of Drezden's glory. And him, a fucking god of rock who spun perverse thoughts to life in me just by being near.
Just by being alive.

Drezden is unsure of what to do about Lola. Besides his dislike and mistrust of her brother, she stirs a lust in him so strong he constantly fighting to keep his hands off her. Giving into his desires would be a very bad idea, it would risk everything he has worked so hard to achieve, he can't get mixed up with a fellow band member and risk her leaving-he needs her if h wants his tour to go on. Period. So why is it getting harder and harder (pun totally intended) to remind himself of that fact with the more time her spends camped on a tour bus with her.

The heat in her skin sent a quick thrill up my spine. Gripping Lola hard, catching the flash of confusion in her eyes, I released her. I didn't know if I liked how fast she was making my heart dance. It wasn't normal for anyone to throw me for such a loop.

This book was a lot shorter than I was expecting. I knew it was book one in a series, so I almost expected a cliffhanger, but that's not what I got. What I got is the book just ending, day one of Lola becoming a band member comes to a close as does the book. I was left with so many questions- what exactly is going on in Sean's head? Have we seen the last of Johnny? How much longer can Drez & Lola fight off the inevitable? Will Lola blow them all away again when she finally gets on stage or will she fail miserably? Fortunatly, book two (Slow Body Rock) is already out and the second I finished reading the last line of this book, book two was downloaded to my kindle. But for now, I need a cold shower plus a huge Hell Yeah and Thank You to Nora Flite for knocking me on my ass like this ;)

If I had just never met Lola Cooper...
I wouldn't need to have her so badly...

Lola might not know what was in store for her, but I didn't care. Not anymore. All I wanted was her. Now that I knew she wanted me, even if it was just on some physically subconscious level she was only just learning of... it was the temptation. I would do everything I could to make her mine. And as long as she was in my band, there was security in knowing I had a chunk of time to make it all happen.

A USA Today Bestselling Author, Nora Flite loves to write new adult romance (especially the dramatic, gritty kind! Inspired by the complicated events and wild experiences of her own life, she wants to share those stories with her audience.Born in the tiniest state, coming from what was essentially dirt, she’s learned to embrace and appreciate every opportunity the world gives her.She’s also, possibly, addicted to coffee and sushi.Not at the same time, of course.

Check out her blog,, also email her at if you just have some questions!

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