Thursday, February 13, 2014

Tim O'Rourke Birthday Bash and Giveaway by Lisa and Jenn

                                                              Happy Birthday author, Tim O'Rourke!

Sometimes there comes a time when  you read a book from an author and its a perfect match. There is something about the way the author writes and the worlds they create, that leave you wanting more. Always wanting more. Tim O'Rourke is that author for me, as well as loads of others. He's our numero uno. He writes about vampires (a.k.a Vampyrus), were-wolves (a.k.a Lycanthrope), ghosts, mechanical animal creatures, zombie-ish beings, and so much more. He writes about pushed worlds, underground worlds, worlds through doorways, romance, humor, terror, and  mysteries. Each and every book Tim has written is one to put up on your favorites shelf. They are all unique and fun reads.
Not only is Tim a fantastic author. He is also a very caring and considerate person. He takes the time to acknowledge all of his fans and builds friendships with  a lot them. Myself included. He  and his wife, Lynda, have become  dear friends of mine.  Our friendship has grown over the last couple of years. Starting because of my love for  his books which lead to a greater friendship. He has truly been there for me through some tough time in my life and I will always be grateful.
 I want to say thank you  to  Tim and Lynda. You are both amazing people! Happy birthday, Timbo! I pray its a great one! xx Lisa
Here is a little poem I wrote:

By Jenn:

Tim's Books

Book List ~ by Series
Kiera Hudson ~ series #1

Kiera Hudson ~ series #2

The Pushed World Novellas

Black Hill Farm

Doorways Trilogy

The Moon Trilogy

Sydney Hart Series

Samantha Carter Series


Kiera Hudson ~ Graphic Novels

co-Authored with CJ Pinard

And now it is time to party!

Jenn and I decided  the best way to celebrate our favorite author's birthday would be to gift all of the first books in his series and stand alones. Join our giveaway below for 8 Amazon ebooks and one paperback copy ( 1 book  for each winner), so you can have a chance at finding out why we are crazy about Tim's books. And a note for you O'Rourkians... you may enter as well and if you win,but have already read the book, you can  gift it to somebody you think will love  it. The one paperback copy we have is for US only. All the others will either be e-books or gift cards to purchase the winning books through Amazon. Good luck everyone!

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