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TItle- Complete
Series- Incomplete # 2
By- Lindy Zart
Publication Date- March 15, 2014
Genre- New Adult Romance


If the truth sets one free, why does Lily Jacobs feel so trapped?

She's learned doing the right thing isn't always best and now she is living the consequences of her greatest sacrifice. Every day since Grayson Lee left is one she wishes he hadn't. Years have gone by since their friendship turned to more and then was eradicated by Lily alone; enough time for their young love to fade. Only it hasn't, not for Lily.

Now he is back and seeing him is devastating to her at the same time it is rapture. She tries to accept that they cannot be together, but everything inside her shouts that they should be; that they only fit with each other. And so she has to accept the greatest truth of all: She loves him still. She loves him enough not to let him go this time. 

*****5- Red eyed & Exhausted -Stars*****
~this review contains spoilers from book 1 – Incomplete~

Two years ago I had a perfect love—not a perfect relationship, but a perfect love. I would give anything to have it back. Maybe then the aching hole inside my chest would heal.

Reading these two books back to back was emotionally draining. And while this book wasn't quite as angst ridden an book 1, it was sill pretty heavy. Fortunately, there is an amazing group of characters in these books which helps to balance out the very heavy heart your carrying around throughout this series. But at it's core, it really is just about two people who love each other so much, yet have sooo many obstacles standing in their way, your heart breaks for them over and over again just hope they can somehow find a way to their happy ending.

Grayson is a man now instead of a teenager on the brink of manhood. The swooping in my stomach happens every time I see his image —like butterflies vomiting— and I should probably be used to it since his face is everywhere these days, but I am not. I look at this man I used to know and it is painful.

I never got over him. I’m pretty sure I never will.

Complete picks up about two years after the gut-wrenching conclusion of Incomplete, only this time instead of being in Grayson's head, the story is told from Lily's POV. Walking away from the love of her life, Grayson Lee, was the hardest thing Lily Jacobs has ever had to do, but it had to be done-for Grayson's sake. There was no way she could have allowed him to give up his dreams just to stay with her and that's exactly what he was going to do. So, she did the only thing she could think of to stop him-she pushed him away, even though it broke her to do it. Now, two years later, she is still not over the heartache, but Grayson is living his dream making a huge splash in the music scene, so she can't bring herself to regret him.
Everything she did was for him, even if he never sees it that way.

I remember the broken look on his face when I told him we were over, I remember the pleading in his eyes, the tears that shamelessly trailed down his cheeks, the crack in his voice. I remember the way he couldn’t let me go and went after me when I tried to leave. I remember the shattered boy I walked away from. I walked away; as he cried, as he begged, as he fought to keep me; I walked away.

Every day is lived and every move is made with Grayson on her mind, not a minute goes but when she isn't missing him or hurting over the loss of him. She knows he is lost to her, but she also knows that if even given another chance- she would fight with everything she has to keep him, now that she knows how impossible it is to go on without him.

we are tethered to one another, no matter the time, the distance, the pain or regrets or mistakes, or even the silence, between us. I don’t understand it, especially when we have both moved on, at least in the ways most noticeable, and live our separate lives, but I know we are not right for any other human being and we never will be. So we hurt—because the only person that can make us happy is not with us.

But when Grayson comes blowing back into town he is not alone and Lily has to face the fact that he is truly no longer hers. When these two come face to face for the first time in two years, it is explosive-and not necessarily in a good way. If Lily though losing Grayson the first time was hard, nothing compares to the total destruction of her heart when she feels him slipping permanently out of her grasp.

I don't know how to act. I don't know what I should be thinking or feeling. I am so lost and I don't know how to find the person I want to be.

I should keep my distance from Grayson. When I am around him, I forget about how we cannot go back to what we once were, how we are not together, how he will be leaving again soon. I forget he has a girlfriend. I forget it all. I forget everything but him.

As hard as this series was on my heart, it really was a beautiful journey. I fell in love with so many of the characters, feeling their pain, hoping for their happiness, you just completely drown yourself in the story until you're shoved out the other end a totally different person.... I would do it again in a heartbeat and suggest you do the same.

We are on a crazy roller coaster ride that has endless ups and downs, but no matter where we go in life, no matter what happens;
we can't get off, and honestly, I don't want to. He makes me alive. He makes me furious and insane, but when I am not with him, I am so much less. He is in my veins and a part of me. Somehow, we would have met. Somehow, we would have ended up together. We don't just want each other; we need each other. I know this now. And whatever else may or may not be, I know this as well: I am not giving him up again.

Title- Incomplete
By- Lindy Zart
Publication Date- September 6th, 2013


There are three absolute truths in Grayson Lee’s life:

1. His existence was a mistake.

2. No one is good enough for his best friend, Lily Jacobs, especially not him.

3. He loves her anyway.

*****5- Please pass the Tissues -Stars*****
~this review contains minor spoilers~

I need to be near her, to breathe the same air as her, to do nothing but allow my eyes to look at her. With her, I am whole. With her, I am not a mistake; I am not unloved and unwanted.
I am not me.

Umm, just rip my heart out why don't you?! That was brutal, an intense angst-fest from start to finish with very little breaks. Seriously, I'm exhausted from reading this. And you would think hey, at least there's light at the end of the tunnel right? I mean, they have to get a happy ending after all that right?! Yeah... not so much. So why did I give it five big fat stars you ask? Because, I love having my heart stomped on when I'm reading and the story was still friggin awesome.

Lily is my most needed and treasured appendage; the one I cannot live without. She is what makes me forget, makes me smile, makes me content; makes the hollowness inside me close. She makes me whole. She has so much of me; she has all of me and Lily doesn't even know.

Grayson and Lily have been best friends since he moved across the street from her when he was eight years old. He has a pretty awful home life and Lily is the only one who brings calm to his world. He needs her more than anyone or anything and can never picture his life without her. He's also in love with her, has been for awhile, she just doesn't know it. In Grayson's eyes, no one is good enough for Lilly, not even him.

I'm not good enough for her. I will not allow her to think there's a chance we can be anything other than friends.

What is your deal with Lily? You're just friends, yet no other guy can talk to her?”

You don't want me, but you don't want anyone else to have me? Is that it?”

But lately, things have been kinda strained between them. Grayson is having to fight his urge to kiss her more and more often as Lily is giving him looks he doesn't quite understand. He wants her, he always has, but he will not go down that road with her knowing he would only hurt her in the end and lose her friendship all together which is something he just cannot handle. But Lily is about to take that choice right out of his hands.

What I want is Lily. But what I also want is for her to be happy. I don't make her happy. I hurt her. I confuse her. I am so fucked up about myself that there is no way can be anything but fucked where she is concerned as well. I can't keep doing this to her.

There really isn't much more I can say. This is one of those books you just have to take as it comes to fully appreciate the agony it puts you through. There will be tears and a shit-ton of frustration, but you will fall in live with these characters and your heart will break for them. Grayson and Lily both equally pissed me off in this book, I have to say. Grayson for his extreme stubbornness and Lily for her astounding decision making skills. I get why she felt she had to do what she did, I do.... still, pisses me off. So, with a heavy heart and equal doses of hope and fear, I venture on to the next book applauding and cursing Lindy Zart ;)

Sometimes, Aidan, you have to lie to people, not because you want to hurt them, but because if you don't lie, they will ultimately be hurt more.”
Sometimes, Aidan, no matter how much it hurts, people need to know the truth.”

Lindy Zart has been writing since she was a child. Luckily for readers, her writing has improved since then. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband, two sons, and one cat. Lindy loves hearing from people who enjoy her work.

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